Chapter 97 - If You Can’t Think Of The Reason, Think Harder

Chapter 97 of 100 chapters

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If he was not here to mock her, could it be that he was falling for her and came after her? Him being crazy did not mean she was the same.

Xia Ning put on a vague smile. “I can’t really think of the reason!”

“If you can’t think of the reason, think harder.” Qiao Yu turned back. His handsome face was sulky and so was his voice.

Think harder about what? Insane. Xia Ning was too lazy to talk to him again. She tried the car door again and it was unlocked. She pushed open the door and ran towards the hotel.

Qiao Yu’s face became even more sullen. Why was she running so fast? Was he a monster that was after her?

Just at that moment, his phone rang. He took a look at it and the call was from Gao Yang.

When Xia Ning got back to the hotel, she went straight to bed.

The next day in the morning, Xia Ning was still asleep and Lu Qing’s call arrived.

“My dear grandma, since when do you know Young Master Gao?”

Xia Ning was a bit confused. “Why are you asking about this?”

“Why am I asking? Why don’t you see the news on the Internet?” Lu Qing started yelling on the phone. Xia Ning had to move her phone away from her ear.

When she came back to herself, she thought for a moment. Were there scandals again? With Gao Yang?

She hung up and googled herself.

Naturally, headline again!

‘Gossip queen falling for real estate master, feeding each other in a restaurant!’ The headline grossed her out.

The article was about her leaving the set when her scenes were done and going to the restaurant to meet with Gao Yang secretively. Then the two left one after another.

There was a photo too. It was taken outside, only capturing her moving the coffee cup.

So where was the feeding part! This paparazzi might be crazy.

There were some comments already.

“My God, this Xia Ning is really capable, being involved with so many men. And now Young Master Gao. Impressive!”

“Does Young Master Gao know about Xia Ning’s complicated relationships? Being with this kind of women, is he really this hungry?

“No wonder I hear someone is behind the Qian family’s ongoing liquidation. Must be that Young Master Gao was standing up for his woman. That President Qian was really daring, competing with Young Master Gao for women. What was that, traveling to Japan together? I will never believe Xia Ning would ignore a rich and handsome man like Young Master Gao and be with some old guy like President Qian. It must be that President Qian fell for Xia Ning’s beauty and wanted to force Xia Ning to be with him using scandals. But this time, he has a tough competitor.”

“Is it just me who thinks that the two don’t look like a couple?”

Xia Ning twitched her eyebrows. She remembered a rich businessman Qian was spreading rumors about her being his woman. But she did not pay attention. Yesterday, Gao Yang seemed to have said that someone was determined to make him go broke. That person might be…

Too lazy to think further, she made a call to Lu Qing. “Don’t trust those tabloids. I was just talking about something with Gao Yang.”

“So you do know Gao Yang!” Lu Qing’s loud voice came through the phone.

Xia Ning already held the phone away from her ear. When she calmed down, Xia Ning continued. “We have known each other from a while ago.”

“Xia Ning, I just realized, all the people you know are not that simple. This Young Master Gao is the heir to the Gao Group. And he is President Qiao’s cousin too… Ah, it couldn’t be that you got to know President Qiao because of him?”

“Well, don’t overthink. I have nothing to do with Qiao Yu and even less with Gao Yang. Don’t worry about this. If they want the gossips, they can have the gossips.” As she spoke, she hung up the phone and threw the phone on the couch, looking confused.

This gossip resulted in more news. The news about the Qian family’s upcoming bankruptcy was revealed too. And who he had made an enemy of, seemed to have an obvious answer.