Chapter 28

Chapter 28 of 100 chapters

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It was crowded when Ye Chen walked into the bank lobby while carrying Mengmeng. Meanwhile, on the chairs, Yuan Yue and Zhao Bin were playing with their phones with their heads down.

Yuan Yue lifted her head by instinct and saw Ye Chen. Just when she was going to speak, she saw him walking to the vacant VIP counter while carrying Mengmeng.

“Ye Chen, that’s the wrong counter. They only serve customers with VIP cards there.” Yuan Yue chuckled when she saw that. Banks would usually have two types of counters: the normal counter and the special counter for VIP and military personnel, at which not any Tom, Dick and Harry could get service.

Therefore, it was a joke to Yuan Yue that Ye Chen was heading to the VIP counter. Even Zhao Bin, whose annual income was hundreds of thousands, was not a bank VIP, so he had to queue at the normal counter.

As Ye Chen ignored her, he took out the black card Sun Zhaonian gave him after putting Mengmeng down. He walked to the counter and said to the female bank teller at the counter, “I’d like to withdraw some money, please.”

The bank teller in heavy makeup lifted her head and peered at the bank card without giving him much attention. She lost interest and said impatiently, “This is the VIP counter. Please show me your VIP card!”

A bank teller was trained to judge customers. A glance was all it took to find out that most of the people outside the counter were bumpkins who had just come into the city from villages.

Ye Chen waved the black card in his hand and said with a grin, “This should be a VIP card, am I right?”

It was Sun Zhaonian who had given him the card, and there was 20 million yuan in it which was sufficient for one to become a VIP member at any bank. Apart from that, the banking system would take the initiative to send an invitation to the customer.

“This is a normal card. Please queue at the next counter,” the teller said without even lifting her head. She changed her computer screen to a card game right away. She clicked and played two consecutive trios. While she enjoyed herself and chuckled while staring at the computer screen, her chest was undulating.

Yuan Yue, who was sitting there, felt joy when she saw Ye Chen looked beaten. She could not help but ridicule him, “Ye Chen, I’ve already told you that it’s only for customers with VIP cards. Be good and queue over here. It’s not that I want to discriminate you, but I heard this bank’s VIP customers are all millionaires. You won’t be able to make that much money even for the rest of your life.”

Ye Chen frowned and said nothing.

Seeing him go quiet, Yuan Yue thought that her words got to him. She proceeded to speak haughtily, “Ye Chen, I know that you’re proud and you don’t want to lose your dignity in front of your old mate, but shouldn’t we know our own strengths?”

Zhao Bin put his phone down at that moment. He lifted his head to glance at Ye Chen in disdain. Then, he said to Yuan Yue next to him with a scoff, “Look at the useless people that you’re friends with. You’re embarrassing me.”

He took out a couple of hundred yuan from his wallet as he spoke. He said while looking at Ye Chen in arrogance, “I’m guessing you’re withdrawing nothing more than 1,000 yuan. Take the money and leave. Treat this as a donation from me and Yueyue. Stop embarrassing yourself here.”

“You guys are bad people. Don’t you dare say that about my Daddy!” Mengmeng glared madly at Yuan Yue and Zhao Bin, her little cheeks flushing red. Although she was young, she could tell that her father was being discriminated against now.

“Who told you to interrupt when the adults speak, you stupid girl?” Yuan Yue glared back at the little thing and scoffed in irritation, “You don’t look like your father at all. I wonder which beggar your mom was with to have a bastard like you.”

The little brat had said that she was stinky earlier. In truth, her cute and obedient face made her jealous. Mengmeng began wailing in the lobby since she had never been criticized like that before. She sobbed her heart out, and many people were glaring at them with side-eyes.

Ye Chen’s face turned grim as he walked to Yuan Yue step after step. His voice was deadly cold as he ordered, “Apologize!”

“W-what are you trying to do?” Yuan Yue panicked when she saw Ye Chen walking to her. She became calmer after realizing that they were at a bank. “Apologize? Did I say anything wrong? That stupid girl…”


Before she was done speaking, she felt a tight slap land on her face. The lobby was filled with dead silence. Clearly, nobody expected anyone to behave violently in a bank.

Yuan Yue held onto her swollen left cheek in shock. She began shrieking at Ye Chen when she snapped out of it, “You piece of crap! How dare you slap me?”

“How could you slap her?” Zhao Bin also snapped back to reality. His face was terrifyingly grim.

“Don’t use my tolerance as your capital to be a bitch. This slap is a punishment for your filthy mouth. If you weren’t a woman, you wouldn’t have the chance to speak at all right now.” Ye Chen’s gravely cold voice seemed to make the temperature in the lobby drop by over 10 degrees Celcius.

He ignored Yuan Yue earlier considering that they were old mates. Never had he expect this woman to cross the line.

Anyone who touched the forbidden lamella of the dragon would die! His family was his dragon’s lamella.

Mengmeng stopped crying immediately. Her eyes were wide open and she said while clapping gleefully, “Daddy, you did the right thing to slap her! She’ll keep quiet when she’s beaten.”

Yuan Yue’s face was turning pale green, and she was tempted to criticize the girl instinctively. However, she swallowed what she was going to say after seeing Ye Chen’s dangerous glare. Subsequently, she began screaming like a lunatic, “Security! Where are the security guards? Someone hit me!”

A security guard in uniform walked in from outside the bank as soon as she shrieked. Seeing the security guard, Zhao Bin pointed at Ye Chen and dictated immediately, “Guard, that brat slapped my wife. I’d like to report him to the police!”

The security guard nodded and walked quickly to Ye Chen. He said expressionlessly, “Sir, please get out right now.”

Mengmeng gripped Ye Chen’s hand tightly and whimpered in fright, “Daddy…”

A sense of joy and vengeance flashed through Yuan Yue and Zhao Bin’s eyes.

Since Ye Chen stood still, the security guard stretched his arm out in the attempt to grab him. Subsequently, his expression changed when he realized that Ye Chen had held onto his arm. A powerful strength was breaking his joints, and a loud cracking noise could be heard.

“Help, please help!” the security guard shrieked in agony.

“Stop!” At that second, an extraordinarily cold voice was heard in the lobby.

The people looked over to see a beautiful lady in a black suit walking in with her loud heels clacking on the floor. The lady had a pin on her chest that declared her as a president, much to everyone’s astonishment.

Elation was revealed on Yuan Yue’s face right away as she stifled a laugh. ‘Great, you’ve even alerted the president now. Let’s see what you’re going to do now!’

The security guard greeted the newcomer immediately, “President Shen.”

President Shen waved and subsequently walked to Ye Chen. She bowed in all seriousness and said to him respectfully, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, Sir. Is there anything that I can do for you?”

The entire lobby went pin-drop silent instantly. Their eyes were wide as they witnessed that scene in disbelief as if they had turned into rocks, especially Yuan Yue and Zhao Bin, whose smiles on their faces seemed frozen.

How was that possible?

That was the president. She had infinite money in her hands and was like the fortune god. Even some of the tycoons in the town hall dared not offend her. Why was she being so respectful to Ye Chen now?

Even the bank teller sitting at the VIP counter was horrified. When she snapped back to her senses, a faint bad omen was growing within her.