Chapter 31

Chapter 31 of 100 chapters

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On the second floor of the Auspicious Manor.


As the tinkling of glass chimed, Yuan Yue took a small sip of red wine and smiled happily. “Director Xia, you’re so cool to have turned the tables as soon as you showed up.”

“That’s right. I’m guessing Manager Xu has beaten that brat Ye up real good and tossed him out.” Joy filled Zhao Bin’s face while Director Xia looked smug. Just when he was going to speak, someone kicked the door open.


Subsequently, a fat man with a big belly walked in. The fats on his face jiggled and he glanced at everyone coldly. “Get out. Everyone, scram!”

The laughter in the room came to a halt.

Director Xia recognized the fatty as the person-in-charge of the hotel immediately. He took two steps forward and said with a smile, “What’s happening, Director Feng?”

“Feng, my a*s. Who allowed you to call me that?” The fatty did not give him face at all. “Let me say this again: get out. From today onwards, our hotel doesn’t welcome all of you.”

“It wouldn’t kill you to be a little more polite, Director Feng. I’m someone important after all.” Director Xia displayed his majesty again.

The fatty smirked in rage. “Haha. I’ll call you Director Xia when my mood is good, but I’ll call you a piece of sh*t when I’m in a bad mood! Take all of them out!”

They had a change of expression, they finally realized something was off. Meanwhile, a few hotel security guards rushed in. They took each of them downstairs, they were extremely rude.

As the few of them were dragged to the staircase on the second floor, they noticed that their director was chased out too.

The director glanced at the client next to him, then peered at Director Xia with a terrible expression on his face.”Exactly what happened?”

He had been closing the deal with the client earlier. Never had he thought that the people from the hotel would drag him out. As a company director, Wei Jun had never been treated like this before. Losing face was a minor inconvenience. Most importantly, he lost a 500 million yuan business!

Director Xia revealed a weak smile that looked even uglier than a crying face at the moment. “I’ve no idea, Director.”


The director gave him a slap directly as his face turned pale. “You’ve no idea? You guys must’ve offended someone!”

Director Xia was stunned at first. Subsequently, he looked at Zhao Bin and Yuan Yue next to him by instinct. He might have recalled something because his face turned deadly pale.

Meanwhile, Zhao Bin and Yuan Yue could not understand why the people from the hotel flipped out all of a sudden no matter how hard they thought about it. When they arrived on the first floor, they saw a few people walking in from the entrance with Ye Chen in the lead.

Yuan Yue pointed at Ye Chen and shouted at the fatty behind her immediately, “What makes this piece of crap have the right to be here? I can’t believe this!”

However, the fatty ignored her directly and sprinted to Ye Chen. While everyone was dumbstruck, the fatty bowed to Ye Chen and said respectfully, “Mr. Ye, are you satisfied with the way I handled this?”

Dead silence filled the space as everyone watched the scene with their eyes opened wide in disbelief.

He was the regional person-in-charge of a five-star hotel, and even celebrities were nobody to him. However, he was bowing to a young man. Forget the bowing, his tone was incredibly polite too. He would not be doing this even if he was meeting the son of the Auspicious Manor’s founder, would he?

As the first to react, Director Xia inhaled sharply and deeply. Even though he figured earlier that Ye Chen had an extraordinary identity, he never thought that he would be this powerful.

Zhao Bin and Yuan Yue fell onto the ground together. They had shock written all over their faces as they could not accept what was happening.

How?! How could it be?!

When they had bumped into each other earlier, Yuan Yue had teased Ye Chen, thinking that he was broke. Never in her wildest dreams would she have expected him to show up with 20 million yuan in savings as a wealthy man who even alerted the president of the bank.

She had held onto the grudge since then though she believed that he was still nothing with that 20 million yuan savings. She then persuaded the general manager to humiliate Ye Chen, thinking that it would mean ill consequences for him. Alas, he turned out to be a VIP who alerted the person-in-charge!

She recalled everything like a dream.

The director was the only person who was considered calm. He came to a realization after observing the situation. Scoffing, he said, “As the director, I announce that I’m firing General Manager Xia Liu, Marketing Supervisor Zhao Bin, and regular staff, Yuan Yue. From today onwards, the three of you won’t be stepping into the company for the rest of your life!”

After he said that, he walked to Ye Chen and smiled lightly. “Mr. Ye, I’m Universe Creation Technology’s director Wei Jun. I didn’t know about my company staff offending you earlier. I hope that you won’t take that to heart.”

He was a wise man. He knew that perhaps his position was superior to ordinary people, but he was nothing before Ye Chen. Therefore, he dared not flaunt his identity and majesty.

Zhao Bin and Yuan Yue felt the very last ounce of strength in their bodies sap away when they heard that.

Oh, no!

Xia Liu was wailing, regretting his actions immensely. Meanwhile, Ye Chen gave a cold smile in response to Wei Jun’s apology. “There’s no need for this, Director Wei. I’ve always been a fair person.”

Wei Jun was elated with his decision and left with his people immediately. He did not even spare a glance at the trio on the ground.

Ye Chen turned his head and said to Lin Tai behind him, “Where is it?”

“The Supreme Private Room on the highest floor which is the fifth floor!” Lin Tai smiled and led the way to bring Ye Chen up.

“Ye Chen!” Yuan Yue, who was on the ground, sat up all of a sudden. She said while sobbing, “Why? Why did you fool us like that? If you were rich, why did you dress so poorly in the beginning? If you were some big shot, why didn’t you tell us straight away? Was it fun to make a fool out of us, huh?”

Ye Chen fell into silence for a couple of seconds after hearing that. He said without even turning his head, “I, Ye Chen, never have to explain how I want to live my life to anyone!”

Someone had tossed him into a river five years ago. He had experienced despair, life, and death. The 3,000 years of cultivation saw him make peace with himself. In time, he had seen all the materials and luxury in life.

Luxury cars, mansions, and expensive watches, were those even important? Moreover, must he tell everyone he met that he was wealthy or an expert in martial arts? Must he direct them not to mock him, and most importantly, not to offend him?

Lin Tai led Ye Chen straight upstairs immediately.

The three of them were chased out of the hotel one after another. Zhao Bin and Yuan Yue wandered the streets like zombies, feeling dead inside.

Yuan Yue began sobbing as she looked at Zhao Bin in despair, “Ah Bin, what do we do now?”


Zhao Bin gave her a slap on her cheek with a deadly ferocious expression. “What do we do? The f*ck do we do, you motherf*cking bitch! You dragged me into this!”

“D-did you just s-slap me?” Yuan Yue looked at him in disbelief as she held her cheek.

“Slap you? I want to kill you too!” Zhao Bin kicked her, causing her to fall onto the ground directly. He proceeded to condemn her, “You f*cking bitch! It took me so long to finally get to the position of supervisor, and now I’ve lost everything. You just had to discriminate someone. Why won’t you just shut that damned mouth of yours?”

Yuan Yue lost her sense of rationale and stretched her arm out to scratch him. “I’ll kill you!”

At that moment, the duo began fighting right in the midst of people walking by, losing the last scraps of their reputation.