Chapter 14

Chapter 14 of 100 chapters

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The reason why Second Uncle called Ye Chen was mainly to inform him that Ye Wen’s company would start the interviews that day. He even said that Ye Wen would wait for him at his home, and reminded him not to be late.

Ye Chen forced a smile.

In reality, he did not want to go to work at all. Firstly, he would not have the time to be with Mengmeng if he went to work. Secondly, he would rather spend every minute and second on his cultivation.

However, his Second Uncle had done that out of kindness while his father hoped that he would have a normal life.

At the same time, an extraordinarily flashy Camero parked by the street below Block B in Jinyang District.

The cool sports car exterior and its eye-catching yellow got everyone’s attention on the street.

The Bumblebee was known to be the cheaper version of the Lamborghini. Even so, its starting price was 400,000 to 500,000 yuan. It was considered a luxury car in this small district.

Meanwhile, a man and lady stood in front of the Bumblebee.

The man was approximately 26 or 27 years old with attractive features. Tall and handsome, he wore a smart suit, and his left hand that was in his pocket glinted with a Vacheron Constantin watch.

The lady wore a beige suit. With light makeup on, she was also tall. Her nude-colored stockings complemented her long legs perfectly, making her look like a girl boss.

The man bent his head down to check the time. He then tossed a betel nut into his mouth and chuckled. “Wenwen, that cousin of yours is quite a big shot, huh? He’s making us wait for him for so long.”

“Stop saying that, Liu Feng. I’m so annoyed,” Ye Wen complained while feeling irritated. She knitted her sharp brows, her complaints rolling off her tongue.

“Why is my dad like that? Why must he stick his nose in other people’s business? Isn’t capability required for jobs nowadays? What’s with taking shortcuts? I’ll lose face if my colleagues in the company find out that I’m involved in getting my relative into the company.”

Liu Feng comforted while smiling, “Don’t worry. I’ve already spoken to my uncle. That guy will definitely fail the interview today. If not for you stopping me, I’d really want to show him how powerful I am with the Wing Chun skills that I’ve just learned!”

“Sorry for being late!”

Ye Wen and Liu Feng lifted their heads and looked back as they heard an apologetic voice. They saw a mediocre, young man in a suit walking over.

Ye Wen was stunned at first, but her face soon turned green because she realized that Ye Chen wore a nondescript suit. Forget it that it looked old and torn, but it was even too small for his size and the sleeves were a few centimeters too short.

She wondered which dumpster he got that suit from. If the female colleagues at the company saw him, they would make fun of her.

Ye Chen said with a smile as he looked at Ye Wen after he got close, “Sorry to make you guys wait.”

Because he had been practicing his cultivation methods, his body became much more muscular than before. When he was heading out earlier, he realized that the suit that he used to wear a few years ago no longer fit. However, since he was late, he had no time to change.

“Alright, alright. Stop talking and get in the car now,” Ye Wen interrupted him impatiently. She then turned around and entered the passenger seat of the Camero. She did not plan to introduce Liu Feng to Ye Chen at all.

A smile of disdain flashed through Liu Feng’s eyes after he took a thorough look at Ye Chen. He said while chewing the betel nut, “So, you’re Wenwen’s cousin? Oh yeah, what’s your name?”

Ye Chen frowned as he spoke, “I don’t like the smell of betel nut. Could you please chew gum when you speak the next time or stay further away from me? Also, it’s basic manners to introduce yourself before asking for somebody else’s name.”

The smile on Liu Feng’s face froze a little. He then smirked as he responded, “You’ve got some character. I like it. I hope that we can become colleagues from now on.”

He emphasized on the word ‘can’.

Ye Wen who was in the car could not help but urge, “Let’s go, Liu Feng!”

Liu Feng smiled and got into the driver’s seat while Ye Chen sat at the back.

Liu Feng revealed a strange smile after peeking at Ye Chen from the driver’s seat. The second he stepped on the accelerator, the car dashed in a whoosh, alarming Ye Wen in the passenger’s seat.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen remained still.

Some ten minutes later, the car arrived at their destination in one piece. They stopped at Yaffle Cosmetics Limited Company.

When they were getting out of the car, Ye Chen turned her head suddenly and said to Ye Chen while glaring at him, “No matter how the interview turns out, I…hope people won’t know that we’re related.”

