Chapter 21

Chapter 21 of 100 chapters

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I will be begging on my knees?

At first, Sun Zhaonian was stunned. Subsequently, he scoffed. He waved and pointed at Ye Chen as he said, “Beat him up and take him away!”

He was the Medicine King. Why would he kneel to an imbecile? What kind of joke was that?!

People would die of laughter if this incident got out.

“Hold up!” Lin Fan, who was standing aside, stopped the people who were advancing all of a sudden. He looked at Ye Chen in mockery and said,” I grew up in the mountain since I was young and I’ve learned about medicines since I was six. I’ve read all the medical books that were available by eight, started treating people when I was nine, and mastered thousands of odd diseases by 15…”

Sun Zhaonian had admiration written all over his face while the few old Chinese doctors present exclaimed. If Lin Fan was telling the truth, he was undoubtedly a medical genius!

Ye Chen looked calm as he asked, “Oh, so are you a master who just emerged from a cave?”

“In the whole wide world, nobody dares say that they’re No. 1 in medicine while I, Lin Fan, call myself No. 2. What does a piece of trash like you have to be competing with me?” Lin Fan acted majestically as if he was going to suppress everything.

Ye Chen grinned and waved. “Oh, no, no, no. You’ve misunderstood. In reality, I never wanted to compare myself with you. The reason being, you’re nothing to me!”

As soon as Ye Chen was done speaking, the smile on Lin Fan’s face froze. His face turned green and pale. Never had he thought that he would get such a heart-breaking comment in return for his mockery.

Seeing his expression, Sun Zhaonian’s heart sank. Subsequently, he instructed with killing intent clear on his face, “Break this brat’s arms and legs, then get rid of him.”

It had taken a great effort for Sun Zhaonian to bring Lin Fan here. If Ye Chen chased him away, it would be hopeless for his daughter.

Lin Fan chuckled out of nowhere which was odd. He said with a provocative expression on his face, “Do you dare to bet, brat?”

“Bet on what?” Ye Chen looked at him with interest.

“If I manage to treat Ms. Sun’s illness, you’ll kowtow thrice, have an arm broken, and leave after kneeling to me.”

“What if you fail to treat her?” Ye Chen raised his brows and challenged. Nobody knew if he was smiling inside.

“I’ll definitely win the bet!”

“If you fail to treat her, you’ll give me this,” Ye Chen interrupted. He could not help but stare at the piece of jade on his waist.

Lin Fan’s expression shifted a few times. “Sure!”

Sun Zhaonian glared stubbornly at Ye Chen and hesitated as he spoke, “Mr. Lin, er…”

Lin Fan then waved and said, “Speak no more, Old Sun. All you’ll need to do is watch this brat for me. Don’t let him run away.”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Lin.” Sun Zhaonian nodded and subsequently ordered his underlings to guard the door because he was worried that Ye Chen might run away.

“Please open your peasant eyes and watch!” Lin Fan scoffed at Ye Chen and walked up to the bed. He had gotten the people to remove all the medical equipment before he held Sun Sirong’s wrist up. After checking her pulse, he turned his head and said to Sun Zhaonian while looking confident, “Ms. Sun has cold constitution, but it can be treated!”

Sun Zhaonian was over the moon.

Subsequently, Lin Fan took out a cloth pouch, revealing a row of gleaming silver needles of various sizes.

That alone dismissed the doubts of everyone in the room. An old Chinese doctor said while trembling, “I-is he going to perform acupuncture?”

Lin Fan inserted the needles into Sun Sirong’s main acupoints including the Heaven Projection, the Origin Pass, the Bird Tail, and the middle of the chest. He went both deep and shallow, plucking and poking, pressing and removing. The series of motions made everyone’s jaws drop as they watched.

“Th-this is the Mountain Burning Manipulation!”

The old Chinese doctor who was treating her earlier did not dare blink as he watched what Lin Fan was doing. He had shock written all over his face. “I can’t believe that the young man is using the Mountain Burning Manipulation method. My goodness!”

“Old Wang, what is this Mountain Burning Manipulation that you’re talking about?” Sun Zhaonian asked with both joy and irritation.

Everyone could not help but focus on Old Wang.

Old Wang gulped and spoke rather emotionally, “The Mountain Burning Manipulation is one of the two divine skills of the Immortal Taiyi Acupuncture. It is also the treasure that Chinese doctors of all generations in China covet. It is said that it can restore the patient’s vitality, keeping many diseases at bay and even reviving a person.”

“Immortal Taiyi Acupuncture? Isn’t that an extinct skill? How did you recognize it, Sir?” another doctor exclaimed in disbelief.

Old Wang shook his head and said absolutely, “I’m sure of it. I read about it in the Huangdi Neijing before. The Immortal Taiyi Acupuncture is divided into the Mountain Burning Manipulation and the Heavenly Cool-inducing Technique. It tests a person’s skill to the core whether to go from shallow first to deep or the reverse, to go easy or hard, to perform the nine-six reinforcing-reducing method, or to remove or insert.”

