Chapter 32

Chapter 32 of 100 chapters

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In the Supreme Private Room on the fifth floor of the Auspicious Manor, Ye Chen sat in the main seat while waiters in uniforms served dishes occasionally.

After more than ten dishes were served, someone brought out a Bordeaux red wine that was awarded the title of ‘The queen of French wines’.

Lin Tai poured two full glasses and raised one of them as he stood up. He looked at Ye Chen and said, “Mr. Ye, I’m a barbarian who isn’t good with words. This one is for you. Let me apologize on behalf of Bao Kun for the usury earlier!”

He drank half of the red wine after saying that. Then, he poured himself another glass and said with the same expression on his face, “This one is for you too, to apologize to you about my underling Viper offending you and your friends at the cyber cafe!”

He drank one glass after another.

“Another one for you. I’m ashamed that the hotel mistreated you earlier!”

Finally, Lin Tai’s cheeks were flushing after three glasses of red wine. Then, he clapped hard and the door swung open as two hunks brought a young man in. The young man was Brother Viper that Ye Chen had met at the cyber cafe earlier.

Lin He shouted, “Viper, kneel to Mr. Ye!”


Viper knelt hard onto the ground. He looked at Ye Chen in determination. “Mr. Ye, I was blinded the last time, but I’m asking for your apology now. A man must bear the consequences of his own actions. Please don’t drag Brother Leopard into my mess!”

As soon as he was done speaking, he picked up a glass from the table. He smashed it hard on the corner of the table, creating a sharp edge. Subsequently, he glided it against his neck. He carried out the series of actions quickly without any hesitation at all.

Lin Tai shut his eyes a little, unable to bear to watch.

Viper had been with him for close to 20 years, and they had been through life and death many times. However, it was unfortunate that he had offended the wrong person. Moreover, he had offended someone that even he could not afford to offend.

At that very moment, Ye Chen picked up a peanut and flicked it. The peanut charged at Viper rapidly.


Viper felt intense numbness in his arm and let go of the shard involuntarily. The glass in his hand fell onto the ground and smashed into smaller pieces.

“Mr. Ye, you…”

Lin Tai and Viper looked at Ye Chen in confusion together. However, they were secretly shocked because Ye Chen was so swift.

Ye Chen took a glance at Viper as a smile appeared on his cold face. “Because you’re a man, I figured I’d spare your life.”

Viper looked stunned. So…so, that was it?

Lin Tai, on the other hand, was elated. He smacked Viper’s head and condemned while laughing, “You fool, Mr. Ye has forgiven you. Thank him now.”

“Thank you, Mr. Ye. Thank you, Mr. Ye!” Viper only managed to react then. He kowtowed to Ye Chen immediately like he was crushing garlic on a mortar.

“Alright, please get up.” Ye Chen took a small sip of red wine before him and looked at both of them. “Lin Tai, our grudge was solved earlier, so there’s no need for you to be scared of me. As long as you don’t offend me, you’re still the underground boss in the entire Tiannan. However, of course, if you think your head is harder than mine and insist on trying my sword, I can fulfill your dream too!”

Although he sounded calm when he spoke, Lin Tai could feel the severity of his words. He gulped immediately. “I wouldn’t dare do that. Don’t worry about it at all, Mr. Ye!”

Then, he took a pair of keys out and presented it before Ye Chen respectfully. “Mr. Ye, I know that you’re no ordinary man. Material means nothing to you. I happen to have a villa in hand with a great environment. Please take it as a token of apology from me.”

“Please take it, Mr. Ye!” Viper bowed subsequently. Although he said that, he was secretly astounded because the keys that his boss presented to this man were the keys to a villa in Jiulong Bay which was considered the best area in the entire Lin City. Although it was still developing at the moment, the property prices were insanely high, and that was only based on houses along the bay. The final price of the Jiulong Bay houses was at least 50 million yuan.

Seeing the duo’s cautious and fearsome expressions, Ye Chen gave it a thought and decided to take the keys. It would be great to have that villa, so he could use it as a wedding home for him and Yuhan.

