Chapter 18

Chapter 18 of 100 chapters

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The voice that came out of nowhere was just the right volume. However, it spread everywhere into everyone’s ears.

The internet cafe became quiet all of a sudden.

Who was that? Who could be so daring?!

Everyone was stunned as they peered around to find the voice immediately. They saw a young man sitting on a chair at the computer in the third row.

The young man looked average. He had a cigarette in his mouth that was ash-smudged. He looked extremely calm and relaxed. He remained sitting still although everyone was looking at him coldly.

Ye Wen shuddered because she thought the voice was quite familiar. She turned her head instinctively only to cover her mouth immediately.

It was him!

Zhao Qian, who was shaking earlier, froze all of a sudden as disbelief filled her face.

It was Ye Chen!

Zhang Li and Zhou Kai’s mouths were wide open.

On the ground, Liu Feng revealed a shocked expression. He could not help but scoff later on. Dumba*s! How dare you say that at such a time? Don’t you see Chen Wu kneeling on the ground like a coward now? You must be seeking death!

He would love to see Ye Chen go all the way with his arrogance. If he did that, he could take some of the hatred on. Nonetheless, Master Du and Brother Viper might forgive them since they were distracted.

Ye Wen snapped out of it after staring blankly at Ye Chen for a moment. She condemned while looking at him, “Are you insane? This has nothing to do with you from the beginning until the end. Go, now!”

She must be lying if she said she was not moved by Ye Chen for standing up for her at such a time. However, filled with rage, she was panicking as a result of Ye Chen’s reckless behavior.

“Nobody can touch you under my watch!” Ye Chen shook his head slightly as he smirked like he was stating a fact.

F*ck, that dumba*s! Liu Feng almost said that out loud. He began to regret bringing this guy to the internet cafe. The incident was already serious enough, and now he basically pushed the conflict to its climax with his ignorant words.

As expected, a loud howl of laughter came.

“Hahaha! Where did this dumba*s come from? You’re making me laugh so hard!” Master Du translated the anger that he was feeling into a guffaw. “You said that nobody can touch her. Am I right? Okay. Not only will I touch her today, but I’ll also f*ck the shit out of her in front of you!” He raced towards Ye Wen directly as he spoke.

Ye Wen closed her eyes by instinct as she thought that was the end of her.


A loud thud came, causing Ye Wen to open her eyes immediately. She saw Master Du, who had been dashing towards her, shoot out like a cannonball. He then landed hard on the counter.

Meanwhile, a silhouette appeared before her. It was Ye Chen!

Ye Wen rubbed her eyes. She was so startled that she could not even say a word.

“How is that possible?” Liu Feng unintentionally said out loud from his shock of seeing Ye Chen send Master Du flying out with a mere slap.

Zhao Qian the rest looked dumbstruck.

Ye Chen flicked the ashes of his cigarette while watching the people help Master Du up. He smirked. “I told you nobody can touch her under my watch!”

“Viper, what the f*ck are you standing there for? Kill them!” Master Du shrieked with a ferocious face. He could not stop coughing after tearing his wound open, having used too much strength to shout.

“All of you, go! I don’t care if you kill them or not. Just go!” Viper waved a palm aggressively and subsequently took the lead as he charged toward Ye Chen after picking up a chair. Killing intent filled his face.

Master Du was Brother Leopard’s client. Now that something had happened in his territory, he would be troubled if he did not handle this well.

Watching the people dashing forward, Zhao Qian sat on the ground and almost passed out. She pointed at Ye Chen’s nose as she condemned, “It’s all your fault, you dumba*s. Great, now you’re dragging all of us down with you!”

Ye Chen lifted his head lightly while looking at Brother Viper with an expression whereby nobody could tell if he was smiling in humor or as a facade of bravery. Nonetheless, he was still smiling on the brink of death!

Brother Viper smirked coldly. Just when he was going to fling the chair in his hand, he had a sudden change of expression as he seemed to have recalled something that halted him in his steps. He gaped disbelievingly at Ye Chen with wide eyes. “You…who are you?”

He recalled someone all of a sudden after getting a clearer picture of Ye Chen’s face. He was the person who had stirred chaos up at the club a few nights back. He was the one who had sent Wu Changchun flying out like a battle god, and subsequently broke Brother Leopard’s finger in an overbearing manner. After that, Brother Leopard warned everyone not to offend that person!

At that moment, a bone-piercing chill rushed through his body as Brother Viper felt great fear overcome him. An abrupt shriek came just when he gulped and was about to say something.

“F*ck off!” Brother Viper’s soul was almost frightened out of his body. He was terribly horrified!

It was him!

It really was him!

That voice and that tone were exactly the same! It was impossible for this to be a mistake!

As everyone watched in bewilderment, Brother Viper gulped and turned around. He sped towards the entrance of the internet cafe like a mad man. He would kill to have an extra pair of legs so that he could run faster. He said while running, “Go, go now!”

