Chapter 100 - Daddy, Please Save Them!

Chapter 100 of 100 chapters

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The shadow that came out of nowhere scared everyone present. They immediately looked closely at it.

They saw a big and tall middle-aged man standing before them wearing an armor.

The man had long, messy hair. His face was all dried up and countless black hair pierced out of the armor like needles.


The man angrily roared into the sky as two long and sharp fangs were shown in his mouth. He subsequently looked at the people with his hollowed eyes as a black gas lingering his body.

“Oh, no. He’s been zombified!”

“Retreat, retreat!”

Master Yao had goosebumps all over his body. He grabbed onto Tang Ning and quickly retreated.

Never had he thought that Tang Ning’s ancestor would not rot after being dead for over 200 years and would even be zombified.



The people jolted the moment the man showed his fangs. They were running towards the exit while pushing each other.

The bodyguard running last felt a big, cold hand grabbing him. He instantly turned his head to look and saw a pair of fangs before him.

He could not help but shriek as the fangs bit his neck. “Ms. Tang, h-help me!”

Gulp, gulp!

Sound of fresh blood gulping was heard.

The bodyguard was dead right after he shouted. His body dried up at a speed that one could see with their naked eyes. The man’s body that was originally dried up had been replenished.

Tang Ning almost pissed her pants when she turned around to see. She ran towards the exit with the rest in fear.

Ye Chen too was in the middle of the crowd and was getting pushed around by the people. He had his eyes on the tiger-shaped pendant on the zombie’s chest.

‘So the Sky Stone is here!’

“Oh, sh*t. There really is a zombie! Run, run quickly!” Shen Jing grabbed onto his father. He wanted to have an extra pair of legs to run right now.

Only now did the people recall what the uncle said before they went into the mountain. There really was a zombie, but they did not believe him. Now it was too late for them to regret it.

“Oh, no. The exit has been blocked!”

The bodyguard who was running in the front exclaimed.

They had just realized that the robber’s hole earlier was completely gone now. Soil and gravel now blocking the exit.

The fight between Master Yao and the black-robed man earlier that caused an earthquake had blocked the robber’s hole now.

Someone cried out loud. “What do we do? What do we do? I don’t want to die here.”

“Master Yao, what do we do now?”

Shen Chongshan was regretful. If had known that this would happen, Ms. Tang aside, he would not come here even if her father was here.

Shen Jing gulped. “Ms. Tang, that guy is your ancestor. Can you try discussing with him and ask him not to bite us?”

Stomp, stomp, stomp…

Heavy footsteps were coming. The zombie had made its way here.

“It’s coming over!” Bodyguard Xiaoliang looked terrified and tightly held onto Tang Ning.

“Don’t panic!”

Master Yao said while pretending to be calm. “Ms. Tang, your ancestor has been zombified. It’s a zombie now and won’t listen to you if you were to talk to it. Contrary to your expectations it would bite you first when it sniffs the blood in you since you’re its direct descendant.”

Tang Ning’s body shivered.

“Master Yao, aren’t you a master? Go over, now,” Shen Jing said something ridiculous.

Master Yao forced a smile. “I’m just a feng shui master, not a ghostbuster. I can point out your acupuncture points, but this…”

It was clear to him now.

The black-robed man earlier was not a tomb robber. He wanted to refine Tang Ning’s ancestor into a zombie and control it.

“So what do we do now? Wait for death to come?” Shen Chongshan had despair in his eyes.

“Don’t panic, let me speak.”

Master Yao took a deep breath and said, “The entrance has been blocked. Instead of waiting to be killed, why not work together. Let us take our chances to fight him? Let’s head back now.”

“What? Head back? Are you out of your mind?” Shen Chongshan exclaimed out loud. He shook his head with unwillingness.

Master Yao said, “The space here is too small, there’s nowhere for us to hide when the zombie comes here later. By then, we will die for real.”

Although what he said was the truth, the people were still unwilling.

Bodyguard Xiaoliang hesitated for a moment and said, “Master Yao is right, we must get back to the main tomb that we were in earlier. It’s bigger there and we can use the advantage of that space to fight it. I’ll lead the way.”

