Chapter 17

Chapter 17 of 100 chapters

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“Let go of me!” Ye Wen struggled with all of her strength.

At the same time, the messy fight ended with Liu Feng, Chen Wu, and the rest in victory.

Liu Feng nudged the drunk man and kept slapping him. “You motherf*cking snob, you motherf*cking poser.”

The young man was slapped until his cheeks were swollen.

“Alright now.” Chen Wu stopped him.

The drunk young man was half sober now after being held up. He held his nose while saying to Liu Feng and Chen Wu begrudgingly, “You guys are dead. How dare you beat me up? You guys are dead!”

Liu Feng scoffed, “We’ll be waiting for you. Remember, the one who beat you up is me, Liu Feng!”

“F*ck off!” Chen Wu shouted.

The drunk young man jumped in shock before the people guided him out of the internet cafe immediately.

Ye Wen shook Ye Chen’s hand off and walked to them as soon as the thugs were gone. She took a good look at Liu Feng, “Liu Feng, are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Fighting a few a*sholes is nothing.” Liu Feng waved in an ignorant manner, but he looked unrestrained and calm as he spoke. “But Fifth Brother was so cool earlier. He defeated the a*sholes with a few kicks and punches.”

Chen Wu patted Liu Feng’s shoulder. “Thanks for what you did earlier, Xiaofeng. From now on, you and I, Chen Wu are brothers.”

Liu Feng was elated. Chen Wu may not look like it when he was alone, but he was extraordinarily powerful, especially the people behind him.

Ye Wen was still in shock, so she said hesitantly, “Fifth Brother, will anything happen to us?”

“Don’t worry. Play your game in peace. I’m here, so nobody will dare to stir things up.” Chen Wu lit a cigarette up and smiled calmly. He walked to the female manager who sat on the ground and began chatting to her after he was done speaking to them.

“Yes, everything is fine. This is Fifth Brother’s territory,” Liu Feng comforted in full confidence, “Let’s go. It’s not too late for us to play another round before leaving.”

The rest were relieved after he said that, and they stopped overthinking. They had no idea about the catastrophe that was coming at them!

Ye Chen secretly shook his head.

That would not matter, but Zhao Qian happened to notice him. The smile on her face disappeared all of a sudden. “Ye, why did you shake your head?”

“Nothing,” Ye Chen said coldly.

Zhao Qian glared at him ferociously and said to Liu Feng with a smile, “Master Liu, there are only three men here. You and Zhou Kai ran to fight earlier, but someone was such a pussy that he dared not move.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I can be a witness. He’s even less than a woman. At least, Wenwen attempted to go over to help you guys,” Zhang Li said as if she wanted to see the world burn.

Liu Feng glanced at Ye Chen in disdain upon hearing that. He was so close to calling him a piece of sh*t.

“Forget it. Let’s proceed with the game,” Ye Wen dismissed coldly as she was very disappointed in Ye Chen.

They returned to the computers and began a new round of the game.

Ye Chen advised as he walked behind Ye Wen, “Wenwen, it’s kind of late now. Why don’t we go home? Second Uncle will be worried!”

“Can’t you see that I’m busy? You can leave first if you want to!” Ye Wen replied impatiently.

Zhang Li chuckled as she said, “You’re merely Wenwen’s cousin, and you’re stricter than her parents.”

“That’s right. If something were to happen, you would’ve done what you did earlier. Master Liu and Zhou Kai are the only ones that can be depended on at crucial times,” Zhao Qian turned her head and criticized.

Ye Chen smiled as he decided not to advise her further. He turned around and walked to the entrance of the internet cafe. He had done everything that he could.

Just when he took a few steps out, he studied the surroundings of the internet cafe by instinct. Seeming to have sensed something, he could not help but frown.

As expected, something was here.

Let’s see how you guys are going to handle this!

A mocking smirk could be seen at the edge of his lips. He walked straight ahead and found a spot to sit in. Then, he lit a cigarette quietly.

Just when Chen Wu was pulling his phone out to make a call after getting the female manager to clean up the mess, he heard a bang all of a sudden. He turned his head immediately.

He saw the internet cafe glass door shatter immediately after the bang. 20 to 30 hunks in suits dashed in, blocking the entrance entirely.

Hearing the commotion, Liu Feng and the rest, who were playing the game, were stunned. They stood up from the chair instantly as they were shocked when they saw the people at the door.

Liu Feng gulped secretly while a terrifying thought popped into his head.

Did that guy get these people here?

Chen Wu had a slight change of expression. He seemed to have recall something, so he walked forward immediately and said while smiling, “May I know which organization are you guys from? My name is Chen Wu, and I’m with Brother Viper of East Street.”

To him, even if that guy called these people to stir things up, they definitely did not dare to do anything as soon as he mentioned Brother Viper’s name.

“Chen Wu? You’ve got guts!” Never had he thought a cold voice would come at the moment.

