Chapter 29

Chapter 29 of 100 chapters

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“I don’t need your service. I just want to withdraw my money,” Ye Chen said without even looking straight at President Shen. His expression was distant.

‘You’re so ugly, yet you want to provide me service?’

“Sure, please give us a minute. I’ll do that for you as soon as I can.” President Shen bowed and took the black card in Ye Chen’s hand respectfully. She walked to the VIP counter and extended the service by herself after getting the teller to leave.

Yuan Yue stared at Ye Chen with utter bitterness. ‘Even the bank’s VIP customer doesn’t receive such special treatment of having the President of the bank to serve you. I’d like to see how much you’re withdrawing. Things will get interesting if you’re only withdrawing 800 or 1,000 yuan.’

As the black card was swiped, seven zeros popped up on the computer screen after Ye Chen entered the password.

“2-20 million!!!” The bank teller, who was standing aside and waiting to make fun of Ye Chen, screamed out loud. Shock was written all over her face. She covered her mouth with both of her hands tightly in utter disbelief.

Everyone gasped at the moment.

In the beginning, they could not understand how the shabbily dressed Ye Chen would have gotten President Shen’s attention. They only came to a realization after hearing the teller’s scream.

No wonder Ye Chen was withdrawing money at the VIP counter. He was a big shot with 20 million yuan in savings, so how was he not a VIP?

Yuan Yue was dumbstruck at the moment. Subsequently, she began shrieking emotionally, “It can’t be. It definitely can’t be. You guys must’ve got it wrong, or there must be a mistake in the banking system!”

How could that broke guy have 20 million yuan in savings!? She would never believe that!

“That’s right. That must be it,” Zhao Bin gulped and said, looking shocked.

He had humiliated Ye Chen with money earlier. If he really had 20 million yuan, would that not mean that he had just offended a billionaire?

That’s right. He must be a billionaire because no tycoon would be so dumb to deposit all his fortune in the bank for interest. If he already had 20 million yuan in his bank savings, including those fixed assets such as land, luxury cars, and stocks, would that not mean that he was a billionaire?

Zhao Bin felt woozy as he thought about this point.

Just when Yuan Yue accused the banking system of being flawed, President Shen turned her head around immediately and glared at her haughtily. “Are you saying that you don’t trust our bank?”

“I-I didn’t mean that…” Yuan Yue stuttered as she gave a start.

President Shen scoffed and turned her head back to look at Ye Chen. She continued smiling. “Sir, may I know how much you’d like to withdraw?”

“Withdraw 20 million yuan. Don’t even leave a single cent!” Ye Chen declared without even thinking about it, “Your service is horrible. I believe ICBC next door would be happy to have my money deposited with them.”

President Shen’s expression changed as soon as Ye Chen was done speaking. Cold sweat was dripping down her forehead. “Sir, let’s talk this out. Please tell us if our bank has mistreated you. I’ll improve our service on behalf of the bank”

A bank was also a business and they needed profits. Getting people to deposit their savings had always been the bank’s long-term strategy. The banks would only have extra funds for investment such as providing loans to other companies and so on if the masses put their money in the banks.

Meanwhile, 20 million yuan was undoubtedly a huge figure. If Ye Chen really withdrew the 20 million yuan, she had no idea how to face the directors later on. Most importantly, there would not be that much cash even if she cleaned out the treasury.

Ye Chen said nothing while smiling coldly.

President Shen looked at the bank teller next to her grimly and demanded, “What exactly happened?

The teller wiped her sweat while spilling everything that happened with a stutter.

“Alright, you can stop coming to work tomorrow. Apart from that, the bank will investigate you for playing games at work,” President Shen told her immediately after that.

The bank teller felt lightheaded and collapsed onto the ground. She had despair written all over her face.

President Shen peered at Ye Chen carefully. Seeing him remain silent, she turned to look at Zhao Bin and Yuan Yue. “From today onwards, our branch will no longer provide service to both of you! Take them out!”

