Chapter 35

Chapter 35 of 100 chapters

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“What did you say? Y-you can treat her?” Ou Lan was stunned and thought she heard it wrong.

Ye Chen nodded while smiling. “That’s right. Isn’t it just mental illness? It’s not difficult to treat at all.”

In this world, there was no illness that could not be treated with a medicinal pill. Even if there was, two medicinal pills would be all it took as treatment.

Meanwhile, a Vitality Pill happened to be able to treat mental illness. However, he had given the Vitality Pill that he refined the last time to Gu Shaokun’s wife.

Ou Lan snickered out loud upon hearing him spout nonsense with such a solemn expression. Her incredible bosom jiggled as the embarrassment she felt earlier vanished. This outsider who knew nothing about medicine said he could treat a mental illness that famous doctors within and outside the country were helpless about. Besides that, he said it was not difficult to treat at all!

Ou Lan took a deep breath in and lifted her head to look at him in gratitude. “Thank you, Mr. Ye. Thanks for trying your best to console me.”

Ye Chen was speechless. Nowadays, nobody believed in truth anymore.

“Alright, Mr. Ye. It’s time that I go back to be with my mother.” Ou Lan confirmed that her speculation was right seeing when Ye Chen went silent. She walked out of the room with an amused smile.

She was gone when Ye Chen went downstairs. Instead, the motel owner who was on duty downstairs came to him passionately. “So soon, Brother?”

“What do you mean so soon?” Ye Chen failed to react to the comment.

“Stop pretending. We’re all men. I understand your pain. If you had taken the penis massage oil and the Viagra that I recommended you, you could’ve lasted for at least ten minutes more.”

The motel owner smirked lecherously. “If you really can’t afford those, just do it with a few more Durex. It works the same.”

“F*ck off!”

When Ye Chen arrived home, he scanned through his parents’ room with his Divine Consciousness. Realizing that his daughter was deep in her slumber, he smiled and returned to his room. He sat with his legs crossed and began cultivating without resting.

It was Monday the next morning, so it was a working day.

Ye Chen woke up early and got Mengmeng ready, including dressing her, feeding her breakfast and sending her to the kindergarten by himself. He only rushed to the office after he was done with those chores.

As he arrived at the entrance of the sales department office, Ye Chen saw Liu Feng move a chair and sit there blatantly.

Liu Feng held his head down to look at the Vacheron Constantin on his wrist as soon as he saw Ye Chen. He faked a smile and said, “You’re ten seconds late. You’ll be fined 100 yuan according to the company’s rules. Do you have anything to say about that?”

Ye Chen shook his head and entered the office. Then, he sat at his table.

Behind him, Liu Feng smirked coldly as he thought, ‘So, you want to play? I, Liu Feng, will change my name if I fail to make you the biggest fool!’

Many of them had still yet to arrive at the office. Apart from Ye Wen and a few colleagues that Ye Chen did not know, Zhou Kai, Zhang Li, and Zhao Qian were not there yet.

Just when Liu Feng was buried deep in thought, Zhang Li’s coquettish voice came outside the door, “Oh, my. I’m exhausted.”

“Who told you to get out so fast? I had to leave before my hair was done perming. The new guy at the salon is pretty cute, but I haven’t got a good look at him.”

Zhang Li and Zhao Qian walked in with a cup of milk tea in their hand each. Their hair was messy, and they did not look like they were ready for work. Meanwhile, Zhou Kai was trailing far behind them.

Ye Chen shook his head lightly and took a glance at Liu Feng who was across him by instinct. Liu Feng scoffed, “Are you thinking that I’m unfair? I allowed them to do that. Are you not happy with that?”

Ye Chen shrugged, looking unbothered. The company was not his, so he did not care that Liu Feng was being unreasonable. Moreover, he did not want Ye Wen to be in a pickle.

Zhang Li and the rest showed no interest in Ye Chen. They began reading novels, watching movies, and speculating on the stock market as soon as they sat down. They were a mess, to say the least.

Ye Wen said nothing to him from the beginning until the end. Meanwhile, she would chat every now and then with Zhang Li and the rest.

Liu Feng clapped his hands when it was almost time to go home. “Everyone, tomorrow will be Wenwen’s birthday. We’re planning to treat everyone to dinner and karaoke. We’re a family, so there’s no need to buy gifts. Your presence is the greatest present.”

