Chapter 30

Chapter 30 of 100 chapters

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It was breezy in the evening on the weekend.

Ye Chen headed out after tucking Mengmeng, who had been out the whole day, into bed. He flagged a cab by the street and headed straight to the Auspicious Manor.

The Auspicious Manor was ranked the most luxurious five-star hotel in the three Tiannan Provinces. Only celebrities could afford to go there.

Ye Chen’s phone rang as soon as he arrived opposite the Auspicious Manor. With a frown, he picked it up.

Lin Tai’s rather respectful voice came from the other side of the phone. “Hello, is this Mr. Ye? I’ve arrived at the entrance of your community. I wonder if you’re ready to go.”

“I’ve headed to the Auspicious Manor earlier than promised.” Ye Chen took a glance at the hotel across him.

“Alright. Please give me a moment. I’ll come over right away.”

Ye Chen lifted his head to observe the hotel after hanging up. A gleam of amazement flashed through his eyes. Judging by its exterior alone, no other property in the entire Tiannan would have such luxurious adornment.

At the same time, Yuan Yue, Zhao Bin, and a plump, middle-aged man were sitting in a luxurious room on the second floor of the hotel. There were various dishes and bottles of red wine on the table.

Smiling, Zhao Bin said to the plump man in a saccharine tone to butter up to him, “Director Xia, do you think the company agreement will go through this time?”

The plump man named Director Xia glanced at a luxurious private room on the second floor. Subsequently, he lifted the wine glass and smiled calmly, “Don’t worry. The director will show what he’s got. This 500 million yuan business is ours.”

“Does that mean we’ll receive a million yuan in commission fees?” Yuan Yue asked as her cheeks flushed.

Perhaps because she was too excited, she dropped the chopstick in her hand, so she got up immediately to pick it up. When she looked down through the window by instinct as she was getting back to her seat, she was completely stunned.

Zhao Bin asked good-naturedly, “What’s wrong, Yueyue?”

“Come here now, Zhao Bin.” Yuan Yue waved at him. When Zhao Bin arrived at the window, she pointed at a silhouette across them downstairs. “Look! Isn’t that Ye Chen?”

To Zhao Bin’s surprise, he noticed Ye Chen who was standing on the pedestrian crossing opposite the hotel. His face turned grim quickly. He seemed so terrible as if he had just swallowed a fly. “This brat is like a lost soul. We keep bumping into him no matter where we go.”

A fire was burning angrily within them as soon as they recalled the time when they were chased out of the bank that morning. It was as if they had suffered great humiliation.

Seeing the duo’s odd behavior, Director Xia asked curiously at the table, “Xiaozhao, what are you guys looking at?”

“Nothing, Director Xia. We just saw a disgusting man.” Zhao Bin smiled unnaturally. He dragged Yuan Yue back to her seat.

Director Xia raised his brows and said to him with a wry expression, “Is there some misunderstanding between you two?”

As Zhao Bin was about to speak, next to him, Yuan Yue said with a scoff, “It’s not only misunderstanding, it’s a deep grudge. Let me tell you what happened, Director Xia. Zhao Bin and I bumped into a man named Ye Chen when we went to the bank for errands in the morning. That man is too much! Not only did he call us pieces of crap, but he also said that our company is nothing. We were so mad!”


Director Xia slammed the wine glass hard on the table and said in his deep voice, “Did he really say that? Who is he?”

“Yes, he did! The gall of him!” Yuan Yue nodded and replied, “He’s a status-seeker without any background. He humiliated us and the company just because he has hundreds of thousands on his card.”

“Is that true, Zhao Bin?” Director Xia looked at Zhao Bin as his expression turned more and more terrible. Zhao Bin nodded immediately.

“Great, that’s just great!” Director Xia scoffed as he got up, “Let’s go. Bring me to him. I’d like to see where he got his confidence.”

Zhao Bin caught up with him quickly while Yuan Yue, who was walking at the back, revealed a smirk of vengeance.

‘Ye, don’t be full of yourself just because you have 20 million yuan! Director Xia is our company’s founding member, whereby his annual bonus is at least 20 million yuan. I’m looking forward to the trouble you’ll be facing soon.”

Just when Ye Chen was stepping into the entrance of the hotel, he saw three people coming toward him. The leading man wore a suit and looked rather wealthy.

He had his eyes trained on Zhao Bin and Yuan Yue behind that man. A gleam of surprise flashed on his face. Indeed, enemies were bound to meet on a narrow road.

“Are you Ye Chen?” Director Xia looked at Ye Chen intimidatingly. If he was still skeptical about what Zhao Bin and Yuan Yue said earlier, he was completely convinced now upon seeing Ye Chen’s ordinary dressing.

Ye Chen frowned as he could not recall seeing that man before. “Sorry, you are…?”

Noticing that her lie might be busted, Yuan Yue stepped forward immediately and mocked him, “What? Ye, are you pretending not to know us after criticizing us earlier?”