Two security guards shoved Zhao Bin and Yuan Yue out instantly. Yuan Yue screamed while struggling, “No, you guys can’t do this to me!” Alas, no matter how she struggled, she failed to get away from the two security guards.

President Shen then turned her head and looked at Ye Chen as she spoke respectfully, “Sir, it’s my fault that this happened. I hope that you can give our bank a chance.”

“Forget it. In reality, I was just kidding.” Ye Chen nodded lightly and said, “Withdraw 10,000 yuan for me.”

“Sure. Please give us a moment, Sir!” President Shen then returned to the counter. She handed the money to Ye Chen respectfully after counting it.

Ye Chen put the money away. He then carried Mengmeng and walked out.

After he left, a bank teller finally asked President Shen as he failed to hold back, “President, that guy only has 20 million yuan savings. Why are you so…respectful to him?”

President Shen released a long sigh of relief and explained, “Please remember not to judge anyone by their appearance. That man holds a Centurion Card. The cardholders are top magnates of the world. I’ve been working at China Construction Bank for over ten years, and it’s my first time seeing that card.”

“Gasp!” The people were blown away again!

Ye Chen had no idea what President Shen thought of him. He would not care even if he did. After leaving the bank, he walked down Xiuyan Road with Mengmeng.

Due to the weekend, there was a crowd. Mengmeng was curious about everything and would blabber while pointing at things along the way.

“There are so many cars, Daddy!”

“Look, Daddy! It’s glass candy.”

“Daddy, I want that balloon!”

Naturally, Ye Chen satisfied all of her requests with a wide grin. Soon, she was holding many things in her hands and joy was oozing from her. Especially when they got to the zoo, Mengmeng was dying to shove her hands in to hug and shake the animals’ paws in the cages.

Time flew by. Ye Chen took Mengmeng to the supermarket. When they got out, she ran to the toy crane machine at the entrance immediately. Her eyes lit up as she looked at the different toys in awe.

“Daddy, I want that toy. The pink one.”

Ye Chen changed ten yuan into tokens happily. He then slid a token in for his daughter.

Mengmeng controlled the joystick in the attempt to get the big Minnie Mouse plushie in the middle. Unfortunately, the claw did not even touch the toy.

“It’s so difficult to catch it! Forget it. I don’t want it anymore.” She was annoyed because she failed to get it.

“Here, Daddy will get it for you.” Ye Chen patted her head and squatted down to slide another token in. Mengmeng’s eyes were wide open as she said anxiously, “You must catch it, Daddy!”

The claw grabbed the Minnie Mouse toy accurately. Mengmeng’s cheeks were flushing from excitement. She tipped on her toes and pecked Ye Chen’s cheek. “You got it, you got it! Daddy, you’re the best!”

“Do you want more?” Ye Chen asked while smiling.

Mengmeng could not stop nodding her head like a chick pecking seeds on the ground. “Yes, Daddy. I want more!”

Ye Chen put another token in. He would grab the toy each time without any exception. Soon, there were so many toys in Mengmeng’s arms that she could no longer hold them.

Many people were attracted to the sight of this and they started watching Ye Chen play. They stared at him admirably. That man was insane! They had only heard of such people on the news, but they could not believe that it was true. It was just too ridiculous.

When Ye Chen extracted the last toy, a young lady, who was dressed extraordinarily attractively, walked out of the crowd. She looked at Ye Chen with slight admiration and said softly, “Kind sir, could you snag a few for me? I’ll buy you a meal later.”

Just when Ye Chen was going to say yes, Mengmeng decided to stop the whole thing. She stood before Ye Chen immediately and shouted while pouting, “No!”

“Why not, little girl?” the young lady asked, not sure whether to laugh or to cry.

With a hard pout, Mengmeng said in all seriousness, “My daddy has a wife. In this world, apart from Mengmeng, Mommy, and Grandma, Daddy shouldn’t be nice to any other girls.”

Ye Chen was flabbergasted.