Chapter 98 - Don’t Want To See Him

Chapter 98 of 100 chapters

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Nowadays, there aren’t that many people who can make a public company go broke easily. And when it seemed like Shengshi Group was behind all these, it all made sense.

The Qiao Group penetrated all kinds of businesses, with numerous assets that not even a 100 of the Qian family could match. The people on the Internet all felt for this President Qian. You would be better off if you had offended anyone else but President Qiao. Were you committing suicide?

As for why Qiao Yu would take actions against a small company like the Qian Group, naturally, they thought of Young Master Gao.

There was a lot of discussions online already.

“President Qiao is the best brother in the country. He would do anything for his cousin.”

“It is said that President Qiao is the only kid in the family. He has a very good relationship with Young Master Gao even when they were young. More like brothers than cousins. I am so jealous of Young Master Gao. President Qiao, if you are really in need of a brother, what about me?”

“Pay more attention and don’t involve Xia Ning in your public stunts. With such a boyfriend, why would she like anyone else?”

“Pity for Young Master Gao. Why is he with a slut like Xia Ning?”

When Zheng Ziming saw the news online, he was extremely angry. Not to mention Qiao Yu, what was with Gao Yang?

If he had known this, he would have taken care of the Qian Group earlier, leaving no chance for Qiao Yu. He did not want Asteria to have anything to do with anyone related to Qiao Yu.

He knew exactly what Qiao Yu had in mind. With him here, it would not be possible. But now, he just hoped Asteria did not see the news.

In the hotel, Xia Ning was playing with her phone on the couch. Her scenes were in the afternoon so she was still in the hotel in the morning. Lu Qing hurried to find her very early.

“Now everyone on the Internet believes you are a couple with Gao Yang. What do you say?” Lu Qing sat on the couch and looked at Xia Ning who was playing with the phone across her and said powerlessly.

As her agent, she realized that most of her day job was to handle the gossips for her. She must have done something bad in her previous life. Otherwise, how could she have met such a trouble?

“Someone asked me a question on the Internet.” Xia Ning suddenly spoke.

Lu Qing looked at the girl whose head was down. “What?”

“A couple divorced. If the woman was bullied by someone else, why would the man still stand up for her?”

Why would she still be concerned about her fans’ personal life, when she herself was in boiling water? Lu Qing looked at Xia Ning hopelessly. “That’s simple. He still loves her.”

“But that man only married the girl out of responsibility. Even when she was pregnant, he was by some other woman’s side when she had the baby.”

Lu Qing frowned. “That somehow sounds like the emperor in your show. They are scumbags! This kind of people would never change, and you should never trust them. Ask your fan to pay attention. Either there is a misunderstanding or this man is back for her money or body. If he didn’t like her back then, why would he suddenly like her now? You think life is a romantic novel?”

Xia Ning put her phone away and said with a smile, “You’re right, must be some misunderstanding. Okay, I need to clean up and go to the set.” As she spoke, she stood up and grabbed some clothes to get changed in the bathroom.

Lu Qing saw her back and had some weird feeling. Somehow she felt that Xia Ning’s body was full of energy. Why was that?

On the other side, when Gao Yang was informed of the news by his assistant, he was so angry that he smashed his phone.

Come on, don’t disgust him. He would have fallen for a sow than Xia Ning. Were these reporters all retarded?!

Next time his brother saw this, Qiao Yu might think that he was trying to disrupt his relationship with Xia Ning by doing this. Why would he do that?

Qiao Yu who was working in the hotel took some time to check out Weibo. He suddenly asked Chen Hong on the side, “Do I treat Gao Yang that well?”

Chen Hong shot a look at Boss and answered, “You and Young Master Gao are like brothers.”

“Looks like I am treating him too well. I don’t want to see him anytime soon!” Qiao Yu put down his phone and went back to his contracts.

“…” Chen Hong stared at Boss’s cold face from the side and felt sorry for Gao Yang. He would be better off having gossips with anyone else but Miss Xia.