Chapter 22

Chapter 22 of 100 chapters

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Resentment flashed on Sun Zhaonian’s face. He was the Medicine King. No matter what, asking him to kneel to a young man was humiliation.

Ye Chen took a puff of the cigarette in his hand. Nobody could see his expression clearly as the smoke lingered around him. “Would you believe me if I told you that your daughter will only survive the duration of a burning joss stick?”

Sun Zhaonian shuddered strenuously when he heard that.

Standing aside, Lin Fan said immediately, “Don’t listen to him, Old Sun. Ms. Sun is hopeless. Even if my master can’t do anything here, let alone this piece of crap!”

“Shut up!” Sun Zhaonian shouted while his eyes looked dead serious. “It’s all your fault. Rongrong wasn’t in such a bad condition before. All hell broke after you treated her.”

“I can’t believe I treated you as a master. Now, it seems like you’re just a piece of trash just like what Mr. Ye said. You’re complete trash with no substance. All you do is bark!” Lin Fan spat another mouthful of blood out, feeling like he was dying from the shame.

Who was he?

He was a medical genius, the disciple loved by his master and seniors. He had been cultivating for 20 years in the mountains as Master Lin who was a hotshot among officials and the wealthy. He even mastered the extinct Immortal Taiyi Acupuncture. However, he was called a piece of trash by two people within a day!


Sun Zhaonian knelt hard before Ye Chen, begging regretfully, “Mr. Ye, I, Sun Zhaonian, was wrong. I hope that you can save my daughter. She’s innocent!”

If the people who were standing outside saw that, they would definitely be so dumbfounded that they would be lost for words.

The boss of the Medicine Anthology Pavilion, the Medicine King Sun Zhaonian, whose fame spread through the entire Qiannan, was kneeling on the ground like a child who had misbehaved at the moment. Not only that, he was kneeling before a young man!

Ye Chen flicked the cigarette ashes and asked expressionlessly, “Let me ask you. Did Ms. Sun mistakenly swallow anything when she was younger such as herbs or some beads?”

“H-How did you know?”

Sun Zhaonian was stunned. “Rongrong fell into an ancient well by accident when she was playing at eight years of age. She kept saying that she swallowed a bead when we got her out of the well. However, we didn’t find anything in her body when I took her to the hospital for a checkup. I’ve always thought that she caught this disease ever since she fell into the well back then.”

He inhaled sharply as he spoke to this point. “Mr. Ye, could it be…?”

If he was still skeptical about Ye Chen before, he trusted him fully now. After all, he had never told any outsiders about his daughter swallowing something mistakenly before.

Ye Chen nodded.

If he got it right, the well that Sun Sirong had fallen into back then was an ancient well of a thousand years. She had swallowed an ice crystal that was formed throughout the years by accident.

The ice crystal melted as soon as she swallowed it, and turned into a chill that integrated into one’s flesh and blood. Therefore, no equipment could detect it while the chill would torture the person for the rest of her life.

Sun Sirong lived until now probably because of the heaty drugs that Sun Zhaonian had been feeding her throughout the years, which suppressed the chill in her body by force.

Now, Lin Fan had just performed the Immortal Taiyi Acupuncture on her. It was as though a muscular, handsome man had stripped and seduced a 60-year-old widow who had been high and dry for a long time.

One could imagine the result…

“Please save her, Mr. Ye!” Sun Zhaonian knelt onto the ground.

“Please get up,” Ye Chen said coldly. Subsequently, he rose and walked to the bed.

“I’d love to see how you revive a dead person!” Lin Fan’s face was filled with resentment. Until now, he was in disbelief that Ye Chen could save her.

Ye Chen ignored him directly and walked straight to the bed. At the moment, Sun Sirong was completely frozen like an ice sculpture. Everyone glared at him warily. They seemed to be eager to see how he was going to revive a dead person.


