Chapter 20

Chapter 20 of 100 chapters

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The crowd at the entrance of the Medicine Anthology Pavilion went completely silent as soon as Ye Chen spoke. Everyone was looking at him with their eyes wide open, their faces filled with disbelief.

There really was someone who was fearless of death!

A stir broke out immediately as everyone snapped back to their senses.

Ye Chen was simply too young! Never mind his appearance that looked less than 30 years old, most importantly, he was dressed so poorly. He did not seem like he had any medicinal skills at all.

An old Chinese doctor at the scene condemned him directly, “Young man, are you trying to fool us?”

Ye Chen ignored his berating as he looked calmly at the two hunks guarding the door. One of them entered the shop after a scoff. He seemed like he was going to announce that somebody had taken up the challenge.

Meanwhile, the other hunk looked at Ye Chen in sympathy. To him, just like those who were beaten until they were crippled, Ye Chen was fearless because of the generous reward.

A few more people appeared at the entrance as footsteps came subsequently.

The leading person was an old man in a traditional Chinese suit. He had rosy cheeks and looked exuberant. However, his expression was stern and there was a cold smirk at the edge of his lips.

The crowd looked serious now that the man had appeared. It was the Medicine King, Sun Zhaonian!

He was the boss who took over all the Chinese medicine businesses in the entire Qiannan. The man could shake Qiannan with just a stomp alone. Naturally, he was worthed over billions of yuan.

Most importantly, it was rumored that the Medicine King had a herb gathering troop under him. They were not just responsible for collecting herbs but for killing too.

Sun Zhaonian scanned through the crowd and eventually looked at Ye Chen without any expression on his face. He seemed terrifying. “Young man, was it you who came for the reward?”

“That’s right.” Ye Chen smiled calmly.

“Everyone here knows my rule. If you fail the mission, the consequences will be severe.” Sun Zhaonian’s eyes did not stop twinkling. “So now, I’m giving you the opportunity to take your words back.”

Theoretically, it was only natural that he wanted the experts in the world to come for the reward that he posted. However, the benefits were just too attractive. It was inevitable that there would be unqualified fools too. If he did not show his power, would the threshold of the Medicine Anthology Pavilion not be worthless?

To him, Ye Chen was one of those unqualified fools.

Everyone held their breaths when they heard that as they could sense the seriousness and stillness in Sun Zhaonian’s tone.

The doctor in glasses earlier turned pale as he looked at the uncle next to him in gratitude. He had dodged a bullet! Then, he looked at Ye Chen in a gloating manner.

Ye Chen did not answer Sun Zhaonian’s question. “All I want to know is if you will give me the Heavenly Spirit Flower if I manage to treat your daughter?”

Sun Zhaonian laughed out loud and said while squinting, “If you manage to treat my daughter, not only will I give you the Heavenly Spirit Flower, but I’ll also get Rongrong to marry you with an extra 10 million yuan as dowry!”

There were gulps and sharp inhales echoing among the crowd as everyone’s eyes were filled with burning desire.

Sun Sirong was one of the Ten Qiannan Beauties. One could wonder how many people treated her as their goddess since she had countless suitors. Unfortunately, Sun Sirong had high standards while people dared not be reckless due to her father’s power.

As soon as one became the Medicine King’s son-in-law, he would reach the sky in a single bound. The person would be conquering the entire Qiannan. Even Gu Shaokun, the master of the Gu family, was a little moved by that.

As the crowd exclaimed, Ye Chen smiled slightly while shaking his head. “Forget it. Judging by your majesty, I can tell that your daughter is not much. Moreover, I already have a wife.”

He was not being arrogant. Instead, he was worried that Rongrong would fall in love with him if he managed to treat her. By then, Mengmeng would resent him if she had an extra mother that appeared out of nowhere.

The crowd staggered in shock when they heard his response. They thought they heard it wrong. Did he just give Mr. Sun the cold shoulder?

The smile on Sun Zhaonian’s face froze immediately and he said while smirking, “If that’s the case, please come in. I hope that your capability is greater than your tone. Otherwise, hmph…”

Ye Chen turned his head to nod slightly at Gu Shaokun and Ah Hu amongst the crowd. Subsequently, he walked into the Medicine Anthology Pavilion following Sun Zhaonian. They headed straight to the lounge on the second floor.

At the moment, many people had gathered inside. Most of them were doctors in uniforms who had their eyes fixed on the medical equipment before them.

Meanwhile, there was a bed placed between the equipment. There was a pale lady lying on the bed. Her eyes were shut lightly and her pretty features were deathly pale. There were two thick blankets on top of her body.

An ominous chill lingered in the room.

Sun Zhaonian looked at the lady on the bed in pain. He lifted his eyes to ask an old Chinese doctor next to him, “How is she?”

This daughter of his was conceived at an old age. One could say that his daughter was everything to him.

“H-Her vital signs are dropping. W-We’ve tried our best,” stuttered the old Chinese doctor as he wiped his sweat off.

Sun Zhaonian looked a little grim now as he glanced at Ye Chen. “Please!”

Ye Chen nodded and took two steps forward to the bed. He held the lady’s wrist and penetrated spiritual energy into her body secretly. He could feel a gush of chill rushing out at that moment.

Sun Zhaonian glared menacingly at him. He could not help but ask, “How is she?”

Just when Ye Chen was going to speak, a man in a suit walked in quickly from outside. He whispered into Sun Zhaonian’s ear after arriving next to him.

Sun Zhaonian had joy written all over his face at that point. He was so excited that he could not help himself. “Get him here right now. No, I’ll bring him in myself!”

He did not even look at Ye Chen as he turned around and left the room with his men after speaking. He seemed to be welcoming some VIP. His attitude was like heaven and earth compared to the time when he was dealing with Ye Chen who looked shocked at that second.

Soon, Sun Zhaonian returned with a young man with him.

The young man was approximately 20 years old. He wore a suit and had an extraordinary imposing manner.

Sun Zhaonian’s cheeks were flushing as if he had seen a life savior. “Mr. Lin, I can never thank you enough for your willingness to come from the mountains to treat my little daughter!”

The young man looked calm. He took a glance at the lady on the bed with a burning desire in his eyes. Subsequently, he looked at Ye Chen and said while frowning, “Who is this?”

“He’s also here to treat Rongrong,” Sun Zhaonian explained.

The young man scoffed as soon as he heard that. “Treat her? He looks more like a scammer, don’t you think? Old Sun, I can’t believe that you can’t even recognize this given that you’ve lived longer than I have.”

Sun Zhaonian looked embarrassed. The reason why he brought Ye Chen in was that the young man before them had yet to get off the mountain earlier. There was nothing that he could do, so he got Ye Chen to come in as the last resort.

The young man did not wait for him to respond and proceeded to look at Ye Chen in utter disdain. “Ask him to get lost. With me, Lin Fan, here, nobody will need trash like this!”

“Yes!” Sun Zhaonian replied and turned around to look at Ye Chen coldly. “Fortunately, Mr. Lin made it on time. Otherwise, you would’ve ended up like a few of them from before. Get lost now!”

Ye Chen sat on a chair while lighting up a cigarette himself. He looked at Sun Zhaonian while crossing his leg.

“Sun Zhaonian, what if I told you that you’ll be begging me on your knees? Would you believe that?”