“Sure!” Ye Chen said while smirking slightly. He had never thought of that since he was just here as a formality to satisfy his Second Uncle and his father.

Ye Wen nodded expressionlessly as she walked into the building.

Liu Feng walked over after parking the car. He said with a fake smile, “Brother Ye, all the best in the interview!”

“Thanks for your blessing!” Ye Chen replied and walked into Yaffle Cosmetics Limited Company. He headed straight to the interview room.

Liu Feng watched Ye Chen’s retreating back quietly. He smiled coldly, “Blessing, my a*s. What an idiot! The interviewer is my Third Uncle this time. If you pass, I’ll take on your family name!”

Just when Ye Chen arrived at the interview room, he saw many people standing in front. Although all of them were dressed formally, they looked nervous.

A lady from the Human Resources department who was dressed formally walked over and said while smiling, “Sir, please give me your resume!”

Ye Chen passed her the resume that he brought. After registering him, she came back and said with a smile, “Mr. Ye, please wait for your turn patiently. We’ll call your name when it’s your turn.”

Ye Chen nodded and walked straight to the bench at the entrance.

Seeing the nondescript suit he wore, the people around looked at each other and chuckled to themselves. They would lose a competitor if Ye Chen wore a dunce hat on his head.

Over an hour later, an extremely soft voice came from the lobby, “The next interviewee, Ye Chen, please get ready!”

Ye Chen stood up immediately and walked over. He happened to pass by a fatty who looked miserable and a balding man sitting close to the wall in the lobby. There was a slender lady who looked like a recruitment assistant standing next to the latter.

After Ye Chen took his seat, the balding man lifted his head to peek at him. A strange fleeting expression flashed through his eyes. He then said with no expression, “I’m your interviewer today. My name is Liu Kun, the interview will begin now.”

“Please introduce yourself!”

Ye Chen said calmly, “I’m Ye Chen!”

Liu Kun nodded and gestured for him to go on. However, Ye Chen looked at him without saying anything.

“Th-that’s all?” Liu Kun was stunned.

Ye Chen nodded.

Liu Kun’s face turned grim at that moment. “Are you sure you’re here for the interview? Apart from who you are, I want to know your working experience, your education background, and your strengths.”

The recruitment lady standing next to him could not help but look at Ye Chen again, dumbstruck. This interviewee was really something!

Ye Chen smiled calmly. “You can read everything that you want to know on my resume, so why do you need me to introduce myself?”

The recruitment lady could not help but chuckle out loud as she was clearly entertained. Her beautiful chest was undulating following her laugh. She stopped immediately upon noticing Liu Kun’s glowering stare. Instead, she showed an expression that she was eager to laugh but did not dare to.

“You…you, get…” Liu Kun was enraged. He wanted to ask Ye Chen to get out by instinct. However, he stopped all of a sudden.

He abruptly recalled that his nephew, Liu Feng, had asked him not only to intentionally fail this guy but to humiliate him terribly during the interview.

Would it not be a waste if he were to chase him out now?

Liu Kun took a deep breath as he thought about this point. He said while suppressing his rage, “Sure, I’ll ask something else that’s not on your resume.”

At the same time, footsteps came from outside. There seemed to be someone walking by the door.

Liu Kun’s eyes lit up at that moment as he asked while pointing at the door, “What is the person who just passed by wearing? You’ll pass this interview right away as long as you can answer that!”

The recruiter standing next to him glimpsed at Ye Chen in sympathy hearing that.

It was hopeless! Even she, who was known to be observant, could not answer such a tricky question.

The interviewee would fully focus on communicating with the interviewer during such a formal interview. How would he notice what any passerby, whether it was a man or a lady, was wearing?

“Is this question related to the interview?” Ye Chen asked expressionlessly.

Liu Kun said in a righteous manner, “Of course, I’m asking this to test your ability to overcome stress and your observation skills. If you can’t even answer that, why would our company need you?” He did not bother hiding the satisfaction on his face after saying that. He would like to see how Ye Chen was going to remain arrogant now! In reality, even he could not answer that himself.

Ye Chen smiled without saying anything.

“Get out. Ask yourself what you can offer before going to your next interview. A piece of trash like you isn’t even worthy of guarding our company doors!” Liu Kun smirked in disdain and looked up. “Next…”