They saw Ye Chen remove the blanket, lift his arm and slap Sun Sirong’s lower abdomen. In the next second, the ice on her body melted completely. Her body was completely wet now, and her beautiful curves were revealed entirely.


Ye Chen slapped her again. As the people watched in shock, they saw a gush of heatwave penetrate her body like steam coming out of hot buns.

Everyone watched the peculiar scene blankly.

At the moment, Sun Sirong’s body that was initially wet was drying at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. Her cheeks turned rosy as if she had put blusher on.

When the last gush of heatwave vanished, Ye Chen stood up and turned his head to say to Sun Zhaonian while looking at him, “It’s done.”

They had no idea that an ice sphere the size of a longan appeared in Ye Chen’s hand, and he hid it behind him as the chill in Sun Sirong’s body dissipated. The ice sphere melted quickly and he absorbed it completely.

“It’s done just like that?” Sun Zhaonian had yet to snap out of his shock.

A doctor exclaimed, “Look, you guys! Ms. Sun’s vital signs have recovered!”

The people looked at the medical equipment on the side by instinct. They realized that all the vital signs were recovering speedily. The room was filled with dead silence at the moment as everyone was speechless.

Yes, they were speechless.

Lin Fan failed to treat the illness after performing the extinct Immortal Taiyi Acupuncture method and sweating all over. However, Ye Chen cured her by merely giving her two slaps.

What else could they say?

A low groan came from the bed at the moment. Sun Zhaonian rushed over and realized that Sun Sirong was opening her eyes slowly as she called out to him, “Dad…”

“Rongrong, you’re finally awake! Amazing, this is simply amazing!” Sun Zhaonian was emotional.

Everyone in the room gasped. Although they knew that Sun Sirong was being treated, it was impossible for her to wake up so soon.

“How is this possible?” Lin Fan looked aghast.

Sun Sirong looked around in a blur and struggled to sit up. “Dad, who are they?”

“Rongrong, Daddy hired them to treat you.” Sun Zhaonian held her hands tightly and looked at Ye Chen in utter gratitude. “Especially this Mr. Ye, it was he who revived you.”

Realizing that his limelight was being taken away, Lin Fan glared deadly at Ye Chen at the moment. He managed to squeeze a couple of words out as he clenched his teeth, “You’re seeking death, you brat!”

Subsequently, an intense murderous intent exploded from his body. Lin Fan was enraged from the shame!

Sun Zhaonian had a change of expression as he shouted towards the entrance immediately, “Protect Mr. Ye!”

The ten or so hunks guarding by the door rushed in at the same time. They charged at Lin Fan in a neat formation. Noticing that the situation was getting heated, the surrounding people shoved each other as they ran outside.

Lin Fan did not panic at all. Instead, he scoffed coldly, “How dare a bunch of filth like you guys block my way? F*ck off!”

Instead of retreating, he ran towards the hunks who were charging at him as soon as he was done speaking. As groaning and moaning filled the air, more than ten people lay sprawled on the ground in the blink of an eye.

Sun Sirong lost consciousness from the scare.

Sun Zhaonian was deadly terrified. Although he knew that Lin Fan was powerful, never did he expected him to be this powerful. All of his underlings could fight ten people on one. However, Lin Fan defeated them in one blow.

He was an ancient martial artist!

Sun Zhaonian was lost for words.

Lin Fan did not even look at the people on the ground. Instead, he walked to Ye Chen step by step. Meanwhile, the killing intent on his face locked onto Ye Chen dangerously. A brutal grin was revealed at the edge of his lips.

“Do you think medicine is the most powerful skill that I’ve mastered? You’re wrong! My real identity is an ancient martial artist! You’re merely an ant in my eyes! Do you think you can leave in one piece just because you’ve treated an illness? Haha! I’ll let you know what despair and true fear are like!”

Lin Fan’s hysterical laugh echoed in the room as his blouse came off.

“You ant! I order you to kneel, now!”