Chapter 99 - The Arrogant Li Shanshan

Chapter 99 of 100 chapters

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The second day when Xia Ning came to the set, she felt people around her looking at her weirdly.

She gave it some thought and realized that it might be related to the gossip yesterday.

Xia Ning went to the dressing room to apply makeup. She happened to run into Li Shanshan who was also there putting on makeup.

“Yo, our female lead is here. I thought you were with Young Master Gao and not coming in today.” Li Shanshan raised her hand to touch the corner of her hair and glanced over at Xia Ning with disdain.

Pretending to be so innocent before, yet she still climbed up using hidden rules.

Xia Ning did not pay attention to her and walked over to the dressing mirror to sit down. She nodded to the makeup artist. “Please.”

Li Shanshan walked behind Xia Ning and looked at her through the mirror. She said with a smile, “Young Master Gao was really treating you well, giving you the female lead. He is the dear cousin of President Qiao’s. Everyone knows President Qiao treats Young Master Gao very well.”

Xia Ning still did not pay attention to her.

Li Shanshan was a bit irritated and sneered. “But how could someone like Young Master Gao stay with a woman for long?”

“Then someone like President Qiao definitely would not look at you at all.” Wen Jing walked in from the side and smirked. “I don’t understand how someone can be so shameless, throwing herself for a publicity stunt. She should be worried about doing it too much.”

Li Shanshan’s face turned blue. She turned around and slapped Wen Jing’s face. “Who the heck are you? Talking to me like this!”

“Why did you slap me!” Wen Jing was so upset that she wanted to hit her back. But Li Shanshan’s assistant stopped her.

Li Shanshan sneered. “What about it? I can slap you again!” As she spoke, she raised her hand again and another slap came down.

Pong! A chair fell onto the ground. The makeup artists were shocked and stepped back.

Li Shanshan felt her wrist held so tightly by someone that it hurt. She looked around and stared at the person behind her. “Xia Ning, what are you doing! Let me go!”

“I also want to ask you what you are doing. Why did you slap her?” Xia Ning looked at Li Shanshan coldly.

Li Shanshan looked at Xia Ning with a ghostly smile. “She is just an assistant. What’s wrong with slapping her?”

“Oh really? You are just an actress. So it would be okay if I slap you!” Xia Ning raised her hand and a slap went down.

“Xia Ning, stop!” Lu Qing rushed in and shouted.

“Sister Xia Ning!” Wen Jing got rid of Li Shanshan’s assistant and ran up to hold Xia Ning’s hand.

Li Shanshan thought she was definitely going to get that slap and did not expect to be interrupted. She looked at Xia Ning and said with sarcasm, “Why are you not doing it? All you have is a sharp mouth.”

Xia Ning squinted her eyes and looked at Li Shanshan’s face. She had the urge to tear it apart.

Outside, Producer Feng looked at Qiao Yu and the group. He was rather surprised but still walked up with his face full of smiles.

“President Qiao, hello. Long time no see. How is everything going?”

Qiao Yu said calmly, “Good.”

“How come President Qiao has time to come to the set today?” Producer Feng was nervous. This show should not be that important to President Qiao. But he had shown up on the set somewhat too frequently.

Before Qiao Yu could speak, Director Li walked up from behind. “Of course President Qiao is here for me. I say, Old Feng, you probably don’t know but President Qiao has a lot of ideas about filming. He even knows the shooting techniques very well. Had it not been President Qiao’s high net worth, I would have asked him to join the filming industry.”

Qiao Yu nodded to Director Li. “Not as good as Director Li.”

“We should not be so courteous. How many years have I been doing filming and how many years for you? If we are talking about business, I won’t even be of any use to you. We will be starting soon. Please feel free to give your feedback.” Director Li said with a smile.

“You’re too kind.” Qiao Yu looked around and said calmly, “Seems like not everyone is here today!”