Chapter 24

Chapter 24 of 100 chapters

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On the way back to the Gu residence, although Ye Chen looked exhausted in the car, there was joy between his brows.

The reason being he had refined ten Qi Blood Pills and Blood Marrow Pills each, as well as five Body Strengthening Pills and a Vitality Pill from the pill refinement earlier.

The Qi Blood Pills and Blood Marrow Pills were for Mengmeng. She would have to eat two pills each time and once every ten days. It should be able to last until he broke through to the Foundation Building. By then, he could refine the Rebirth Pill.

Meanwhile, the Body Strengthening Pills were for his parents. Both of them had been overworking themselves throughout half of their lives, so they had many internal injuries in their bodies, such as cervical spondylosis and rheumatism.

Approximately half an hour later, he saw Old Master Gu with a bunch of people waiting at the entrance when the car was still far away from the Gu residence.

As soon as the car stopped, he heard Old Master Gu saying good-naturedly, “I’ve been waiting for a long time and I’ve finally waited for your arrival, Sir.”

“You’re too kind, Master. Don’t call me ‘Sir’. Just call me Ye Chen.” Ye Chen got out of the car while smiling.

There were two ladies standing by the old master. One was Gu Yingying whom he had fought before, while he had never seen the other one. However, Gu Yingying was cold to him. Clearly, she was holding a grudge for him kicking her chest the last time.

The old master seemed to have noticed his doubt, so he introduced while smiling, “Mr. Ye, this is my granddaughter-in-law, Shaokun’s wife, Fang Yuan. Yuanyuan, greet Mr. Ye.”

Fang Yuan revealed a sweet smile immediately. “It’s my pleasure to meet you, Mr. Ye.”

Ye Chen nodded as he could not help but look at her again. He noticed there was faint, black energy between her brows. Meanwhile, there was red energy on her belly. The black energy was the grievance coming out of the lock charm while the red energy was naturally the fatal energy.

“Mr. Ye, please follow me into the house.” The old master brought Ye Chen to the mansion’s second floor passionately. He then got people to serve them tea.

Ye Chen took a sip while raising his brows. “This is some good tea.”

“I’m glad that you like it. This is the Da Hong Pao from the Wuyi Mountain someone gave me. I don’t drink it. You can bring some back when you leave,” the old master said generously.

Gu Yingying who was sitting aside grumbled, “Grandpa, you’re pretending to be generous. You don’t usually let go of this. You were unwilling to bring it out when Uncle Xiao visited the last time.” She even glared coldly at Ye Chen when she was done speaking.

That kick this guy gave me the last time caused pain in my chest for a few days! She was only relieved after confirming all was good at the hospital.

The old master was not sure whether to laugh or to cry. “Don’t you know that your Uncle Xiao is an absolute tea fanatic? If he finds out that I have this good stuff, he would’ve taken everything away.”

As this went on, Gu Shaokun would look at Ye Chen occasionally, hesitating to say something. Ye Chen smiled and took two pills out, placing them on the table.

Everyone looked at the pills with their eyes wide open. They had no idea what to do. The old master frowned, “What are these, Mr. Ye?”

“The purple pill is a Body Strengthening Pill. It’s for you. You must’ve left behind many internal injuries from the battles back then. You’ll feel better after consuming it. Meanwhile, the red pill is a Vitality Pill. It can remove the grievance in Ms. Fang’s body to secure the success of your fetus.” Ye Chen looked at Fang Yuan by instinct as he spoke to this point.

Before meeting Ye Chen, she might have suffered a stillborn. Now everything pretty much depended on destiny. The effect of the Vitality Pill would still have been absorbed by the child, thus there would be a certain chance of the spiritual root forming when the child was born.

Gu Shaokun looked at the people and said in slight disbelief, “Mr. Ye, are you saying these two pills can cure diseases?”

To the modern generation, people would either go to Western doctors or Chinese doctors when they were ill. The drug that they took would either be some medicine or herbal concoction.

Whenever medicinal pills were mentioned, people would automatically think of some emperor during ancient time who would waste time with a bunch of Taoist priests by the pill furnace with their radical daydreams.

Gu Shaokun was not the only one who was at a blur. Everyone was experiencing the same doubt, and Gu Yingying finally found a reason to attack him as she said after a scoff, “Medicinal pill? You must have read too many novels!”

If not for Ye Chen’s terrifying ability, she would have chased him out for being a scammer.

“Haha,” Ye Chen laughed without saying anything.

Old Master Gu asked as he looked at the red Body Strengthening Pill, “Mr. Ye, can this medicinal pill really cure my internal injuries?”

“You can try it, Old Master.”

“Grandpa, don’t listen to this guy’s nonsense. What if anything goes wrong after you consume it?” Gu Yingying stopped him immediately.

“Don’t worry, I trust Mr. Ye.” the old master hesitated for a moment and picked the Body Strengthening Pill up. He then popped it into his mouth, it was too late when everyone managed to react.

“You won’t be forgiven if something were to happen to my grandpa.” Gu Yingying gave Ye Chen a deadly glare.

At that moment, they stared at the old master anxiously. They were worried that he would complain about having pain in the stomach all of a sudden, or he would spit blood, fall onto the ground and die. The old master’s body shuddered suddenly.

“Grandpa!” Gu Shaokun and Gu Yingying called out to him from the concern.

Subsequently, a red glow lit up on the old master’s body. It spread to his head as if he was drunk.

The old master could not help but shriek out loud as a mouthful of filthy energy spurted out. The gray hair on the old master’s head turned black at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye.

Everyone was speechless from the shock as they watched.

As the red glow faded, the old master stood up immediately and bowed to Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, this medicinal pill is amazing. I’m feeling so much lighter now. My back isn’t sore, and my legs no longer hurt.”

Ye Chen nodded while smiling.

Gu Yingying widened her beautiful eyes in disbelief. “Grandpa, are you really alright?”

“Not only I’m alright, but I’m your grandpa, I feel like I’m ten years younger now. I can kill a bull with a punch!” The old master was excited.

To Gu Yingying’s relief, she could not help but glare at Ye Chen. She thought although he was quite indecent, he was pretty capable.

Gu Shaokun only managed to snap out of it by then. He picked up the remaining medicinal pills on the table and put it into Fang Yuan’s hand, “Eat it, wifey. Eat it, now.”

With the old master taking the initiative to try the pill, their concern went away. As Fang Yuan swallowed the Vitality Pill, a gush of black energy flowed from the top of her head. Her face that was initially pale was much rosier now to everyone’s shock.

The old man was over the moon. “Mr. Ye, thank you so much for helping my family. We owe you so much. From now on, our family will extend help to you no matter what favor you may have!”

Gu Shaokun took out a pair of Lamborghini car keys to Ye Chen and said, “That’s right, Mr. Ye. Although I was disrespectful to you the last time, you disregarded that and helped us. I’m regretful. There’s nothing that I can repay you with. I’ll give you this, and the company under my wife will be yours too.”

Ye Chen was not sure to laugh or to cry. The old master said in determination since he was going to reject the kindness, “Please don’t reject us, Mr. Ye.”

Feeling helpless, Ye Chen took over the car keys. Gu Shaoken said while smiling, “The car ownership transfer will be done within three days. Meanwhile, Fang Yuan has 60% of the company shares. After she transfers the share to you, there will be a meeting among the shareholders to elect a new director. Don’t you worry about anything.”

The atmosphere was much more pleasant now. Ye Chen looked at the old master all of a sudden and asked, “Old Master Gu, have you heard of this person, Yuan Bupo?”