Chapter 34

Chapter 34 of 100 chapters

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A plop was heard as she jumped into the lake.

Oh no!

Ye Chen dove into the lake in a flash. He stretched his arm out to grab Ou Lan who had fallen into the water. Her drenched body fell into his embrace directly.

By then, Ou Lan had lost consciousness. Ye Chen could not help but force a smile. He thought of putting her down on the ground but realized that it was inappropriate to leave her.

After shaking his head, he carried her and headed straight to a motel nearby. To avoid attracting unnecessary trouble, he went to a small one.

The motel owner was a skinny middle-aged man who seemed rather lecherous. As the owner watched them in a strange manner, Ye Chen carried Ou Lan to the room after checking in. Just when he was going to close the door, the motel owner asked rather mysteriously out of nowhere, “Brother, would you like one of those?”

“What?” Ye Chen turned his head and looked at him.

The motel owner looked around and coughed. Then, he rubbed his palms and said, “Penis massage oil and Via—”


He received a loud slam of the door in return.

“Don’t disturb me without my instruction!”

The motel owner walked downstairs, looking disappointed. He mumbled while walking, “Sigh, I wonder whose daughter will end up in trouble today. It’s unfortunate. She’s 1,000 times better than that worn-out housewife of mine.”

Ye Chen heard the motel owner’s mumbling loud and clear. He placed Ou Lan onto the bed with a grim expression. Glancing at her, he could not help but do a double-take.

“She’s really something.”

Even though Ye Chen had seen countless beauties, he could not help but be stunned by how beautiful Ou Lan was. As he shook his head to eliminate the distracting thoughts in his head, he bent down and placed his palm on Ou Lan’s head.

As the spiritual power was activated in his body, a scorching mist spurted out of Ou Lan’s mouth. Sometime later, her clothes that were initially drenched became dry.

“I only saved you because you’re Mengmeng’s teacher. I wouldn’t have bothered if you were someone else.” Ye Chen released a long sigh before he turned around to leave.

Never had he thought that Ou Lan, who laid on the bed, would wake up. She saw Ye Chen first and was stunned. Instantly, she sat up while checking her body. She looked at Ye Chen in shame and fury.”W-what did you do to me?” She thought she had been sexually harassed.

With a frown, Ye Che said, “Ms. Ou, you jumped into the lake in the attempt to kill yourself earlier. I happened to pass by and saved you. I’ve no idea where you live, so I brought you here.”

Ou Lan seemed to have recalled something after hearing what he said. She asked doubtfully, “But why are my clothes dry? D-did you change them for me?”

“I saved you before you fell into the water. Furthermore, can’t you remember what you wore?” Ye Chen said, feeling annoyed. It was impossible for him to admit that he had forced the water in her body out with his spiritual power and dried her clothes later on.

Ou Lan was slightly dumbfounded. She only let out a sigh of relief after realizing that nothing was wrong with her body. She then relaxed and lay her head on the pillow. She said in a faint choking voice as her shoulders shuddered, “Mr. Ye, why did you save me?”

‘Why did I save you?’ Ye Chen had no idea how to answer that. Seeing that she seemed to be upset, he could not help but ask, “Ms. Ou, is there anything that’s troubling you? Also, why did you do that?”

Ou Lan lifted her head slightly and took a glance at him. While she hesitated to speak, a glimmer of determination and bitterness flashed on her pretty, pale face.

Forget it. Instead of throwing herself at that guy, she would rather throw herself at the man before her.

Ou Lan got off the bed as she thought about this point. All of a sudden, she threw herself hard into Ye Chen’s embrace, shocking him. As he was attempting to push her away by instinct, her arms that were as skinny as lotus stems wrapped around his neck tightly. Her hurried panting followed subsequently.

Ye Chen was slightly stunned from the turn of events that came out of nowhere. However, he was a man with a strong will after all. He snapped back to his senses after the slight distraction and pushed her away.

He looked rather stern and was not as easy going as he was previously. “What are you doing, Ms. Ou?”

Ou Lan glanced at Ye Chen with a deadly complicated expression after standing still. She then squatted on the ground and began crying, “I-I’m sorry, Mr. Ye…I’m sorry…P-please leave. My life doesn’t concern you.”

Naturally, Ye Chen wanted to leave. However, he was worried that she would attempt suicide again. He could only say to her while softening his tone, “Ms. Ou, you’re Mengmeng’s teacher. You’ve always been taking care of her. You can tell me whatever troubles you may have.”

Ou Lan stopped crying and bit her lip. “Mr. Ye, do you think I’m a slut?” She could not believe that a literate lady like her had done something so ridiculous earlier. She felt extremely ashamed now that she thought about it. However, that was nothing compared to the struggles that she was suffering.

Ye Chen frowned. “No.”

Ou Lan looked at him in gratitude. She shared while biting her lip, “My mom has a mental illness. Despite that, my dad wants to marry me off to someone that I dislike for his own benefit.”

Ye Chen only learned what happened after hearing her story. So, it turned out Ou Lan’s mother had become mentally ill from a love disaster three years back. As a result, she now had the mentality of a three- or four-year-old right now.

Ou Lan had been to hospitals in and out of the country throughout the three years, and all the doctors suggested conservative management. To learn how to communicate and talk to her mother, she became a teacher at the kindergarten. She hoped to help her mother recover through this.

Meanwhile, her father wanted to marry her off to benefit his business. To kill Ou Lan’s hope and to force her to yield, he contacted the psychiatric hospital secretly with the plan to send his wife over to be admitted.

Ou Lan was heavily triggered by that because as long as her mother was by her side, she could reject the marriage by saying that she wanted her mother to witness her in a wedding dress while being in a healthy mental state. However, as soon as her mother was sent to the psychiatric hospital, she had no excuse to reject the forced marriage.

Ou Lan had a huge fight with his father at the hospital earlier after which she stormed out and drank until she was inebriated. Eventually, she even had the thought of committing suicide.

The goosebumps Ye Chen felt vanished after he heard the story. He could not help but chuckle out loud. “You almost led me to commit adultery. So, that’s what happened.”

Ou Lan held her head down right after hearing that. Her pretty face was flushing, right up until even her ears. She was extremely ashamed to recall that she had almost committed adultery with her student’s father. The man had a wife, and her behavior had almost led him to commit infidelity.

Ye Chen thought about it and said, “Don’t worry. I can treat your mother’s illness.”