Chapter 10

Chapter 10 of 100 chapters

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Gu Shaokun was shocked at that moment. He stared at the lock charm in his hand and said with a smirk, “Are you saying that my lock charm is a demonic ware? What are you basing that on?”

“What am I basing that on?” Ye Chen chuckled. “Based on the dead body stench that I’ve been smelling from so far away and the fact that it was worn by a corpse for over 400 years. It’s been soaked in corpse fluid and rotten flesh!”

“I didn’t grow up being scared, so stop trying to f*cking scare me.” Gu Shaokun shuddered instinctively, but he managed to calm himself by force as he glared at Ye Chen.

“Scare you? Do you think you’re worthy of my time?” Ye Chen smiled in disdain. “You said it yourself that the Taichang Emperor, Zhu Changluo, had this lock charm made for the Third Prince, Zhu Youji. Let me ask you. At what age did Zhu Youji die?”

Gu Shaokun was completely confused now. Apart from eating, playing and flirt with girls, how would he know about that? Besides him, even the few thugs behind him were dumbfounded.

“Let me ask you again. What was Zhu Changluo called? And how did he die?”

Gu Shaokun could not answer most of the questions that Ye Chen asked. He could not help but became furious. “Stop blabbering about useless things like this with me. What does this have anything to do with my lock charm?”

“Dumba*s! Piece of crap!” Ye Chen’s gravely cold voice was heard. Gu Shaokun looked terrible. Just when he was going to throw a fit, Ye Chen spoke again, “You said that this lock charm was worn by Zhu Youji. However, Zhu Youji died when he was seven!

“The Taichang Emperor, Zhu Changluo, is also called the One-Month Emperor. He thought he would rule the world, but he died suddenly after reigning for merely a month!

“The father and son died of a sudden death one after another. Then, their resentment filled the air. Furthermore, their tombs were raided, so their bones were exposed in the wilderness. The resentment transformed into a chain of resentment and curses that were absorbed into the lock charm!

“However, this demonic ware is so precious to you. You’re even caressing it and touching it. You’ve no idea at all that the resentment has penetrated your body, destroying your body slowly! If not for the blessings from your ancestors, the grass at your tomb would’ve been five feet tall!

“What makes you think that you have the right to brag about this in front of me, you piece of sh*t?”

As Ye Chen’s accusing words stabbed him like knives, the onlookers became rowdy. When they looked at Ye Chen again, admiration bloomed in their eyes now.

Who was this person? How did he know so much?

Gu Shaokun shrieked in fear as he threw the golden lock charm in his hand away. He pulled tissue paper out and kept rubbing his two hands with it, dying to rub off a layer of his skin.

“Who exactly are you?” Gu Shaokun looked at Ye Chen as if his eyes were going to explode. Shock was written all over his face. He was humiliating himself big time today.

Ye Chen clasped his hands behind him and said with no emotion, “I’m someone that you can’t afford to offend!”

“Kill him! In Tiannan City, there’s nobody that I, Gu Shaokun, can’t afford to offend!”

Gu Shaokun was enraged immediately. His face entire reddened as if it was painted. The few thugs were yelling in rage too. They dashed at Ye Chen, ignoring what was right or wrong.

Chen Houzi wanted to cry. Never had he thought that a piece of toy that was worth nothing would stir up such an incident. To him, the innocent young man named Ye Chen would definitely die. It was not that he could not bear to watch it, but he was just worried that he would need to bear the responsibility after that.

However, shock appeared on his face next.

Facing the five thugs surrounding him, not only did Ye Chen not run, but he even walked up to them directly. He flung them out with a slap each. As five slaps cracked in the air, in the blink of an eye, the few guys, who had been excited as if they had taken Viagra, were groaning in their own way on the ground.

It looked like Ye Chen was smacking mosquitoes. The noise alone sounded like it was incredibly painful on their cheeks.

“Oh, f*ck!” Chen Houzi rubbed his eyes in disbelief. He was so shocked that he could not help but cuss.

What a powerful man!

Gu Shaokun finally faced trouble now!

The people who were watching exclaimed in astonishment.

Upon witnessing that, Gu Shaokun was so startled that he almost peed his pants. Just when he was going to run, joy filled his face out of nowhere. He looked behind Ye Chen’s back and begged, “Save me, Sister!”

Ye Chen turned his head to see a path opening slowly amidst the crowd. Three people were dashing over. They were two men and a lady.

The leading figure was a lady in black martial arts attire. She had pretty features and a confident aura. Meanwhile, there was an old man in his 60s and a young man in singlet with a buzzcut.