The 20 to 30 people behind him began running as soon as he took the lead.

Master Du was dumbstruck at that moment. “You…all of you…”

Someone covered his mouth and carried him out before he could finish speaking. Everyone vanished within the blink of an eye.

The scene was replaced by dead silence!

Everyone witnessed whatever happened with their eyes wide opened as they were dumbstruck. Liu Feng’s eyeballs were falling out, and Ye Wen’s perky breasts were undulating while Zhang Li, Zhao Qian, and the rest looked like they had turned into statues.

Chen Wu knelt on the ground and looked around in a blur.

Who am I?

Where am I?

Everyone only snapped back to their senses a moment later. They released a heavy breath one after another. All of them had a complicated expression on their faces as they stared at Ye Chen.

Ye Wen clenched her teeth. Earlier, she thought that all of them were definitely going to die. Never did she expect Brother Viper, who was dashing with his underlings, to stop all of a sudden. They turned around and ran away merely after Ye Chen asked them to leave!

She thought that this cousin of hers must be someone that she had no idea about!

Zhao Qian opened her mouth. She could not help but ask the question on everyone’s mind, “Ye Chen, do you know Brother Viper?”

At the moment, everyone had their eyes trained on Ye Chen, especially Liu Feng. If Ye Chen had an extraordinary background, it would mean that he and the rest of them had brought trouble to themselves without realizing.

Ye Chen shrugged as everyone was looking at him. “I don’t.”

“Then, why did he run away when he saw you?” Zhou Kai was skeptical.

Ye Chen smiled thinly. “I’ve no idea. Perhaps I scared them.”

The few of them looked at each other in confusion. They were not sure if he was telling the truth.

Zhang Li said jokingly, “That’s what I thought. If you really are that powerful, you wouldn’t be working at our company.”

Everyone came to their senses since Zhang Li made sense. If Ye Chen’s presence alone could really scare Brother Viper away, why would he work at their company? Why would he be willing to be paid 2,500 yuan as his base salary a month and dress so shabbily?

Liu Feng’s gloom was lifted again. He took the initiative to lighten the atmosphere. “Perhaps Brother Viper got the wrong guy. Anyway, it’s late now. Let’s go home.”

He looked at Ye Chen with an expressionless face. “Oh yeah, Ye Chen, it’s Saturday tomorrow, so there’s no work. You must come early next Monday. Don’t be late. Otherwise, I’ll have to deduct your salary.”

Ye Chen nodded and left as the rest took Liu Feng to the hospital nearby.

Meanwhile, nobody cared about Chen Wu who was kneeling on the ground.

At the same time at Hongtai Private Luxury Club, Brother Viper knelt before Lin Tai obediently while telling him about everything that happened without missing any detail.

Lin Tai’s expressions changed frequently. Eventually, he took a sharp inhale. “Are you sure you got the right guy?”

“Brother Leopard, I swear that I definitely got the right guy. It was him!” Brother Viper took an oath.

That man!

Fear appeared on Lin Tai’s face. He walked to the window and looked up into the night sky. “You did great this time. I hope that man won’t come after us because of this incident.”

“Brother Leopard, then what about Master Du?” Brother Viper said hesitantly.

“Hmph!” Lin Tai scoffed coldly with a ferocious expression. “What about him? Send him back to Jiangbei. That dumba*s almost caused me a disaster. I would’ve stabbed him if not for his father!”

Brother Viper jolted. He took the order immediately and subsequently retreated.

After he left, Lin Tai took his phone out to call a number. As soon as the phone was picked up, a majestic voice interrogated from the other side, “Brother Lin, someone bullied my son, Du Fei, in your territory. Is there anything that you would like to say to me?”

“Brother Du, this is the reason why I’m calling!” Lin Tai was smirking all the way as he told the man everything that happened immediately.

Subsequently, a sharp inhale came after Lin Tai was done telling the story. “Are you sure?”

“Why would I lie about this? I sent people to ask around about that man after he caused chaos at my club. We found out that he impressed the old man of the Gu family on Jiulong Antique Street by performing a True Energy release and attacking through the air! He’s someone that you can’t afford to offend!” Lin Tai said in all seriousness.

The person on the other side of the phone fell into silence for a few seconds before speaking in an utterly husky voice, “Brother Lin, thanks for doing that for us. I, Du Fei, owe you a favor. Please send that little brat back to me right away. I’m going to hang him on the tree and teach him a good lesson!”

“Don’t worry about it!” Lin Tai hung up while smiling. He stood by the window alone in silence for a long time.

There was a saying: “there cannot be two kings ruling a nation”!

Who could tell how much more chaos this person would stir up in the future since he appeared in Tiannan Province?!

With Ye Chen and Yuan Bupo, things were getting interesting!