Chapter 92 - What Place Are You In to Say She Is Not Dedicated

Chapter 92 of 100 chapters

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Xia Ning’s body was struck by Li Shanshan and she lost her balance.

Wen Jing came to hold her at once. “Sister Xia Ning, are you alright?” She watched Li Shanshan leaving like a proud peacock and said coldly, “What kind of person is she? Does she know manners? Does she know how to be a human being?”

The makeup artists in the dressing room were all silent. The fight between the actresses was more than what they could handle. But they had an even worse impression of Li Shanshan. What did Xia Ning do for you to give an attitude like this? And she even pushed her.

Just a few minutes ago, Li Shanshan was picking on them. What kind of national goddess was that? She was just an empty vase 1 . To be honest, Xia Ning looked even better than her and she was much more modest too. Li Shanshan’s fans must all be retarded.

Xia Ning smiled without too much emotion. She sat in front of the dressing table and asked the artists to help her remove the makeup.

“Miss Xia, your skin is so good. Even without makeup, it looks better than someone with a full layer of foundation.” The makeup artist said in admiration.

Of course, Xia Ning knew who she was referring to. This Li Shanshan was not building up a good reputation on the set.

True, last time when Li Shanshan was humiliated by Qiao Yu in public, the crew extremely despised her.

“Xia Ning, your work is done for the day too. Do you want to go out for food?” Lu Chuan walked in and asked Xia Ning.

Lu Chuan arrived in the afternoon but he was in a different scene than Xia Ning and they did not talk. Now he showed up with his costume changed out. Obviously, he was ready to go too.

Xia Ning smiled and said, “Brother Lu buying food. If I don’t go then I am not giving you face.”

Lu Chuan saw the smile on Xia Ning’s face and felt relieved. Yesterday, he had talked to Zheng Haodong. Everything related to the dirt was considered over. They were not going against him because of Xia Ning’s request.

He wanted to get revenge on Zheng Haodong but Xia Ning became the collateral damage. He did not know why Xia Ning decided to speak for him in the end but he definitely wanted Xia Ning as a friend now.

Therefore, he was trying to buy food to thank her and apologize as well.

“Sister Xia Ning, your phone.” Wen Jing walked over and said to Xia Ning.

Xia Ning took over the phone and saw the unfamiliar number on it. She smiled in apology at Lu Chuan and picked up.


“It’s me!” A man’s voice came through the phone.

Xia Ning’s eyes showed surprise. She said calmly, “What do you want?”

“I don’t have the time…”

“Okay, I know. I will go.”

Xia Ning hung up and looked back at Lu Chuan, “Sorry, I have something going on all of a sudden. I can’t go.”

Lu Chuan glanced over at her and teased, “It couldn’t be the boyfriend?”

Fu Yao covered her mouth and said in shock, “Sister Xia Ning, you’ve got a boyfriend?”

Xia Ning took a look at Fu Yao and put away her phone. She looked at Lu Chuan. “Stop teasing. Take Fu Yao and Wen Jing for food.”

Fu Yao heard that and looked happy. She said to Lu Chuan sincerely, “Thank you, Brother Lu.”

After changing, Xia Ning talked to Director Li and left.

Zheng Haodong was in a scene with Li Shanshan and both saw her leaving.

“Everyone is still here and she just left. No wonder people were criticizing her for not being dedicated to work on the Internet.” Li Shanshan sneered.

Zheng Haodong darted a look at her and said calmly, “Her work for today is done.”

“Even then, she couldn’t have just left. As if she was doing a great job.” Li Shanshan said in disdain. “Who does she think she is? Just a female lead. Who knows how she got that role? Too bad, Brother Zheng, you have to work with her.”

Zheng Haodong frowned and looked at Li Shanshan somewhat resentfully. “I remember this is your first day here.”

“Yeah!” Li Shanshan answered.

“So what place are you in to say she is not dedicated?” After he said this, he left directly.

Li Shanshan was left there with an awful expression. She did not dare to let it out so she had to keep it in.