“I’m the general manager of Universe Creation Technology, Xia Liu,” Director Xia introduced in an overbearing manner.

Ye Chen’s face turned grim. “I don’t care if you’re sleazy1 or not. Please get out of my way if there’s nothing that I can help you with!”

Enraged, Director Xia ordered, “Stay right there. You condemned my staff and slandered my company, but I’m giving you a chance to apologize now.”

Ye Chen took a glance at Zhao Bin and Yuan Yue who were gloating. When he came to a realization, he could not help but retort, “A brain is an amazing thing, but it’s unfortunate that you don’t have it!”

How could a general manager believe two imbeciles’ nonsense just like that? What gave him the right to get Ye Chen to apologize?

“See, Director Xia? He’s still looking down on you even at such a time.” Yuan Yue proceeded to fan the flames.

“Young man, let me say it again. Apologize, or I’ll have a hundred ways to torture you!” Director Xi was gravely grim now. Clearly, he was not an ordinary man since he managed to climb all the way to the position of general manager in the company.

Ye Chen smiled amusedly after taking a deep breath in. “Let me say this again too: get out of my way!” Humans would not care about an ant’s existence. However, when the ant was finding fault with humans, it was about time that the humans stepped on it.

As both of them were attacking each other, a man in a uniform walked out of the hotel. “What’s going on?”

Director Xia spoke loudly when he saw that man, “It’s great that you’re here, Manager Xu! This guy bullied my staff. What do you think I should do to him?”

Manager Xu glanced at Ye Chen coldly, then said to Director Xia, “Director Xia, we don’t allow such nonsense at the hotel. Please go in. I’ll handle this.”

Director Xia nodded in satisfaction. He then took Zhao Bin and Yuan Yue to the second floor as he gloated.

After they left, Manager Xu said while looking at Ye Chen in disdain, “Brat, I’m giving you a chance. Get out right now.”

“I wonder why you’re letting them in and kicking me out,” Ye Chen said calmly.

Manager Xu snickered out loud. “He’s the senior director of a company. How can you compare to him? On top of that, you’ve offended him. With that reason alone, I can’t let you in.”

“How do you know that it was I who offended him, and not him who offended me?” Ye Chen asked again after a perfunctory response.

At the same time, a pair of blaring car lights shone from far away. An extended version of a Bugatti Veyron parked at the entrance of the hotel.

“Why are you so full of crap? Director Xia calls the shots. That’s what a powerful person can do. No, that’s what a person in a powerful position can do!”

Seeing his boss arrive, Manager Xu huffed impatiently, “Get out now. Otherwise, I’ll get someone to break your legs and toss you out!”

A crisp voice came from the Bugatti Veyron as soon as Manager Xu said that. “Who are you kicking out?”

Two hunks in suits walked out of the car. One of them walked to the passenger’s side and opened the car door. Then, a man in a mink coat got out of the car.

It was Lin Tai.

Manager Xu sprinted over immediately and explained with an eager smile, “Sir, I’m asking that brat behind me to get out…”

However, he was stunned just as he was still halfway speaking because he saw Lin Tai walking over to Ye Chen quickly. He bowed slightly and said carefully, “Mr. Ye, sorry that I’m late and have caused you so much trouble.”

He turned his head and glared at Manager Xu, who was standing aside, after saying that. With a grave expression, he slapped him hard. “Mr. Ye is an important guest that I’ve invited. How dare you chase him out? Who gave you the guts to do that?”

Manager Xu fell onto the ground with a plop. He was terrified as he pressed his broken front tooth.

No! Oh, no!

The rage on Lin Tai’s face remained as he commanded his underling, “Go and get the person-in-charge to see me!”

His underling nodded and walked into the hotel immediately. Soon, a fat man with a big belly came with him. The fatty took two steps forward while panting in fear, “B-brother Leopard…”

“F*ck!” Lin Tai kicked him to the ground in fury. “Feng, I’ve told you beforehand that I’ve invited an important guest tonight. Is this how you treat my guest?”

The fatty jolted in shock. “Brother Leopard, I…”

“Don’t you forget whose territory the entire three Tiannan Provinces belong to. A word is all I, Lin Tai, need to make this insignificant hotel of yours vanish overnight!” Lin Tai said while clenching his teeth.

The fatty walked to Manager Xu with his bloodshot eyes. He lifted his foot and kicked his face repeatedly while condemning, “Dumba*s, you bloody dumba*s! Go to hell!”

Soon, Manager Xu’s face was filled with blood.

“Stop it now!” The quiet Ye Chen waved his hand to stop everything. He then walked to Manager Xu step by step. Then, he lifted his foot and brushed it against Manager Xu’s expensive suit.

He said calmly, “I can brush my shoes that are less than 100 yuan on your suit that costs tens of thousands and you won’t dare to fight back at all! This is what a powerful person can do. Oh no, this is what a person in a powerful position can do!”