As Old Wang was done speaking, the room fell into dead silence. Everyone had their eyes wide open as they watched Lin Fan in disbelief. Nobody expected this young man to master an extinct skill such as the Immortal Taiyi Acupuncture.

Sun Zhaonian could not hide his excitement.

Since Mr. Lin knew the Immortal Taiyi Acupuncture, his daughter would be cured. He could not help but observe Ye Chen who was sitting aside as he thought about this point while secretly scoffing.

Let’s see what you’ve got to say later!

Ye Chen watched what was happening while sitting on the chair calmly. There was a mischievous expression on his face.

Soon, Old Wang’s choking voice came, “It’s the Heavenly Cool-inducing Technique alright. Never have I thought I’d see both divine skills of the Immortal Taiyi Acupuncture while I’m alive.”

Someone asked, “How can you tell, Sir?”

“Look closely, all of you!” Old Wang took a deep breath and said, “The silver needles were approximately an inch beneath the skin. The single inch is divided into three sections, which are the heaven, earth, and human points. That young man lifted the needle nine times when he inserted it into the heaven point. This is called tonifying in the book. He needs to lift nine times each when he inserts the needle into the earth and human points, which is also called sedating. In other words, he needs to lift the needle 27 times within that one inch.”

The people could not help but inhale sharply.

Could a human really do that?

As they were discussing, Lin Fan, who was performing the healing, was covered in sweat. Clearly, the series of performances was draining.

“The younger generation shouldn’t be underestimated indeed!” Old Wang exclaimed while he sobbed gleefully. He turned his head and said to Sun Zhaonian, “Director Sun, Ms. Sun is definitely be cured since this man is here!”

Sun Zhaonian looked at Sun Sirong by instinct. He could not help but release a deep sigh of relief upon seeing that his daughter looked better now though she was still unconscious.

At the same time, Lin Fan removed the needles instantly and got up after tucking Sun Sirong in. He wiped his sweat away and said while appearing exhausted, “Old Sun, I’ve done what I promised. I’ve treated Ms. Sun’s illness.”

“Thank you, Mr. Lin!” Sun Zhaonian said with a bow.

Old Wang went to him immediately and spoke while shaking, “Brother, I mean, Master Lin, may I ask if you just performed the Immortal Taiyi Acupuncture?”

“That’s right. It was.” Though exhausted, Lin Fan was proud of himself. Subsequently, he said to Ye Chen with a glint in his eye, “I’ve treated her illness. Now, kneel, kowtow thrice to me and break an arm!”

Ye Chen remained sitting still.

“Come get this brat to kneel!” Sun Zhaonian’s expression turned cold as he said while waving.

A few hunks rushed into the room instantly and walked towards Ye Chen. Nonetheless, Ye Chen remained still. He looked at Lin Fan with a smile that did not look sincere. “Is she really healed?”

“Of course…” Lin Fan scoffed. Just when he was going to speak further, an exclaim came behind him all of a sudden, “Everyone, l-look! Ms. Sun is…She’s…”

They turned around to look immediately. They saw Sun Sirong’s body twitching uncontrollably. At the same time, there was a chill coming out of her body, whereby frost would turn into ice when it encountered the air. In the blink of an eye, Sun Sirong’s brows and even her hair were frozen.

From afar, she looked like a frozen statue.

Someone peered at the equipment on the side and stammered weakly, “M-Ms. Sun is…dead!”

The dramatic change that came out of nowhere shocked everyone.


Sun Zhaonian rushed over and extended his hand to check on Sun Sirong’s breath. Subsequently, he shuddered. There was a humming in his head as though he had been struck by lightning.

Lin Fan went over to check as well. He screamed in disbelief, “H-How did this happen? It can’t be! It can’t be! I performed the Immortal Taiyi Acupuncture.”

“The Immortal Taiyi Acupuncture? Oh, please!”

The people heard a scoff of disdain from behind. They turned their heads to see Ye Chen enunciating to Lin Fan while sitting on the chair, “You’re drowned in sweat and panting from treating a minor disease. I must say, you’re truly a genius.”

“You…” Lin Fan was enraged.

Ye Chen interrupted him with a scowl, “The thing is that you’re all bark and no bite. You’re just a piece of crap! How could a piece of crap like you dare to boast that you’re No. 2 in medicine in the whole wide world? You dared to say that you’ve been learning medicine since you were six? Are you really a master who just came out of a cave? Go back and learn for a couple of years before you embarrass yourself out here! Piece of crap! Pfft!”

Lin Fan pointed at Ye Chen as he rumbled in rage. He spat a mouthful of blood out from the rage that attacked his heart as he roared, “Y-You won’t be able to treat her since I failed!”

“Haha! Do you think I’m you? You piece of crap!” Ye Chen looked up at Sun Zhaonian and smiled lightly, “Sun Zhaonian, do you remember what I said?”

Sun Zhaonian started abruptly and walked to Ye Chen quickly. He begged while bowing, “Mr. Ye, please forgive what I did and save my daughter. I’ll reward you handsomely!”

Ye Chen lit a cigarette and brushed the bottom of his pants with his head low. He puffed a smoke ring out lightly.

“Do you want to save her? Beg on your knees!”