Chapter 11

Chapter 11 of 100 chapters

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“Grandpa, y-you…slapped me because of an outsider?” Gu Shaokun held his cheek while looking at the old man blankly.

It was his very first time being slapped by the old man ever since he was born. No matter what he had done wrong in the past, no matter how big the trouble he had gotten into, the most the old man would do was nag him.

“Kneel, you rascal!” The old man was so mad that he was shaking, “Otherwise, I’ll banish you from the Gu family. I don’t care if you live or die out there!”


Gu Shaokun knelt onto the ground right away. He did not hesitate this time because he realized that the old man was really mad now. Even though he had knelt, he refused to look at Ye Chen when he turned his head with an unruly expression.

Ignoring him, the old man walked to a stall and borrowed a cigarette holder. He held it before Ye Chen with both hands, “Sir, if this little bastard of mine has offended you, please whack him with this as much as you want. It’s okay if you whack him until he’s dead. Please just spare my life.”

Ye Chen peered at him with an odd expression whereby nobody knew if he was smiling or not. He did not take it or speak.

The old man was experienced indeed! His act was elaborate!

Gu Shaokun’s face turned green now.

He was so furious that he attempted to stand up. However, the cigarette holder greeted him with a blow so hard that he went back kneeling directly. He was clenching his teeth from the pain while he shed unmanly tears.

Gu Yingying could not help but gape a little. However, she dared not stand up for her brother.

The people’s expressions froze.

Chen Houzi’s mouth was opened so wide that he could swallow a Husky.

Seeing Ye Chen decline his kindness, the old man sighed secretly and turned his head around to look at Chen Houzi who was standing aside. “Tell me, what exactly happened here?”

Chen Houzi jolted. He took two steps forward and explained everything that happened honestly while bowing. He did not miss out on anything or dared to side anyone.

The old man’s expression changed a little after hearing that the longevity locket was a demonic ware. He seemed to have recalled something and subsequently slapped Gu Shaokun’s head. “You stupid fool, this kind sir said that to save your life. Not only did you not appreciate him, but you even attacked him. What did our Gu family do wrong to have brought up a bastard like you?!”

“Grandpa, how could you believe in such nonsense?” Gu Shaokun laughed in disbelief.

The old man sobbed all of a sudden, “You foolish boy, did you forget how your father died?”

“My father?” Gu Shaokun had a dramatic change of expression. Grave shock and disbelief subsequently appeared on his face. “Wh-What…”

The old man sighed. “It was your father who acquired this longevity locket in the beginning. Just like you, he treated it like a precious treasure. In the end, he died in a car accident within a year. You, being the fool that you are, then stole it from his room.”

The old man looked ferocious as he spoke, “You’ve been living with Fang Yuan for three years. Throughout the three years, she was pregnant five times, but she lost all of them! Have you not realized anything by now? It’s because of this longevity lock of yours!”

As the old man was done speaking, Gu Shaokun sank weakly onto the ground as if a catastrophe had struck. There was a humming sound echoing in his head as he lost the unruliness that he displayed earlier.

He was married for three years but had been childless. His wife was pregnant five times but miscarried every time for no reason. The biggest fetus had already been seven to eight months old.

Because of this, the Gu family hired many renowned doctors to treat her. She had been to all the major hospitals in and out of the country. Unfortunately, nothing worked even though they prayed at the temples fervently.

In the beginning, he did not relate the longevity locket to his bad luck. However, connecting what Ye Chen and the old man said, he came to a realization all of a sudden.

Besides having killed his father, his precious longevity locket even killed a couple of his children before they were even born!

How was that a longevity locket?!

It was a life-harming locket!

Most importantly, Fang Yuan was pregnant since last month!

Gu Shaokun gulped as he thought to this point. He knelt all the way to Ye Chen and stuck his head to the ground as he spoke chokingly, “M-Master, Sir, I’m sorry. I’ve underestimated you. You can punish me however you want as long as you’re willing to forgive me. I, Gu Shaokun, will not frown when you mete out your punishment.”

He slapped himself while speaking, and to everyone’s bewilderment, those were some really hard slaps.

“I also beg you to forgive this useless grandson of mine!” The old man attempted to kneel as he sobbed. However, he realized he could no longer kneel no matter how he tried. There seemed to be a pair of invisible hands holding him up.

He was incredibly shocked!

Was that not a technique of a grandmaster!?

“There’s no need to do this, old general!” Ye Chen shook his head and looked at Gu Shaokun. “You should be grateful that you have a great grandfather. The old general himself was involved in the war half of his life and killed countless enemies. He gained good karma for serving the country and accumulated blessings for you guys. Because of the blessings, you managed to live until now! Now, give me the longevity locket!”

Gu Shaokun was elated to hear that. He stood up and picked up the longevity lock, then passed it to Ye Chen respectfully.

The old man could not help but vocalize, “This longevity locket…” In reality, he wanted to say that since the longevity locket was a demonic ware, it should be destroyed.

“Don’t worry. Just watch!” Ye Chen grinned and stretched his arm out to point at the longevity locket. A stream of golden spiritual energy sped into the longevity locket directly.

Two dragon roars rang out from the longevity locket. The roars contained resentment, unwillingness, and pain as they seemed to be struggling to escape.

