Chapter 15

Chapter 15 of 100 chapters

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Liu Kun raised his brows and said while looking in scorn, “If you would like to beg me, I’ll give you another chance. I’m sorry, but I’m very busy.”

“Did I say that I couldn’t answer your question?” Ye Chen revealed a mocking smirk at the tip of his lips. “It was a lady who walked by. She’s 168cm tall with long hair. She’s wearing a faded black suit with a thin black belt and a pair of fringed heels!

“Oh yeah, her measurements are 89-62.2-90.7. She’s wearing a red lacy bra, and there’s stuff in her bra, which is what you guys call silicon pads.”

As he was done speaking, the smirk on Liu Kun’s face froze. The recruiter next to him covered her mouth instinctively while her breasts undulated with her breath again.

Did he really get it right?

Was he making it up?

Ye Chen looked at Liu Kun while grinning. “Do you want me to continue?”

“Xiaolin, go get that person back here. Now!” Liu Kun urged when he snapped back to his senses.

The recruiter peered at Ye Chen in a strange way. She then spun her tiny, little waist and ran out to look at the surveillance camera in order to find that person.

After she left, Liu Kun then looked at Ye Chen and grinned secretly.

Not only did he know what the person was wearing, but he even knew the person’s measurements and the color as well as the style of her bra. He had overdone it. Either he had eyes that could see through things or he had sex with that person last night.

Hmph, let’s see what he’s got to say for himself! Ye Chen smiled while saying nothing.

His Divine Consciousness covered a ten-meter radius. Nothing could escape his sight under the Divine Consciousness, and he could even multitask with that ability.

Soon, Xiaolin brought the person in, looking awkward. The person, who had been standing outside and waiting for the interview, was shocked at that second because she was the marketing director, Fang Ya, who was given the nickname, the Eunuch Creator!

Once, there was a tall, handsome, and rich man who failed to win Fang Ya’s heart. He harassed her just because he was wealthy. Eventually, Fang Ya gave him a kick that made him infertile. That man was sent abroad to be treated immediately.

Liu Kun was especially stunned, and there was a hum echoing in his head. He stared in disbelief.

Fang Ya’s appearance was exactly as Ye Chen described!

How was that possible?

Liu Kun gulped, appearing flabbergasted.

“Director Liu, I wonder why did you get me here for,” Fang Ya said while looking impatient. She had just broken up with her boyfriend. Now that it was that time of the month for her, she was extremely upset.

Liu Kun nodded and subsequently shook his head.

Fang Ya scoffed coldly. “I’ll make a move if you don’t need me.”

Liu Kun thought of something as she turned around. He said it out loud without much consideration, “Director Fang, may I know what your measurements are? Have you gotten a boob job before?”

Just when he was done saying that, he realized everyone was looking at him like he was an idiot.

Oh, f*ck! He smacked his head in his mind.

Fang Ya spun her head aggressively, lifted her foot with her heels high and kicked him. Her pretty face was gravely cold. “You filthy, shameless animal!”

Humiliated, Liu Kun fell to the ground as a result of the attack that came out of nowhere.

Everyone who witnessed that could not help but shrink their necks and gulp. They thought to themselves that she lived up to the title of Eunuch Creator for being so hot-tempered.

Ye Chen only said with a smile after Fang Ya left, “May I know if I’ve passed the interview?”

“You better watch out!” Liu Kun glared at him while clenching his teeth and leaving with a grim expression.

Ye Chen nodded. “Thanks, interviewer. Oh yeah, I think I got it wrong earlier. Director Fang shouldn’t have gotten a boob job. I’m sorry that you got kicked.”

Liu Kun staggered upon hearing that.

At the same time, a short distance away from the interview room, Ye Wen and her colleagues were discussing together.

In the crowd, Ye Wen looked terrible while she stayed silent with both hands clutched tightly together. She would look at the interview lobby from time to time, seeming like she had some concerns.

Next to her, Liu Feng said with a smile, figuring out her concern, “Don’t worry, Wenwen. I’ve spoken to my uncle earlier. That guy will definitely fail the interview.”

“That’s right. Master Liu’s uncle is the Director of the Human Resources department. He manages all employees and has a say over whether they leave or stay. As long as he disagrees, that cousin of yours has no choice but to leave.” Another girl named Zhao Qian nodded in agreement. She looked at Liu Feng with burning desire.

A man in glasses hugged the girl standing beside him while he spoke, “Wenwen, it’s not that I want to talk behind your dad’s back, but it’s better that you guys cut such needy relatives off from your family. Otherwise, they’ll come to you guys again to beg for more every now and then.”

“Zhou Kai is right. Wenwen, you should be more open-minded. Although that guy is your cousin, they’re just terribly different from your family. You guys are from two different worlds. The gap will be even wider when you and Liu Feng get married in the future,” advised the girl in Zhou Kai’s embrace.

Ye Wen responded with a grunt absent-mindedly. She was secretly regretting it. She should not have agreed to her father to bring Ye Chen here. Great, now everyone was teaching her a lesson!

Fortunately, Liu Feng had spoken to his uncle, so she felt much better when she thought from that perspective.

If she were to take 10,000 steps back, even if Liu Feng did not meddle in this, he probably would not pass the interview judging by how he looked.

