Chapter 33

Chapter 33 of 100 chapters

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Song Chao was stunned to hear that. He stopped moving and turned his head immediately. He saw a young man sitting at the dining table behind him.

The young man had his head down while guzzling the contents of his bowl at the moment. He was calm when he ate as if he had not seen what was happening as well as the dead bodies on the ground.

“Brat, were you the one who spoke?” Song Chao was dangerously grim. He merely glanced at Ye Chen when he came in earlier. However, he ignored him when he noticed that Ye Chen was young and was dressed like an ordinary person. Subsequently, all of his attention went to Lin Tai.

Now that he thought about it, if any ordinary person were to witness that, he might have run out in terror. However, Ye Chen remained sitting there. He was either daring or powerful. Either way, Song Chao did not dare let his guard down.

Ye Chen ignored his questions. Instead, he put down the chopsticks, got himself a serviette and wiped his mouth. He said, “Have you given it a thought, Lin Tai? As long as you yield to me, nobody can kill you!”

Nobody dared to kill him?

What an arrogant brat!

Song Chao was enraged. Just when he was going to speak, he saw Lin Tai kneel onto the ground immediately as if he was a savior. He begged emotionally, “Mr. Ye, I’m willing to yield. I’m willing to yield. Please save my life!”

He had forgotten that Ye Chen was by his side after the scare Song Chao inflicted earlier. Now that Ye Chen had made such a declaration, it was undoubtedly a magnificent grace to him.

Ye Chen nodded expressionlessly. He then lifted his head and said to Song Chao, “I don’t care what grudge you have against Lin Tai, but he’s my man now. Just like the saying goes, ‘before you beat a dog, find out who its master is’, I’m giving you three breaths to get out!”

“Did you hear what Mr. Ye said, Song Chao? Get out now or you’ll die.” At the moment, Lin Tai was no longer afraid. Instead, he began guffawing out loud as he stood there.

Why should he be afraid when he had Mr. Ye on his side?

“You’re seeking death, brat!” Song Chao shrieked as the expression on his face was replaced with fury. He threw a hard punch, charging forward together with the wind from his punch. Intense energy engulfed his body as he pounced at Ye Chen at a high speed. At the same time, he glared angrily at Ye Chen. He wanted to see the fear of death on his face.

However, Ye Chen shook his head. “Forget it. I’ve given you the chance, but it’s you who doesn’t appreciate that!”

A chopstick appeared in his hand as he was done speaking. Subsequently, a light clang was heard. It sounded like a bone being pierced.

Song Chao froze, his eyes opened wide. Disbelief filled his face.

There was a chopstick on his forehead with half of the chopstick stuck deep in his skull.


Song Chao’s body fell hard on his back, he landed on the ground eventually. His fearsome and unwilling consciousness faded slowly.

He really did not breathe more than three times from the moment he attacked to the time he died. He did not even manage to touch the corner of Ye Chen’s shirt.

Standing aside, Lin Tai had shock written all over his face. Had Song Chao, who killed more than ten of his underlings within seconds and rendered him totally helpless, died just like that? Moreover, he was killed by a chopstick!

Although Lin Tai was mentally prepared for this to happen, he could not help but gasp in shock at how terrifyingly powerful Ye Chen was.

He walked to Song Chao’s body when he snapped back to reality. Giving him a hard kick, he grinned ferociously as he spoke, “Trying to kill me, you bastard? Pfft, I’m still standing. Stand up and try killing me now.”

He turned his head around immediately after he was done saying that. He looked at Ye Chen and laughed. “Mr. Ye, you’re so powerful! I truly admire…” Suddenly, he noticed the ferocious gleam that flashed in Ye Chen’s eyes as he was halfway speaking.

He jolted instinctively and knelt to Ye Chen immediately. With his head down, he spoke in fear, “I, Lin Tai, greet you, Master!”

At the moment, the pride and arrogance that rose within him vanished completely. If this young man before him killed the ancient martial artist, Song Chao, just by lifting his arm, then destroying him would be no different than killing a chicken.

Ye Chen glared coldly at him. He only sat down after noticing that Lin Tai’s back was drenched in sweat. He said expressionlessly, “Get up. Call me ‘Lord’ from now on!”

“Yes, my Lord!” Lin Tai felt as if his sins were lifted. He got up and wiped his sweat as he stood aside in utter respect. Then, he bowed slightly like he was ready to take an order.

Ye Chen nodded in satisfaction. He assured him, “Don’t worry. Neither will I force you to hand over your power, nor will I ask about your doings. However, you’ll give me your best whenever I assign you a task.”

“Of course, you can go behind my back, but I believe there are many people who are eager to replace you in the entire Lin City.”

“I daren’t do that, my Lord!” Lin Tai’s heart sank and he stooped to the ground once again.

Ye Chen eased his tone and continued lightly, “I’ll give you a mission now. Send your people to find someone for me in Beijing. She’s from the Su family. I don’t care how you do it, but you must find out about her for me.”

“Who is she, my Lord?” Lin Tai nodded continuously and asked automatically.

“Her name is Su Yuhan. She’s my wife!” Ye Chen did not plan to stay after saying that. He then stood up and left the Auspicious Manor hotel.

A while later, the unconscious Viper on the ground woke up. He was astounded to find that Lin Tai had made Ye Chen his master. “Brother Leopard, you took great effort to finally get where you are today. Are you really willing to take someone else’s order?”

“What do you know, you fool?” Lin Tai glared at him and walked straight to the window. He said what was on his mind while staring into the night sky, “My Lord is no ordinary man. He’s a powerhouse. To be exact, he’s like a king. Although I spent most of my life killing many souls, I feel like I’m nothing before him.”

“Why would a person such as my Lord look up to the insignificant Lin City? On the contrary, it’s an opportunity for me. As long as I follow my Lord closely, I might return to that vile land one day and take back all the dignity that once belonged to me!”

Viper moved his lips without saying anything. Although Lin Tai had been good to him throughout the years, he had no idea where his boss came from or why he could not find a decent woman to be with him.

After Ye Chen left the hotel and was about to flag a cab to go home, a lady passed him. Staggering clumsily, she smelled of alcohol.

Was that her?

Ye Chen frowned as he recognized the woman as his daughter’s teacher, Ou Lan. Why was she drunk when it was so late at night?

After some hesitation, he decided to follow her. She was Mengmeng’s teacher, after all, and she had always been nice to Mengmeng. Moreover, Ye Chen had a good impression of her the last time they spoke.

To prevent startling her, Ye Chen intentionally slowed down to create a distance between both of them.

Some ten minutes later, Ou Lan walked to an artificial lake in her drunken stupor. All of a sudden, she jumped into the lake!