Chapter 26

Chapter 26 of 100 chapters

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Ah Hu drove Ye Chen home after chatting with the old master and the rest for a while.

He did not drive the Lamborghini that Gu Shaokun had given him because he had yet to obtain a driving license. To avoid unnecessary trouble, he had left it at the Gu residence.

Old Master Gu stood by the window and watch the car leave. He seemed to have recalled something whereby he turned his head to ask Gu Yingying, who was behind him, all of a sudden, “Oh yeah, what do Mr. Ye’s parents do?”

“One of them is a security guard and I think the other one is a janitor,” Gu Yingying spoke after giving it a brief thought. She had secretly gotten someone to spy on Ye Chen’s family background beforehand.

The old master was a little stunned and he subsequently said, “Well, try to contact the company Mr. Ye’s parents work at. Transfer his father to the town hall and get him a position there. As for Mr. Ye’s mother, hmm, send her to the old folks home across to take care of my old buddies.”

Gu Yingying parted her lips slightly from the shock. However, she agreed to that anyway.

As soon as he arrived at the community hall, Ye Chen saw his daughter, Mengmeng, running around with a bunch of kids while carrying a staff. The little girl said while panting, “Stop running, you guys…S-stand still if you dare.”

The few kids running would turn around and pull funny faces at her occasionally. Enraged, the little girl screamed in anger. She caught up with a small fatty running at the back quickly and hit him with the staff.

The little fatty cried from the beating.

“Mengmeng!” Ye Chen walked over immediately and picked her up. “What happened?”

“Daddy…They said Grandpa and Grandma picked me up from an orphanage,” she whined as her cheeks were flushing. She felt wronged.

The few kids ran away when they saw an adult there. They were clearly scared of being beaten.

Ye Chen said, thinking that it was funny, “Don’t you have me? How can you be from the orphanage?”

“I know, but they kept teasing me about that. I can’t beat them verbally, so I thought I could beat them up.” Mengmeng had her hands on her waist as she insisted while pouting, “They ought to be quiet if I beat them up.”

Ye Chen was stunned by what she said. He then stretched his arms out to pinch her little cheeks. “Don’t do that again. What if you fall down while you’re at it?”

“B-but what if they keep teasing me?” Clearly upset, she jutted her lip out even more.

With a kind smile, Ye Chen advised her, “Tell me if they tease you again. I’ll talk to their parents and I’ll ask them if they teach their kids manners at home.”

His daughter just nodded unwillingly.

Ye Chen then shook his head and carried her home. Upon realizing that his parents were not home as they must be at work, he asked, “Are you hungry, Mengmeng?”

“I’m not. Grandma came home and made me lunch at noon.” She shook her head and turned on the TV obediently. She giggled as she watched the Big-Headed Kid and the Small-Headed Father cartoon that was playing on the TV.

Ye Chen sat next to her after washing up in the bathroom. He took out a Qi Blood Pill and Blood Marrow Pill.

Mengmeng was fascinated by the fragrance of the pills. She asked curiously with her eyes wide open, “What are those, Daddy? They smell so good!”

Ye Chen whispered mischievously, “These are some candy that I’ve bought for you.”

“Candy? Are they good?” her eyes lit up as she could not help but gulp.

“They’re yummy.”

Mengmeng took the Qi Blood Pill immediately and popped it into her mouth. After munching it, she began crying. Her little cheeks that had lifted with a grin of anticipation completely drooped.

Ye Chen secretly jolted, wondering if something had gone wrong. Theoretically, the pills he refined should be alright. Moreover, it went well with Old Master Gu.

“Bitter, it’s so bitter! You lied to Mengmeng. Bad Daddy,” she cried her heart out as tears flowed down her face.

Ye Chen was relieved to hear that she was not hurt. He got up to pour her a glass of water and comforted her, “I didn’t lie to you. This candy is bitter in the beginning, but it’ll turn sweet later on.”

Mengmeng felt better after drinking half a glass of water.

“How is it? I didn’t lie to you, did I?” Ye Chen asked carefully.

She squinted, revealing an indulgent expression. “I feel good. My body feels warmer now.”

“Here, eat this too.” Ye Chen gave her the Blood Marrow Pill.

The little thing closed her mouth with the intention to decline him. Ye Chen said immediately, “Be good, Mengmeng. How about I bring you out tomorrow if you eat this?”

“Really? You can’t lie to me, Daddy. I’ve never seen monkeys or elephants before.” Her eyes lit up right away.

“I’m serious. I’ll bring you to the zoo tomorrow.”

Mengmeng smiled in satisfaction before she consumed the Blood Marrow Pill and drank half a glass of water again.

Ye Chen held her hand to feel her vitals carefully. To his relief, he found that the toxins in her body were suppressed now.

She shoved herself into his embrace and lifted her head to look at him. Then, she blinked her eyes as she sighed. “Daddy, I miss Mommy.”

Ye Chen’s heart stopped for a second. He pinched her little cheeks as he comforted her, “I miss Mommy too. I’ll bring you to her when you’re healed, okay? Mommy will be sad if she knows that you’re ill.”

“Okay.” She nodded obediently. “I will be healthy, and so will you. Then, Mommy will be happy.”

Ye Chen smiled just as he was going to pinch her cheeks again. Mengmeng flinched and humphed impatiently. “Daddy, stop pinching my cheeks. Mommy won’t recognize me if you make my cheeks puffy from all the pinching.”

“You mischievous little thing!” Ye Chen could not help but pat her head while he felt warm inside. This was the life that he desired. Without his parents, wife, and daughter, what was the meaning of life if he were to be immortal and live peacefully?

His daughter fell asleep quietly in his embrace some ten minutes later. Ye Chen stood up and carried her to the room, he only came out after tucking her in.

Ye Hai and Wu Lan returned at approximately six in the evening. At dinner, Ye Chen got his parents to consume the Body Strengthening Pills that he prepared beforehand. They were surprised to find that they felt better after consuming the pills. Their gray hair turned black as if they were 20 years younger now.

To answer their doubts, Ye Chen explained that it was some newly discovered drug he found out there. Fortunately, they did not question him further.

Then, Ye Chen returned to his room and began cultivating after his parents fell asleep.

He knew that there were many things that he needed to face later. His trip to Beijing in three months aside, there was someone coming for him at the moment — Tiannan’s No. 1, Yuan Bupo.

Over an hour later, Ye Chen woke up from his cultivation slowly. He looked rather disappointed. ‘It’s unfortunate. I’m so close to breaking through to the intermediate stage Spirit Assembly. It seems like I’ll have to refine some pills for my cultivation.’

His phone vibrated at that moment, displaying a local Tiannan number that he did not recognize. Ye Chen picked up the call while frowning.

“Mr. Ye, it’s me, Lin Tai. I have a banquet at the Auspicious Manor tonight and I’d like to apologize to you personally. I wonder if you would give me a chance to do that.”