Chapter 94 - A Lesson To Gao Yang

Chapter 94 of 100 chapters

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So it was a trap. He was waiting for her to ask for money and then to record it and play it to Qiao Yu. Then Qiao Yu will definitely think she was a snobbish woman who would only open her eyes when she saw money.

Suddenly Xia Ning smiled. Was Gao Yang overestimating her place in Qiao Yu’s heart?

She held up the coffee cup and drank some more. Then she turned to Gao Yang and smiled. “If you could use the recording to make Qiao Yu disappear in my life, I will thank you for that. You don’t need to pay me that ten million. Just take it as my thank-you gift. It’s getting late. I need to go back. See you. Oh, right, I don’t think you want to see me again. Luckily, I feel the same way.” She grabbed her bag and was ready to stand up and leave.


Gao Yang thought of a million reactions out of her but he did not expect her to be so calm.

It seemed like she couldn’t care less about his brother’s feelings for her. Seeing her so calm, he felt somewhat uncomfortable instead. Did she forget really fast or was she a heartless woman to begin with?

“I need your help with something.”

Xia Ning looked at the man across her and laughed suddenly. “Young Master Gao, you are asking the wrong person. Plus, this is no way to ask for a favor.”

Just a few minutes ago, he was verbally humiliating her. And now he wanted a favor from her. Was there something wrong with his brain? The two brothers both had crazy brains.

“This matter was started by you. You need to be responsible.” Gao Yang said coldly.

“Then talk.” Xia Ning sat back and stared at Gao Yang.

Gao Yang was a bit unhappy about Xia Ning’s attitude. He continued with a frown, “The company of a friend of mine is about to go bankrupt.”

“There are companies going broke every day on earth.” Xia Ning looked at Gao Yang with a smile. “I don’t think I can help you.”

Gao Yang sneered, “What if I tell you, his company is going broke because of you? The Qian family’s Yongkang Group, you must have an impression of.”

“That’s even more interesting. You think I’m that capable?” Xia Ning put on a ghostly smile and looked at Gao Yang. “If that was the case, I would want your company to go broke first. Because I really hate your condescending attitude.”

“You…” Gao Yang was choked by her words.

“You don’t like it?” Xia Ning sneered. “Then you should word your sentences better. Do I need to teach you how to respect each other? My dear schoolmate?”

The color came and went on Gao Yang’s face. He looked at Xia Ning. “When did you become so unreasonable!”

“That’s called being unreasonable?” Xia Ning looked at Gao Yang as if he was funny. “I did not dig your ancestors’ grave or rob your money. And you started off accusing me? Who is more unreasonable here? Gao Yang, we’ve known each other and I don’t want either of us to look bad.” As she spoke, she took some cash out from her bag and put it on the table.

“This one is on me.” She turned around and wanted to leave.

Gao Yang looked at her back and asked in a low voice, “Don’t you want to know who put the Qian family in danger of going broke?”

“No!” Xia Ning left directly without even looking back.

Gao Yang sneered. He looked at the money on the table and felt even worse. Before, when she was throwing money on others, he even cheered for her. Didn’t see that coming to himself. Was that karma? She was as arrogant as ever!

Xia Ning walked out of the cafeteria with an icy look on her face. It had been so long so why was Qiao Yu’s name still in her life? What did Qiao Yu want!

Just as she was stepping out of the door, Xia Ning was hit by someone. She took a few steps back and almost twisted her ankle. She frowned and looked up. A tall man showed up in front of her eyes.

“Miss, I am so sorry.” The man apologized to her.

Xia Ning stared at the tall man with a handsome face. He looked extremely gentle. She was caught in surprise for a second before she shook her head. “It’s okay.” As she spoke, she walked around him with her bag.

“Miss, are you really okay?” Shen Tianlang turned around and saw her leaving. He frowned. He seemed to have seen her somewhere.