Chapter 23

Chapter 23 of 100 chapters

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Sun Zhaonian and his daughter were deadly terrified as they watched Lin Fan who exuded grave killing intent. Meanwhile, Ye Chen remained sitting still despite hearing that, as if he was shocked.

Sun Sirong’s petite body shuddered. She was so scared that she was going to cry. “Dad, g-go help him.”

Sun Zhaonian looked troubled at the moment. There was nothing that he could do to an ancient martial artist!

Lin Fan grinned at the corner of his lips. He looked at Ye Chen in a condescending and imposing manner. “I’m telling you one last time. Kneel to me, you ant. I might consider leaving your dead body in one piece!”

He was extremely insolent at the moment. He was not in a hurry to kill Ye Chen. Instead, he wanted to torture him cruelly before the father and daughter. He wanted to redeem the dignity and majesty that he had lost earlier.


Not only did Ye Chen not run away, but he also lit himself a cigarette as he said rather playfully, “Please begin your performance!”

“Run, Mr. Ye. Run, now. Otherwise, he might really kill you!” Sun Zhaonian was stomping his feet in a panic. He gravely regretted his decision to get Lin Fan in since he had already gotten Ye Chen to treat his daughter. If he had not done that, there would not have been such trouble at the moment.

“Haha, I’ve changed my mind now. I’ve decided to cripple you and break all the bones in your body. After that, I’ll soak four severed limbs of yours in poison. By then, you’d rather be dead than alive!”

With a scoff, Lin Fan threw a punch. It was a powerful punch followed by a gust of strong wind. He then charged at Ye Chen directly.

Sun Zhaonian and daughter shut their eyes by instinct. They were in despair. It was over! It was all over for Mr. Ye!

“How is this possible?!”

However, a voice filled with disbelief made Sun Zhaonian open his eyes to look in the next second. He was bewildered to see Lin Fan’s fist stop all of a sudden when it was less than ten centimeters from Ye Chen.

Meanwhile, there was pale golden energy flowing above the layer of his body. From afar, it looked like an energy barrier that stunted Lin Fan’s terrifying punch from getting any closer.

“Barrier Consolidating True Energy Release! H-How is this possible?” Lin Fan opened his eyes wide as he mumbled to himself. A bone-piercing chill rushed from his head to his feet.

Barrier Consolidating True Energy Release! Only his master could do that. Even his eldest senior brother who had been in the sect for over 30 years could not achieve that. He knew how powerful exactly his master was.

Lin Fan’s soul was seeping out of his body as he thought to this point. He only had one thought in his head: Run! Run as far as he could!

He would get his master to beat Ye Chen!

As Sun Zhaonian and his daughter were dumbstruck, they saw Lin Sun turn around immediately and run towards the door in a whoosh. He was extraordinarily quick.

“My goodness, is Lin Fan running away?” Sun Zhaonian inhaled sharply.

“Run? Where does he think he’s going?” Ye Chen snickered and extended his right hand slowly. He curled all five of his fingers lightly, grabbing Lin Fan who had run to the door. He performed the most basic Gravity Tactic in the cultivation world.

Lin Fan sensed a deadly intense gravity from his back. He screamed in great fear, “No!” Subsequently, he retreated quickly and uncontrollably. Then, he arrived behind Ye Chen in the blink of an eye.

Ye Chen gripped his neck and lifted him midair. The room was filled with dead silence as the ten hunks watched them blankly. They felt like their perspectives had turned around completely.

Meanwhile, Sun Zhaonian was frozen at the moment, having experienced shock after shock. The tables were turned as Lin Fan, who had been formidable earlier, was being held like a chick by Mr. Ye now.

Sun Sirong covered her red lips with her hands as she looked at Ye Chen with her beautiful eyes in amazement. Her undulating breasts revealed the storm within her.

With an imposing manner as though Ye Chen hated the world, he grabbed her attention entirely. Although she was the Medicine King’s daughter who had tasted all luxuries in the world, she had never felt that in her life before.

He was so powerful!

So handsome!

Lin Fan’s eyes were opened wide, revealing his round eyeballs. He had fear written all over his face as he stammered, “S-Senior, please spare my life. I-I didn’t know that you were a Martial Dao master. I-I’m willing to apologize. Please s-spare my unworthy life, Senior!”

Ye Chen squinted a little. “It’s too late!”

“No! My master is Yuan Bupo. I-If you kill me, he won’t let you go!” Lin Fan shrieked unwillingly.

Hearing the name Yuan Bupo, Sun Zhaonian, who was standing aside, had a dramatic change of expression. He replied, “Mr. Ye, you can’t do that!”


As a crisp sound broke the air, Ye Chen crushed Lin Fan’s larynx and killed him immediately. His eyes were wide opened as he clearly died unwillingly.

Ye Chen tossed his body onto the ground and looked at Sun Zhaonian expressionlessly. “Why not?”

Sun Zhaonian looked at Lin Fan’s body and asked looking despaired, “Mr. Ye, do you know who Yuan Bupo is?”

Ye Chen could not care less.

