Chapter 93 - Gao Yang’s Threat

Chapter 93 of 100 chapters

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At an Italian restaurant downtown, a man and a woman were sitting face to face at a table inside.

Xia Ning sipped some coffee and looked at the man across the table. “What do you want from me?”

“Well, in any case, we were schoolmates. There is nothing wrong about getting in touch.” Gao Yang looked at the elegant, calm woman across him. She looked nothing like before.

Xia Ning smirked. “Really? That would be my honor.”

What a good brother of Qiao Yu’s! He made the same clean and neat threats. If she did not come, he would go directly to the set!

“Why did you come to S City?” Gao Yang looked at her coldly.

Xia Ning put down the coffee cup and looked at his cold eyes. She smiled. “Why can’t I come to S City? My mum is from S City and I’ve lived there for many years. It’s my hometown.”

“Really?” Gao Yang sneered. “I don’t know what you want to do but I hope you don’t show up in front of my brother from now on.”

“Otherwise, what do you want to do to me?”

“I will take you out of the entertainment business!” Gao Yang looked at her with coldness.

“Huh…” Xia Ning chuckled. “Seems like you have it wrong.”

“What?” Gao Yang frowned.

“I am an actress now and might be on TV anytime. I will appear on TV and in movie theaters. How do you want me to guarantee I won’t show up in front of him? If you have time to talk to me, you should be spending the time talking to him! Ask him to leave me alone.”

Gao Yang frowned even more. “How much money do you want for leaving him?!”

She said so much and that was all for the money. He hated Xia Ning even more in his heart. He really saw her wrong before.

“Looks like you did not dare to talk to Qiao Yu and wanted to use money to get rid of me?” Xia Ning laughed in a low voice and looked at Gao Yang as if he was funny. “I’ve always thought someone rich as Qiao Yu would need his mother to pay me for leaving him. She would throw tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of money at me and ask me to leave her son. I didn’t expect you, the cousin to be doing this. Obviously, you can’t trust a romantic novel.”

“Xia Ning, that’s enough!” Gao Yang obviously lost his patience. “Give me a number.”

The smile on Xia Ning’s face faded. She stared at Gao Yang and said calmly, “How much do you think you can pay me to make me go away?”

Seeing her so straightforward, Gao Yang sneered with his eyes filled with disdain, “I will pay you ten million.”

“Qiao Yu is worth more than a hundred billion and you are only paying me ten million? Do you think you are talking to a homeless person?” Xia Ning held the teacup up and took a sip. She said with a smile, “It can’t be less than a hundred million… US dollars.”

Gao Yang smirked, “What I am paying is what you are worth. Xia Ning, what makes you think you are good enough to show up in front of my brother!”

“I’m not enough? Sure, how could I be enough.” Xia Ning sneered. “Which one of your eyes saw me getting in front of him? I divorced him already and I don’t have anything to do with him anymore. Compared to me showing up near him like you were saying, I am more worried about seeing his face.”

Who did he think he was? Did he really think she saw Qiao Yu as precious!? The two brothers were equally shameless.

Gao Yang did not expect Xia Ning to speak like this. He sneered. “That’s even better.” All of a sudden he took a recording pen from below the table. Seeing her in shock, he explained, “I think your words in recording are better than anything you guarantee now. Rest assured, I will still pay you the ten million.”