“Miss Gu Yingying and Old Master Gu!” someone shouted, making the crowd become completely rowdy.

They could not believe that the two important people from the Gu family had come. One of them was the boss, Old Master Gu!

Chen Houzi could not stop shuddering from fear.

Ye Chen watched the people approaching with no emotions on his face. Gu Shaokun pointed at him and said, “Sister, Grandpa, this kid is bullying me. You guys must avenge me!”

Gu Yingying scanned through the few of them who were lying on the ground and looked at Ye Chen coldly as she spoke, “Were you the one who beat them up?”

“That was me. What’s wrong with that?” Ye Chen did not even flinch with his hands behind his back.

Gu Yingying smiled instead of being mad. “Nothing. I’ll just beat you up then!” She shouted after she was done speaking as she gave Ye Chen a quick kick to his middle.

The shoulder twist, the swing of waist, the thigh twist, a lift in her hip…Her series of actions were extraordinarily clean and agile. She seemed to be well versed in Sanshou’s techniques, but she had a style of her own. There was also surprisingly powerful energy in her attack.

Gu Shaokun, who was standing aside, could not stop smirking. “You’re dead, hillbilly.”

He knew his sister well. She was a martial arts fanatic. Especially after being taught by her grandfather, eight to ten mediocre men were not her match.

The old man in his 60s far away frowned. “This silly girl, all she has to do is to teach him a lesson. I can’t believe she’s giving it her all. Ah Hu, get her to stop right now!” Clearly, even he underestimated Ye Chen.

The young man with the buzzcut named Ah Hu forced a smile, but a shriek came just when he was going to stop the fight.

“F*ck off!” Ye Chen’s kick landed on Gu Yingying’s chest directly, and she flew out right away. When it came to women, apart from his daughter’s mother, no other woman was ever precious to him.

Dead silence filled the scene.

Gu Shaokun was so shocked that his eyeballs almost fell out. “How’s that possible?”

Ah Hu was shocked at first, then he took out his gun!

The moment he took out his gun, energy surrounded his hand. Ah Hu’s hand shook terribly as he lost his control and knelt on one knee. He looked incredibly terrified.

Did Ye Chen attack him from a distance away through the air?

That was a mindblowing technique!!!

Ye Chen looked at him coldly as he warned in a petrifying voice, “Don’t force me to kill you!”

“I-is this True Energy release? Attacking through the air?” The pupils of the old man in his 60s shrunk dramatically. His throat tasted sweetness out of nowhere!

At that moment, Gu Yingying, who was flung away, stood up. She charged at Ye Chen again, her pretty face appearing embarrassed and furious because he had kicked her chest earlier.

“Yingying, stop it right there. Don’t be rude to the Grandmaster!” The old man in his 60s had a change in expression as he stopped her immediately. Raging fire filled Gu Yingying’s beautiful eyes.

“Grandpa, please stay away from me. I-I want to…”

How could he kick my chest!?

Moreover, he kicked it so hard. I’m still in pain now!

“Shut up!” the old man shouted at her and subsequently walked over to Ye Chen. He took a deep breath in and bowed while cupping his fists. “I’ve finally met the Grandmaster. We didn’t know you’re the Grandmaster. I hope that you won’t blame us for that!”

At that very second, Gu Yingying was dumbstruck, and so was Gu Shaokun. Chen Houzi rubbed his eyes as he watched everything that was happening in disbelief.

One must know that the Old Master Gu represented the entire wealthy Gu family. He deserved to be called the boss, so how could he be apologizing to a young man!?

Old Master Gu seemed to not have noticed everyone’s bewilderment. He turned his head to look at Gu Yingying and said, “Yingying, apologize to this man!”

True Energy release, and attacking through the air!

Nobody else understood the meaning of these words more than he did!

There were tens of millions of people in the entire Tiannan, but there was only person who could do that.

He was number one in the entire Tiannan, Yuan Bupo! He stood at the peak of Tiannan, watching the entire world. Even the few unattainable wealthy families of Tiannan would have to watch out for his existence!

Gu Yingying shuddered, longing to decline that instinctively. However, seeing her grandfather’s serious and austere expression, she walked over to Ye Chen and said while clenching her teeth, “I-I’m sorry!”

“Are you crazy, Grandpa? This guy humiliated us. Forget it if you’re not teaching him a lesson, but you’re actually apologizing to him?” Gu Shaokun began complaining in disbelief, “If you can’t do it, I’ll call Third Uncle now. I’ll get him to bring the whole gang. I don’t believe this guy is so powerful!”


What he got in response was a tight slap from the old man!

“Kneel, you fool!”