“Ahh!” Sun Zhaonian stomped his foot frustratedly. “Yuan Bupo is a martial genius who is hard to come by in a hundred years. He holds the title of Tiannan No. 1. Now that you’ve killed his disciple, he definitely won’t let this go.”

“Do you mean he’s allowed to kill me and I’m not allowed to fight back?” Ye Chen looked at him with a rather cold expression on his face.

Sun Zhaonian became speechless at that moment.

“I’ve already killed him anyway!” Ye Chen said calmly, “If Yuan Bupo really comes for revenge, you can tell him my name!”

If it was some Tom, Dick, or Harry who offended him, Ye Chen might just let it go. However, it was a different case when it came to Lin Fan. He was an ancient martial artist who could defeat over ten hunks at once. If he really ran away, there would be many consequences.

Sun Zhaonian could only let out a sigh.

“I’ve already treated her illness. Now it’s time for you to fulfill your promise,” Ye Chen brushed the corner of his shirt and said, “Give me the Heavenly Spirit Flower!”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Sun Zhaonian nodded continuously. Subsequently, he took the people on the ground with him out of the room. Clearly, he was going to retrieve the Heavenly Spirit Flower.

Ye Chen and Sun Sirong were the only ones left in the room.

Sun Sirong continued to indulge in the scene earlier. She only snapped out of it a while later. She walked to Ye Chen in a shy manner and smiled as she said, “I would like to thank you for saving my life, Mr. Ye.” She stared at Ye Chen’s mediocre face quietly, feeling a little weak.

“No need. I’m just doing this for something in return.” Ye Chen smiled calmly. He did not have the intention to speak further with her at all.

The smile on Sun Sirong’s face dimmed immediately. She could not help but felt a little disappointed.

Soon, Sun Zhaonian returned while carrying a medicine jar. He passed it to Ye Chen respectfully. “Mr. Ye, this is the Heavenly Spirit Flower. There are 20 million yuan in this card and the password is the last six digits of the card.”

Transparent elixir filled half of the medicine jar. There was a beautiful, green plant with seven leaves in it. Besides that, a black bank card that came along with it.

Ye Chen was a little emotional as he took it.

He finally had everything to refine the Blood Marrow Pill and Qi Blood Pill for Mengmeng. His visit here was worth it.

Ye Chen only asked a while later, “Old Sun, do you have a quiet room here?”

“Yes, I’ll get it ready for you,” Sun Zhaonian gave a brief response and gotten his people to prepare the room for Ye Chen. He thought Ye Chen needed the room to rest due to the exhaustion from treating his daughter’s illness earlier.

“Oh yeah, I have two friends out there. Please get them inside to wait for me.”

After getting into the quiet room Sun Zhaonian arranged for him/ Ye Chen lifted his arms and performed a restriction formation. He took out the herbs that Gu Shaokun had given him earlier and put them together with the Heavenly Spirit Flower.

“If it’s someone else, they might not be able to refine pills without a pill furnace and coal-seam fire. Fortunately, there’s a Pill Refining Technique in the Pill Cauldron Sect – the Void Pill Refining Tactic. This tactic can turn one’s spiritual energy into a pill furnace without having a physical pill furnace. It can even make the True Samadhi Fire…”

Ye Chen sat with his legs crossed and charged his spiritual energy one after another. Seeing the spiritual energy turn into a spiritual energy pill furnace, he stretched his arm out and waved. All of the herbs displayed before him were lifted into the air.

At the same time, Sun Zhaonian, who was out there, invited Gu Shaokun and Ah Hu in. They were stunned to learn that Ye Chen really treated Sun Sirong’s illness.

Sun Zhaonian too was shocked to learn about Gu Shaokun’s identity, which was the Gu family’s young master. He thought to himself that Mr. Ye was indeed a significant man. Apart from knowing medicine and Martial Dao, he could not believe that Ye Chen knew such a wealthy family too.

Meanwhile, Sun Sirong stood outside of the quiet room where Ye Chen was refining pills. She fell into the zone as she watched the door that was shut tight.

She, Sun Sirong, was the Medicine King’s daughter. She was given the title one of the Ten Qiannan Beauties.

An ordinary man would definitely be enchanted if they saw her.

However, it was a different case for Ye Chen. He even had a faint intention of shoving her far away. That made her feel like a bit of a failure and her low self-esteem was incredibly low. This had never happened to her whenever she met men since she would always give them a straight face.

Ye Chen killing Lin Fan earlier had left an indelible trail in her heart.

A silhouette walked up to her, watching the quiet room with her. The person sighed, “My dear, people like Mr. Ye are destined to be a world away from us. Moreover, I heard that he already has a wife and daughter.”

“Dad, I’m eager to know exactly what kind of woman can be his wife.” Sun Sirong clenched her teeth softly, unwilling to accept defeat.

Sun Zhaonian shook his head, turning around and leaving.

He knew his daughter’s character very well. To put it nicely, she was full of pride and was determined. It was hard for her to change something that she set her heart on.

To put it frankly, she was stubborn.