After all, it was for his own good. She did not want him to irritate her colleagues once he joined the company. By then, she would be in a pickle.

Meanwhile, Liu Feng’s face contained a cold smirk. He was rooting to see Ye Chen’s upset face once he got out. He would mock him then. That would teach him the way to behave.

As they were chatting, they saw Liu Kun walking out of the interview room. Liu Feng went up to him immediately and asked while grinning, “Third Uncle, how was it? That guy failed, didn’t he?”


Liu Kun slapped him without saying anything. His face turned red with anger. “It’s all your fault, you rascal!”

Everyone fell into dead silence.

Liu Feng was dumbstruck as he held his cheek. Ye Chen and the rest were stunned too.

What exactly happened? That was not right. That was not supposed to be part of the script.

“Third Uncle, what exactly…?” Liu Feng failed to react at that moment.

“Get lost!” Liu Kun scoffed coldly and walked to the clinic furiously. He hated Ye Chen to his very core because the kick Fang Ya gave him had caused him internal injury.

Zhou Kai gulped after Liu Kun left. “What…exactly happened?”

Just then, Ye Chen walked out.

Liu Feng walked up to him immediately and flashed a phony smile. “Brother Ye, how was the interview?” He was still pushing his luck even at this time.

“Thanks to you, Brother Liu, Director Liu values me and I passed my interview!” Ye Chen chirped while looking at him in a cheeky manner.

Finally, the smile on Liu Feng’s face froze. How was that possible?! How could this guy really pass the interview?!

One must know that before Ye Chen went for the interview, Liu Feng had sworn that he would take on Ye Chen’s family name if he passed the interview.

Ye Wen looked insincere as she said coldly after opening her mouth blankly, “Congratulations.” She glanced at Liu Feng coldly. What was Liu Feng doing? Did he not say that everything was taken care of?

Zhao Qian, Zhou Kai, and the rest standing aside were studying Ye Chen. Soon, they began smiling.

Liu Feng was right about him. Wenwen’s cousin looked mediocre and dressed like a hillbilly. One could tell by looking at him that he had not seen much of the world. However, to their shock, such a person had passed the interview!

Liu Feng finally snapped back to his senses a few seconds later. He forced a stiff smile on his face. “Brother Ye, which department did you pick?”

Ye Wen could not help but pay rapt attention now.

“The sales department!” Ye Chen answered calmly.

Liu Feng was stunned at first, but he displayed excitement on his face later on. The scowl on his face was long gone, and he almost laughed out loud.

The sales department! Great! I happened to be the manager of the sales department. Ye, we’re going to have so much fun from now on!

Liu Feng recovered the casualness on his face as he smiled playfully. “Brother Ye, on behalf of the sales department, we would like to welcome you on board!”

Ye Chen glanced at him in deep thought.

“Liu Feng is the manager of the sales department!” Ye Wen, who was standing aside, held Liu Feng’s arm by instinct with a faint boastful gleam on her face.

With Yaffle being such a big company, the sales department manager made approximately 150,000 yuan annually. Inclusive of group sales and commissions, the manager’s annual income would be 300,000 to 400,000 yuan.

That was what Ye Wen was proud of.

Her boyfriend had been promoted to the department manager after being with the company for less than two years. It was possible for him to become the department head, and even the district manager, or even the branch manager.

Meanwhile, her cousin, Ye Chen, did not only achieve anything after wasting five years of his life, but he would also be working under her boyfriend now. It was embarrassing if this news got out.

Zhou Kai pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and said in a tone like he was preaching, “Ye Chen, did I get it right? Since you’re now in our sales department, you must listen to everything Master Liu says. Don’t drag our team down, and most importantly, don’t embarrass our Master Liu.”

“That’s right. Although you’re Wenwen’s cousin, we don’t talk about family in the company. If you really do something wrong, there’s no negotiating.” Zhao Qian looked grave as if she had become the upper echelon of the company.

Ye Chen gave a short response coldly.

“Is there nothing that you would like to say to Master Liu?” Zhang Li, who was behind Zhou Kai, looked stunned.

Ye Chen lifted his head and asked Liu Feng, “Where’s the office?”

“Over there!” Ye Wen’s face turned green as she pointed him in the right direction. Ye Chen nodded and walked over to the office.

Zhou Kai could not help but express after Ye Chen left, “Master Liu, this guy seems to be a bit too much. We seniors are just being kind to give him advice. I can’t believe that he showed a little impatience. Also, he doesn’t seem to respect you as his leader.”

“That’s right. That guy doesn’t even understand basic workplace etiquette. His EQ is just too low,” Zhao Qian added, riding on the wave.

Zhang Li said after thinking to herself, “Could it be that he doesn’t respect you because he’s Wenwen’s cousin?”

Liu Feng squinted as he watched Ye Chen leave. He scoffed, “Alright now, let’s stop talking about this. I’m a fair person. I’ll naturally reward him if he performs well. Of course, I’ll punish him if he performs sub-par. Anyway, Ye Wen, we have time. Let’s have fun.’

Ye Wen bit her lower lip, secretly feeling wronged. Why did you do that? Are you trying to embarrass me in front of everyone?