Chapter 16

Chapter 16 of 100 chapters

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The efficiency at such a large company was impressive. Ye Chen had sorted out all his documents once he was hired, including his work badge, payroll card, and so on.

Meanwhile, there were approximately ten people in the sales department. Apart from Liu Feng and the few of them, the rest of the team had no idea about the relationship between Ye Chen and Ye Wen. Therefore, they were quite friendly to him.

Throughout the day, Ye Chen spent his time in the office familiarizing himself with the company’s business documents. Realizing that it was time to leave, Liu Feng suggested that they go to an internet cafe to play a game of 4-player PUBG. He immediately won great support from Zhou Kai and the rest.

PUBG became a big hit as soon as it came out, especially among young people including Liu Feng. Although they could be playing with their mates at home, it was nothing compared to sitting together and playing.

Failing to resist the persuasion, Ye Wen had to call home to say that she would be late.

Ye Chen shook his head secretly. He got a call from Second Uncle just when he was going to leave to pick Mengmeng up from school. Second Uncle had expressed his worry about Ye Wen, asking him to take care of her.

Since he could not say no to that invitation, he finally called his mother to get her to pick Mengmeng up from school.

“Ye Chen, we’re going to the internet cafe. Are you coming?” Liu Feng asked while looking at Ye Chen.

Ye Chen took a glance at Ye Wen and said calmly, “Yep!”

Frowning, Ye Wen thought that Ye Chen was a follower who trailed her everywhere she was going.

Liu Feng was stunned at first, but he then laughed out loud. To him, he thought that Ye Chen finally realized the gap between them after getting into the company and was eager to close the gap.

At night outside the Datura Internet Cafe, a Camero and a Honda CRV parked at the entrance. Liu Feng got down from the car first and said while looking at the internet cafe before him, “This is the best internet cafe on the whole East Street. Not only is it comfortable, but the computer specs and internet speed are also pretty great. The internet alone costs 12 yuan per hour.”

Liu Feng turned his head to take a glance at Ye Chen as he spoke. Nobody knew if he was smiling or not. “Hillbilly, I suppose you’ve never heard of any internet cafe that charges 12 yuan per hour. Most importantly, I don’t suppose you’ve ever been to one, have you?”

To his surprise, Ye Chen looked unfriendly.

Liu Feng waved and said after a secret snort, “Let’s go in. I’ll introduce someone to you guys.”

All of them walked in one after another.

The internet cafe was huge with over 300 computers. Only less than half of it was occupied. There was a young female manager standing at the counter. There were also beverage machines, rest areas, a gym, and many more facilities around.

Instead of getting the manager to log in to the computers directly, Liu Feng brought them to a quiet corner of the internet cafe.

There was a young man in a black singlet sitting there with a cigarette in his mouth. He was cursing at the dark PUBG screen in front of him.

“Fifth Brother!” Liu Feng walked up and greeted him. He then took out a Chunghwa Soft cigarette.

The young man turned his head and revealed a deadly tough face and muscular shoulders. He responded with a smile after taking the cigarette, “You’re here, Xiaofeng.”

Ye Wen, Zhou Kai, and the rest looked at the young man in fear. They seemed to be afraid of his appearance.

After taking out a lighter and lighting the cigarette for him, Liu Feng turned his head to tell them, “Let me introduce you guys. This is Fifth Brother. He’s the boss of the entire East Street.”

They showed their respect to the intimidating man all of a sudden. That guy was clearly something else to have survived until now.

Zhou Kai, Ye Wen, Zhao Qian, and Zhang Li greeted him one after another. Meanwhile, Ye Chen remained still, losing interest after taking a glance at the young man.

The young man had a puff of his cigarette and said while smiling in satisfaction, “Since you guys are Xiaofeng’s friends, all of you are my, Chen Wu’s friends as well. Have fun. Let me know if you need anything at all.”

He studied Ye Chen who was standing aside when he was done speaking. His smile was rather cold as he questioned, “Who is this?”

The reason for his chilly reception was that everyone had greeted him in respect earlier apart from Ye Chen.

At that moment, Zhou Kai and Zhao Qian looked at Ye Chen as if they were watching a show. They were dying to see him triggering Fifth Brother.

“Fifth Brother, this is a rookie of our company. He doesn’t know the rules, so I’ll teach him a good lesson when I get back!” Liu Feng smirked secretly as he announced pretentiously.

Chen Wu answered with his deep voice, “You must teach him well if he doesn’t know the rules. In the society that we’re living in, those who don’t know the rules will be at a great loss.”

“I will, I will!” Liu Feng was secretly elated.