The old man, Gu Shaokun, and the rest were terribly stunned as goosebumps rose all over their skin.

It especially affected Gu Shaokun. If he had still been unwilling to yield earlier, he submitted everything he had now.

Ye Chen scoffed as he lifted his arm and charged another hit of spiritual energy. The shriek in the longevity locket faded slowly, and eventually, it was peaceful again.

Subsequently, a shocking incident happened!

A faint, black energy came out from above Gu Shaokun’s head slowly. The black energy disappeared as soon as it rose into the air. Meanwhile, he looked much healthier right away.

Gu Shaokun checked himself out, incredibly stunned. “Grandpa, Sir, I…I feel so much better now!”

“Thank you, Sir!” The old man bowed in all sincerity.

Gu Shaokun only snapped back to his senses by now. He bowed strenuously onto the ground. “Thank you for saving my life. I wonder if you can save my wife too. She and the child she bears are innocent.”

“I’m shamelessly begging you to help. Tell us whatever you may need, Sir. Our Gu family will agree to anything,” the old man pleaded passionately.

Ye Chen frowned and only spoke after falling into silence for a few seconds, “Do you have paper and a pen?”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Gu Shaokun was over the moon. He glanced at Chen Houzi who was standing aside immediately.

Panicked, Chen Houzi brought a sheet of paper and a pen over. He also brought the plastic bag with the black blotch in it, seeming like he was buttering Ye Chen up. “Sir, err, I don’t feel too well too. E-everytime I do it with my wife, I only last for t-three seconds…”

“Pfttt!” Gu Yingying laughed out loud directly, blushing furiously.

The old man was stunned while Gu Shaokun’s lips twitched hard as he glared at him. “You must be touching yourself too much, causing premature ejaculation. You have to see a traditional Chinese medicine doctor!”

Chen Houzi looked well and thoroughly embarrassed.

Ye Chen took the paper and pen in silence and wrote down the names of many herbs. He then passed it to the old man and said, “Gather all of the herbs I’ve written, and bring them to me. I’ll spend time to visit your home for treatment then.”

“Sure.” The old man put the prescription away carefully and proceeded to invite warmly, “Sir, let’s have a meal together. I need to thank you properly.”

“No need. I need to pick my kid up from school.” Ye Chen shook his head.

Time had flown by, and it was already the afternoon, so Mengmeng should be finishing school soon.

The old man nodded in disappointment. “Sure. Ah Hu, drive this gentleman home and jot down his contact number.”

The young man named Ah Hu nodded.

Gu Shaokun took out a bank card and shoved it into Ye Chen’s hand. He said with a generous smile, “Sir, there’s ten million yuan inside. The password is the last six numbers of the card. Consider this a little appreciation from me.”

Just when Ye Chen wanted to reject him, Gu Shaokun spoke again, “Please don’t reject me. Otherwise, the old man will tie me up and whip me with his belt hard when we get home. Oh yeah, if you need anything, you can look for Brother Hu too!”

Ye Chen put the card away while smiling. He then left in Ah Hu’s Bentley.

As the old man sent them off, the three of them got into Gu Yingying’s car. He then turned his head and glared at Gu Shaokun. “I’ll teach you a lesson when we get back!”

Gu Shaokun’s neck shrunk.

Meanwhile, Gu Yingying, who was sitting aside, had a grim expression. Clearly, she took Ye Chen kicking her chest to heart.

The old man seemed to have figured what she was thinking about and warned her, “Don’t you dare mess this up, silly girl!”

“Grandpa, I can’t let it go just like that!” Gu Yingying said begrudgingly while clenching her teeth. She was a grown-up. Her family background aside, with her beauty alone, how could she not be in the limelight no matter where she went? Ye Chen was the first one to ever do that to her. She was spiteful when she recalled that part of her body that was still hurting faintly.

The old man said gravely, “You’ll have to let it go no matter what. Your brother is at fault in today’s incident. It’s ridiculous that you attacked him before finding out what happened. Moreover, the man saved your brother’s life, ignoring whatever that happened earlier!”

“One day, I-I’ll fight him one-on-one!” Gu Yingying stomped her foot angrily.

“One-on-one?” The old man forced a smile. “His ability is way beyond our imagination. If we’re talking about going one-on-one, I’m afraid he’s the only one who can do that with himself in the entire Tiannan.”

“Is he really that powerful, Grandpa?” Gu Yingying was a little uncertain. After all, Ye Chen looked younger than 30 years old. Even if he began learning martial arts since he was born, it could have only been 20 to 30 years!

The old man’s smile faded as he replied in all seriousness, “He’s a Martial Dao grandmaster, so what do you think? I’ve been training all my life, and I’ve just stimulated my conception vessel.”

Gu Yingying had a slight change of expression on her pretty face and she stopped speaking.

“It’s a pity!” The old man sighed after a deep thought.

She was confused. “Grandpa, what’s a pity?”

“It’s a pity that that man has a child. Otherwise, I’d want you to marry him!” The old man seemed to be full of regrets.

Her cheeks flushed at that moment. She complained in madness and embarrassment, “Grandpa, y-you’re so childish despite being an old man!”