Chapter 91

Chapter 91 of 100 chapters

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The next day, Lu Chuan asked for a leave in the morning. It was all within Xia Ning’s expectation.

“Thank you for yesterday.” Zheng Haodong came over in his costume. He handed a cup of coffee over.

Xia Ning took the coffee and smiled. “This is a thank-you gift.”

Zheng Haodong sat next to Xia Ning with a smile and followed, “If that’s the case, I’m getting such a bargain.”

Xia Ning sipped the coffee and said with a smile, “Seeing you like this, the things yesterday should have been taken care of smoothly.”

“More or less. Yan Dong will take care of the rest.” Zheng Haodong said calmly.

Xia Ning nodded. “As long as you let Lu Chuan go.”

Zheng Haodong looked up at her and said confusedly, “You and Lu Chuan…”

Xia Ning was caught in surprise. She smiled slightly. “What’s on your mind, Brother Zheng? I just don’t want the show to be affected by anyone. Especially you two. You’ve got important roles.”

“Is it?” Zheng Haodong was relieved and smiled. “I feel you don’t like me.”

Xia Ning nodded seriously. “Somewhat. So Brother Zheng, please don’t hold back and finish all the upcoming scenes in one shot.”

“You seem to be in a rush. Anything else going on?” Zheng Haodong asked with concern.

Xia Ning nodded. “Yup, I want to be done soon and go home.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” Zheng Haodong looked at her in shock.

Xia Ning chuckled. “Since when did Brother Zheng like to gossip? If someone like me had a boyfriend, he would be exposed on the Internet every single day.”

Zheng Haodong laughed and did not reply. But his face was somewhat pleasant.

The next scene was about a new concubine coming to the palace. After the setback, Weiyang adjusted herself and started fighting back. This was also the turning point of her relationship with the emperor.

Therefore, Li Shanshan who was playing the new concubine joined the crew.

Fu Yao changed into her outfit and came, her face not looking good.

“What’s the matter?” Xia Ning’s eyes moved from the script to Fu Yao.

Fu Yao frowned. “Li Shanshan is here.”

“I know.” Xia Ning said calmly. If she had not joined yet, the schedule would be delayed.

Fu Yao looked at Xia Ning and said in a low voice, “Sister Xia Ning, don’t get mad at me. Li Shanshan took over your dressing room.”

“What?” Wen Jing who was just walking by overheard this and was upset immediately. “Does she have any shame? Who does she think she is!”

“What’s my dressing room? That dressing room is shared by everyone. If I was occupying an entire dressing room, the others would talk about me like you are talking about Li Shanshan now.” Xia Ning shot a look at Fu Yao. “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.”

Fu Yao heard that and her face turned red. She looked down and said, “Sorry, Sister Xia Ning. I was talking nonsense.”

Xia Ning looked at her and said calmly, “It’s okay. Be more careful next time.”

After a few scenes, it got dark outside. Xia Ning was ready to change her clothes too. When she got into the dressing room, she happened to see Li Shanshan in pajamas.

Li Shanshan’s next scene was sleeping with the emperor. As the national goddess, her face was really good-looking. So it was reasonable that she got the role of Consort Yu.

Also as a newcomer in the circle, she debuted even earlier than Xia Ning. But Xia Ning got the leading role, while hers was supporting. She was not feeling completely comfortable with it.

“Yo, our leading actress is done? I think you are looking tired after just a few days.” Li Shanshan said coquettishly. She held her perfect face high up, her eyes filled with provocation.

Xia Ning darted a look at her and did not reply. She walked straight in.

Seeing Xia Ning ignoring her, Li Shanshan was a bit upset. This time, since she joined, many staff in the crew were looking at her with irony. Some were even treating her badly on purpose.

She was extremely unhappy. She had a great face and a great body, much better than Xia Ning’s. Why would they treat her like this?

Li Shanshan tilted her head and looked at Xia Ning who was walking around her. She said coldly, “Don’t think you will be the leading actress forever.”