Chen Wu played another round later on while Liu Feng took them to the counter to get their seats. Zhou Kai asked when it was Ye Chen’s turn, “Ye Chen, why aren’t you getting one?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t have money. I can lend you some. You don’t have to return it to me.” Liu Feng took out some money for him, pretending to be generous.

Ye Chen rejected him coldly, “There’s no need. I don’t like games!”

It had been a few years since he was gone. Neither did he have any idea about PUBG or even the League of Legends, nor was he interested in them.

Ye Wen clenched her fists hard, her cheeks flushing. Is it not just over ten yuan in fees? Is he that stingy not to pay that small sum? If that was the case, why did he follow us here? Did he want to embarrass me before everyone?

“Forget it. It’s his choice to not play,” Zhao Qian said impatiently and walked to the computer zone with her ID that had been reloaded. She took her seat after picking a suitable location.

Liu Feng held Ye Wen’s hand and went over to take their seats. Soon, the few of them logged into the game and began their journey in PUBG.

On the other hand, Ye Chen shut his eyes to rest while sitting on one side.

Some time later, a few people came into the internet cafe. A young man was leading although he seemed to be drunk. Someone was holding him as he staggered his way in.

The young man burped after he managed to stand still. He said with his alcohol breath as he scanned through the entire internet cafe, “Get the f*ck away, every single one of you…F*ck off! I…I’ve booked the entire internet cafe!”

The entire cafe became silent soon as he spoke. Everyone lifted their heads up to look at him. Some of the hot-tempered ones opened their mouths by instinct in an attempt to condemn him. However, they shut their mouths after seeing the few hunks behind the young man.

A wise person would know that these few people were not to be offended.

Shocked, the female manager walked over and said in fear, “Sir, please don’t…”


The young man slapped her and said with a stammer, “F-F*ck off. I-I’m counting to three!”

“Gasp!” The entire internet cafe turned chaotic as the crowd rushed to the door. They did not even have time to log off and pay as most of them left within the blink of an eye.

Ye Chen, Liu Feng, and the rest were the only ones left.

Ye Wen’s pretty face had a change of expression as she clung Liu Feng by instinct. Zhang Li stuttered, “S-should we go too?”

“No need!”

“Fifth Brother, you’re the boss of this internet cafe.” Liu Feng smiled coldly and stood up to walk to Chen Wu. He continued, “Fifth Brother, who are those people?”

“Let me ask them!” Chen Wu walked to the counter, appearing terrible.

He was the person-in-charge of this internet cafe, and the cafe boss had been paid rent without missing a month. If those people stirred things up today, it would be humiliating for him.

Chen Wu looked at the drunk young man and said while smiling, “Brother, I’m Chen Wu. Those in the industry who value me calls me Fifth Brother. You guys…”


A slap landed on his cheek before he was done speaking. The young man had disdain written all over his face, “I don’t care if you’re Fifth Brother or Eighth Brother. Bear the consequences if you insist on staying!”

Chen Wu looked terrible as though he had just eaten a fly. He took the lead by kicking the young man, “Go f*ck yourself. How dare you do this in my territory!?”

The young man fell right onto the ground from the kick. The few people around him had a change of expression, and they raced to Chen Wu.

“They’re beating Fifth Brother up. Let’s go!” Staying out of the scene, Liu Feng’s blood was boiling. He screamed and dashed forward. He knew very well who Fifth Brother’s boss was. He should be lending a helping hand at such a time so that he would gain some benefits later on.

Zhou Kai hesitated for a moment seeing Liu Feng dash forward. He also ran while clenching his teeth.

All of a sudden, the two gangs began fighting. The female manager was so terrified that she squatted in a corner without daring to move.

Ye Wen stomped in panic. “How did this happen? What should we do now?”

Zhao Qian gulped and suddenly noticed Ye Chen who was standing aside. She said coldly, “Ye Chen, why didn’t you go? Liu Feng and Zhou Kai are standing up to them. Are you a man?”

“That’s right. We’re a team, I can’t believe you’re just standing here, watching them being beaten. You’re a piece of trash,” Zhang Li continued.

Ye Wen bit her lip as disappointment filled her eyes when she looked at Ye Chen. Never did I think you’re such a petty and selfish person!

Subsequently, she was dashing forward to help the guys. Ye Chen held onto her, his eyes fixed on the purple wolf on the drunk man’s wrist. He said with his deep voice, “Don’t go. It’s not as simple as you think!”

He was not afraid since his responsibility was to protect Ye Wen’s safety. Everything else had nothing to do with him!