Chapter 95 - I Just Miss You All Of A Sudden

Chapter 95 of 100 chapters

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Gao Yang walked out of the restaurant and saw Shen Tianlang. He was surprised. “Brother Tianlang, why are you here? What happened just now?”

Shen Tianlang looked back at Gao Yang also in surprise. He smiled. “Nothing. I ran into somebody. I came here because Weiwei’s here. So I came to check on her. What about you?”

“I’m also here for someone. Why did you let Weiwei get into the entertainment business? This circle is so complicated. What’s so good about it?” Gao Yang remembered his unpleasant incident with Xia Ning just now. He was not happy.

Shen Tianlang grinned. “I can’t help it. This girl really likes my auntie. Now she’s all grown-up and dreams of becoming the best actress. There’s nothing we can do. But with the Shen family and the Gao family, no one would dare to touch her.”

Gao Yang nodded. What he said was right. Even if the two families were not good enough, there was still the Qiao family. Their brotherhood had always been very good. Even though Brother Qiao seemed very cold, he cared about family and bonds the most.

“Right, I flew here with Qiao Yu on the same flight. He should be in the hotel now. Do you want to ask him and grab a drink together?” Shen Tianlang said suddenly.

Brother Qiao was here as well? Gao Yang looked at Shen Tianlang in shock. Then anger overwhelmed him. In his mind, that woman was this important?

“Not this time. I have something to deal with. Let’s get together when we are back in S City. I have to go.”

Shen Tianlang looked at Gao Yang’s back and shook his head. This cousin of his had always been in a rush.

Xia Ning did not return to the hotel immediately. She walked along the bank of a river nearby and stared at the lights far away. Suddenly, many memories of the past came back to her.

When she first got to England, she was still young. She locked herself up in the room and did not want to talk to anyone. Because if she adapted to her new life, that would mean she had to accept the fact that her mum passed away.

Later on, she tried to put the pain behind. She made friends and set up goals. Everything seemed complete. But that was the beginning of all the craziness.

If she had not met Qiao Yu, would her life have remained peaceful?

But there were no ifs in the world. That was her choice. Even if she was wrong, she had it coming.

She felt as if her heart was blocked by something and wanted to talk to somebody.

She took out her phone and opened her contacts. There were only four people.

Didn’t someone say your contacts was a reflection of your friend circle? True. She did not have many friends and even fewer relatives.

After a short while, the call went through.

“Hello, Jin Yan. It’s me.”

“It’s very rare for you to call me. Do you have any good news for me?” The man’s voice from the other side sounded happy. He was in a crowded environment.

“I just miss you suddenly.” Xia Ning said in a low voice.

The man went silent for a moment, before he said, “Ke, did something happen?”

“No, it’s just that you’ve been gone for so long. I miss your songs and your cooking. So, when are you coming back?” Xia Ning said with a smile.

“Oh, if that’s the case, that’s good. I will be back when my filming is done here! Ah, I can’t talk to you now. Work is about to start. You take care of yourself. Go to bed early. I will call you once I have time. Be good!”

Xia Ning did not even have the chance to reply before the other side hung up. She smiled and put her phone back to the pocket. She turned around and started to walk back.

When she was about half a kilometer away from the hotel, a black Bentley approached her and horned.

Xia Ning did not pay attention but the car followed her on and on and the horn would not stop. She tilted her head, just to see the car window rolled down. She saw the man inside, and her face changed. Why was he here?

The man looked at her and said in an undoubtable voice, “Get in!”