“Xiaoliang…” Tang Ning shook her head by instinct.

Xiaoliang forced a smile. “Ms. Tang, I, Liang Ye has been accepted by your Tang family since young. Master Liang treats me like his son. If something was to happen to me, I hope that you would take care of my wife and children.”

Xiaolang stood up and stepped out after he said that.

Ye Chen frowned. “Actually, you guys don’t have to be that scared of it. I can…”

“Shut your mouth!”

Tang Ning condemned him and scoffed. “What can you do? You can capture the zombie? Why didn’t you do that earlier?”

“That’s right. Master Yao hasn’t said anything, what makes you think you can interrupt?” Shen Chongshan condemned with a grim face.

‘Shen Jing, what kind of classmate do you have?’

‘It’s already chaotic enough now and he’s stirring things up.’

“Old Ye, stop talking.” Shen Jing instantly pulled the corner of Ye Chen’s shirt.

Ye Chen smiled and said nothing more.

In reality, he saw that Xiaoliang was loyal and wanted to protect his owner. He thought he would fight as he did not want anything to happen to Xiaoliang. He felt helpless that nobody believed him.

“Master Yao, let’s go. We’ll head back. If someone is scared, wait here for your death.” Tang Ning stood up in determination while clenching her teeth. She said that looking at Ye Chen as if she was hinting.

Master Yao nodded and walked behind Xiaoliang. Tang Ning walked behind him while the remaining three bodyguards followed behind her. Ye Chen, Shen Jing, and the rest walked behind them.

“Oh, no. It blocked the way back!”

The people saw the zombie far away just when they took a few steps out. It had blocked half of the door into the main tomb and was walking towards them.

Yes, it was walking. It was not like the hopping ones wearing the Qing dynasty’s administrator attire in the movies.

“What do we do, Master Yao?” Tang Ning panicked.

Just when Master Yao was going to speak, they saw Xiaoliang shout and charge at the zombie after taking out a dagger. “I’m going to kill you!”

“Xiaoliang, come back!” Tang Ning almost pissed her pants and could not help but call out to him.

However, Xiaoliang pretended to not hear her. After arriving before the zombie with his good body strength, he could not stop stabbing the zombie with the dagger. There would be the sound of metal collisions every now and then.

However, he soon froze.

A long, sharp claw pierced through his chest.

The fangs pierced into his neck as Xiaoliang’s body dried up.

After consecutively sucking two people’s blood, the zombie’s body was completely replenished now. Especially its face, it had recovered its human face. It was still a little pale but looked ferocious with the blood trail at the corner of its lips.


Tang Ning almost passed out from the pain of losing Xiaoliang.

“We cannot allow it to suck any more blood. It would become more powerful each time it does. Retreat, all of you. I’ll fight it!”

Master Yao looked tense. A green glow exuded out of his body again after the people retreated.

“Hand seal!”

Master Yao performed a hand seal with both his hands. Just like what happened before, a green gas came out of his fingertip and charged at the zombie like a web.

The zombie slapped the green gas with its claw which directly broke it. The zombie hopped to Master Yao before he could respond and grabbed his hand.

Its long nails pierced deep into Master Yao’s right arm.

Master Yao shrieked and yanked his right arm in determination. He then retreated several steps back as fresh blood kept spurting out of his severed arm.

“This old man is useless to be attacked by the zombie. Ms. Tang, I’ve caused trouble for you guys!”

Master Yao looked in despair. If he did not bring Tang Ning to check out the ancestral tomb, this would not have happened.

The two dead people aside, Master Yao had now lost an arm. It seemed like the rest were destined to die.

“Oh, no. Oh, no. This is the end, we’ll all die here!” Shen Chongshan could not stop quivering as he tightly held onto Shen Jing.

Tang Ning looked at Xiaoliang’s dried up body while tears were dripping down her face. She shut her beautiful eyes in despair.

An extremely pure voice was heard at that very moment.

“Daddy, please save them!”