“Thanks for taking it, Mr. Ye. I’ll get Viper to bring you there after we’re done with dinner here.” Lin Tai then smiled in relief. His goal was not only to apologize to Ye Chen. In reality, he would like to be friends.

Ye Chen nodded and picked up the chopsticks to begin eating.

As they were halfway through the dinner, someone knocked on the door outside. Lin Tai called out while frowning, “Come in!

A man in a face mask and a chef’s uniform came in with a plate of roasted leg of lamb. He said while smiling, “Mr. Lin, this is the extra dish we prepared for you.”

“Put it down and don’t come in without my order,” Lin Tai said after relaxing.

Ye Chen took a careful glance at the chef. He seemed to have noticed something, but he smiled without saying a word.

The chef passed by Lin Tai with the roasted leg of lamb. As he was going to place the dish on the table, Viper, who was sitting at the side, shouted all of a sudden, “Wait! I smell the stench of blood on you. You’re not a chef!”

Lin Tai could not help but study the chef.

The chef’s expression froze as he said with an unnatural smile on his face, “You must be kidding, Sir. I’m a chef. It’s hard to avoid having some blood splashing on me after killing cows and goats.”

Viper scoffed, “You might be right, but I smell human blood. Also, nobody working at a five-star hotel should have to kill the animals themselves.”

He had been killing alongside Lin Tai for many years and had seen many gory things. Therefore, a sniff was all it took for him to discern the smell of human blood.

A ferocious gleam flashed in the chef’s eyes. He picked up the plate and attempted to smash it on Lin Tai’s head.

“Watch out, Brother Leopard!”

Viper had a dramatic change of expression, and he charged at the chef without saying anything. Meanwhile, Lin Tai panicked a little and rolled to his side by instinct, barely dodging the attack.

“F*ck off!” The chef fought with both arms, punching Viper so hard that he passed out.

Lin Tai was shocked and enraged. “Get him!”

The people guarding outside the door rushed in upon hearing the commotion.

“Useless thing!” The chef smiled in disdain. He flashed through them like a specter, piercing the spike bayonet in his hand through everyone’s throats. The ground was filled with dead bodies within the blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen poured himself a glass of wine and indulged in it. He allowed the wine to flow down his throat as if he had not seen anything that was happening before him.

After Lin Tai watched the violence unfold, he shrieked in fear, “An ancient martial artist?” Only ancient martial artists could be so terrifying!

The chef took off his uniform and wiped his hands. He turned his head and said to Lin Tai with a smirk, “Haha, you’re not too bad yourself.”

Lin Tai took a step back without realizing. He said while still being shaken, “Who exactly are you?”

The chef took off the face mask and revealed his extremely hideous features then. He smiled grimly. “It’s been a while, Lin Tai. I hope you’re doing well.”

Lin Tai was stunned at first, then he subsequently inhaled sharply. “S-Song Chao?”

“I can’t believe that you still remember me, Director Li. It’s been so long. I miss you too.”

Song Chao walked to him step by step. He said with a smile as he advanced nearer, “Are you curious about why I’m still alive? And how I’m standing before you?”

“Thanks to you, I escaped to the Middle East throughout the years. I achieved what I have today by joining an assassin organization and going through countless gruesome training sessions. Throughout the years, every time I kill a person, I carve your name on their faces with a knife.”

Lin Tai did not stop stepping back as cold sweat dripped down his forehead. “My dear nephew, it wasn’t me who betrayed your parents back then. The boss of the league didn’t want both of us to threaten his position as the person-in-charge, so he blamed it on me. I, Lin Tai, swear that I’m telling the truth. I even got people to look for you after you were attacked and fell into the water.”

Song Chao licked the blood on the spike bayonet. “Those old guys back then are pretty much dead now. What’s the use of you saying all this when there’s no proof to witnesses? So, go to hell now!”

Killing intent filled Song Chao’s face as he said that. He charged at Lin Tai in a flash with a brutal grin at the corner of his lips.

Lin Tai could not retreat any further. Now that his handful of underlings were all dead now, he could only shut his eyes with despair on his face.

‘This must be the end of my life!’

However, a calm voice came at the moment. “Yield to me, Lin Tai. Your life will be guaranteed!”