Chapter 96 - Do You Think I Am Just Here to Mock You Today?

Chapter 96 of 100 chapters

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Xia Ning pretended she did not hear and walked forward. The Bentley moved and blocked her way.

“Are you crazy?!” Xia Ning was a bit upset, glaring at the man in the driver’s seat.

“Are you getting in or do I need to get off and open the door for you!” Qiao Yu’s black eyes looked at her, as dark as the sky.

Xia Ning was a bit irritated. Why was she running into him everywhere? He was like an annoying ghost haunting her. She looked around and got in the back seat.

“Why are you in the back seat!” Qiao Yu said unhappily.

“I know President Qiao is not happy being my chauffeur. But if I sit in the front and someone sees me, it could be a problem. I don’t think President Qiao wants to be part of my gossips.” Xia Ning said with a ghostly smile.

“What if I say I don’t mind?”

Xia Ning hesitated. She looked at the man in the front with a frown and said, “But I mind!”

Qiao Yu went silent for a second and asked, “Where did you go this late at night?”

“Such a beautiful night is of course for a beautiful date. However, this seems to have nothing to do with you.”

“Xia Ning!” Qiao Yu’s voice suddenly overwhelmed her. It went silent in the car. He did not speak for a second and then warned her, “Don’t forget, you still have a son.”

Xia Ning did not talk back. It was a bit childish to upset him with words like this.

She looked up and saw a few people walking in the front. “Is Enoch home alone?” She asked.

“My Mum is taking care of him.” Qiao Yu suddenly sneered. “I thought you don’t even care about him.”

“Qiao Yu, did you come here all the way to mock me for not being a good mother? Yes, I admit. I am not a good mother.” Xia Ning laughed at herself. “But with or without me, it’s all the same, isn’t it?”

“You know how to talk yourself out.” Qiao Yu said sarcastically.

Xia Ning smiled slightly. “You will get married someday. With your means, the future Mrs. Qiao won’t treat Enoch badly.”

“Don’t you worry that when I have other kids, I will ignore Enoch?”

The atmosphere in the car was a bit intense.

Xia Ning did not talk for a moment. “If that was the case, what could I do? Qiao Yu, don’t make jokes like this.”

Qiao Yu did not speak.

Xia Ning became fretful. “I know you don’t want me to appear in front of him, so I won’t see him again. If I show up on TV, please try to keep him away from the TV. In two years, no, just one year, I will make sure I don’t show up in front of you anymore.”

Qiao Yu still did not speak.

Xia Ning stopped talking for a while, before she suddenly continued, “Qiao Yu, if possible, could you not have other kids?”


“I know it’s not fair for your future wife. But kids always want all of their parents’ love.” Xia Ning stopped for a second and mocked herself, “Actually it sounds funny from me. But if the loss is inevitable, it’s better to not have it in the beginning. That feels better.” She turned her head to look outside. There happened to be a young couple with their kid walking on the side. It was an unspeakably warm scene.

“This, I don’t think I can promise you.”

Xia Ning’s pupil contracted a little, her fists tightened. “It was a rude request. Just ignore me. Goodbye.” As she spoke she reach out to open the door. But the door was locked.

“Qiao Yu, open the door. You want me to smash the window?” Xia Ning got angry and glared at the man in the front.

“Do you think I am just here to mock you today?” Suddenly, Qiao Yu turned around and looked at Xia Ning with his dark eyes.