Swiftly, the 20 to 30 hunks guarding the door spread out. Afterward, a young man with a grim expression walked in from outside.

Meanwhile, there was a man with bandages on his face following behind him. He looked like a mummy. The man scanned Chen Wu, Liu Feng, and the rest in rage and severity.

Chen Wu’s expression changed as soon as he saw the young man. “Bro-Brother Viper!”

Brother Viper!

Liu Feng’s face turned pale immediately.

Brother Viper was one of the Four King Kongs under Brother Leopard. He was known to be ruthless on East Street. Besides him, they would have to address the person ‘Brother Viper’ even if it was his uncle who had came.

“Chen Wu, you’re really something. How dare you beat Brother Leopard’s VIP up?” Brother Viper gave him a kick as soon as he arrived. Chen Wu knelt onto the ground from the kick, not daring to move at all.

Chen Wu’s world began spinning as soon as he heard the name Brother Leopard. He was so close to peeing in his pants. “Brother Viper, t-this is a misunderstanding!” Never had he thought that that guy earlier would be Brother Leopard’s client.

“Misunderstanding?” Brother Viper scoffed and lifted his head to look at the mummy next to him. He said with a grin, “Master Du, how do you want to settle this? Should we break their arms or kill them directly? I, Viper, will fulfil your wish.”

“Go away!” Master Du pushed him and kicked Chen Wu’s face directly. The kick flipped Chen Wu instantly since he dared not fight back at all. Instead, he knelt obediently like before.

Liu Feng and the rest were petrified as they watched that scene, especially Liu Feng whose legs were shaking as if he would fall onto the ground anytime.

Even if he was retarded, he now understood that he had brought disaster whereby he had offended someone that he should not.

Master Du slapped Chen Wu a few times, then he walked slowly to Liu Feng and the rest. He targeted Liu Feng and Zhou Kai as he grinned. “I remember you, Liu Feng. You were the one who beat me up earlier. I’m very fair. Apart from these two guys, the rest can f*ck off now.”

Zhao Qian tugged at the corner of Ye Wen’s blouse when she heard that. She stuttered, “W-Wenwen, m-maybe we should leave now.”

One would be kidding if they talked about the bro code or friendship under such circumstances. She completely forgot that she had mocked Ye Chen earlier, calling him a piece of trash.

Ye Wen bit her lips without moving, looking resolute. Meanwhile, Zhang Li was shaking behind Zhou Kai.


Liu Feng could not help but kneel hard onto the ground. He lifted his hand and slapped himself while wailing, “M-Master Du, I was blind not to have recognized you. I hope that you’ll forgive a peasant like me…”

At that point, he lost the confidence and calm he had before. He was like a poor dog wagging his tail to beg.

“You were blind, weren’t you?” Nobody knew where Master Du found a beer bottle with which he smashed hard on Liu Feng’s head. The beer bottle broke with a bang, and Liu Feng fell onto the ground. He was groaning with a lot of blood flowing onto his face.

“I should forgive you, shouldn’t I?” Master Du spat on him. A furious voice came as he was going to smash Liu Feng for the second time.

“Enough, I’ll call the police if you proceed to touch him!” It was Ye Wen who had spoken. She bit her lips while glaring at him deadly with rage and fright.

Liu Feng, who was on the ground, almost passed out upon hearing that.

‘You dumba*s, are you trying to kill me? If calling the police works, how does Brother Leopard rule Tiannan?’

“Call the police?” Master Du laughed out loud and turned his head to say to Brother Viper and the rest, “D-did she say she’s calling the police?”

Brother Viper and the rest guffawed as well as though they had heard something funny.

Master Du turned his head with the intention to slap Ye Wen. His eyes lit up suddenly as sultriness filled his eyes. “Oh? You’re quite pretty. No wonder you’re so confident when you speak!”

“These two aren’t too shabby too!” Master Du scanned through Zhao Qian and Zhang Li one after another. He licked his lips. “I’ve changed my mind. Take these three bitches’ clothes off. I’ll do all three of them before these a*sholes!”

Ye Wen’s face turned pale as she gasped. Zhao Qian was shaking. “N-No!”

Zhang Li held onto Zhou Kai’s hand tight, trembling vigorously.

Zhou Kai looked at Chen Wu who was kneeling with desperation. “Fifth Brother, I’m begging you. I’m begging you to beg Brother Viper. Beg them not t-to touch my girlfriend!”

Chen Wu remained still.

“Chen Wu? He can’t even protect himself, and you want him to beg for mercy for you? Go. Take these three bitches’ clothes off like what Master Du said. Remember to take their undies off too. Let us feast our eyes.” Brother Viper scoffed and subsequently waved a hand.

Three hunks in suits walked out behind him immediately. They were walking towards Ye Wen and the rest. The leader extended his hand to Ye Wen’s chest directly.

Ye Wen shuddered as tears started flowing onto her face. She closed her eyes in desperation.

Right at that very moment, an emotionless voice came, “Don’t you dare touch them!”