Although he said that, nobody dared to take it seriously. They pounded their chests and promised to go while insisting on bringing a gift.

Liu Feng looked at Ye Chen with a wry expression. “Ye Chen, it’s alright for the rest not to bring a gift, but it’s a different case for you. Wenwen is your cousin after all. Just like the saying that goes ‘being an elder brother is like being a father’, I think it makes sense for you to get her a gift.”

“What are you talking about, Liu Fang? Who needs his gift?” Ye Chen rolled her eyes at him and turned her head to say coldly to Ye Chen, “Don’t listen to him.”

Zhao Qian smiled while saying sarcastically, “Master Liu is right. Ye Chen, you relied on Wenwen to get into our company, so you must always be grateful to her.”

She told everyone about the relationship between Ye Chen and Ye Wen on purpose. In addition to that, she emphasized that Ye Chen had taken a shortcut to get in.

As expected, the other people in the office looked at him differently now since she said that. Most of them were disgusted and even disdainful.

Ye Chen said calmly, “Oh, I’ll prepare a gift.”

“Great, I can’t wait to find out what you’re getting Wenwen!” Liu Feng laughed out loud immediately. He knew that Ye Chen was broke, hence he thought he would use that to mock him.

After work, Ye Chen headed to the kindergarten to pick Mengmeng up. Just like before, Ou Lan held her hand as they walked out of the school. In contrast to the little girl jumping around, a grave expression filled Ou Lan’s face.

“My dear Mengmeng, can you help Daddy get a lighter please?” Ye Chen took out ten yuan and gave it to his daughter who looked at him in anticipation after taking the money. “Daddy, the lighter will cost one yuan. Can I use 50 cents to buy a lollipop?” She even licked her lips to emphasize her point.

“Buy whatever you like. You don’t have to give me the change,” Ye Chen said, not sure whether to laugh or to cry. Mengmeng then ran to the store at the school entrance in excitement.

After she left, Ye Chen took a glance at Ou Lan and asked, “Ms. Ou, did your mother’s condition worsen?”

“My dad is going to send her to the psychiatric hospital tomorrow.” Ou Lan covered her mouth with her head down. She lifted her head a few seconds later and looked at Ye Chen after wiping her tears dry. “Mr. Ye, can you really treat my mom’s illness?”

“Yes, under the premise that you believe in me,” Ye Chen replied with a smile.

Ou Lan hesitated for a moment. Then, she said while clenching her teeth, “Alright, I’ll trust you this time. E-even if you fail, I-I’ll admit defeat.”

Dejected, Ye Chen did not feel like treating her mother any longer.

“Mr. Ye, if you have the time tonight, please go to the hospital with me. Oh yeah, please give me your phone number.”

Ye Chen nodded and gave her his number.

The little girl came back after Ou Yan had saved his number. She handed Ye Chen a lighter while panting. She began calculating the handful of change with her fingers. “Daddy gave me ten yuan. The lighter costs one yuan, so there were nine yuan left. I bought a lollipop, so there’s eight…eight yuan and fifty cents left.”

“My dear daughter, didn’t I tell you to get anything you wanted?” Ye Chen patted her head, not sure to be mad or to laugh.

The little girl shook her head in all seriousness. “No. Grandma said that I’m still a child, so I can’t be spending money unnecessarily.”

Ye Chen snickered out loud. He carried her and headed home after bidding farewell to Ou Lan.

Ye Chen returned to his room after dinner. Over an hour later, a medicinal pill and four bracelets appeared on his bed. Each of the bracelets had six green, round beads bound by a rubber band. They were the size of jelly beans.

The medicinal pill was the Vitality Pill. Meanwhile, the bracelets were protective magic tools that he had refined from the piece of jade Lin Fan gave him.

Lin Fan wore the jade on his waist in the beginning. Ye Chen only got it from him after he died. He recognized it as a low-grade spiritual jade that contained spiritual energy as soon as they met.

Initially, he was planning to refine it to elevate his cultivation base. However, he changed his mind after learning at the office that Ye Wen’s birthday was coming up.

He cut the jade and refined it into protective magic tools to give his parents and Mengmeng. He thought of giving Ye Wen one too. It would be a token of gratitude to Second Uncle for taking care of his family.

In reality, the bracelets were not considered protective magic tools. It was just the most basic defensive magic tool in the cultivation world. With the spiritual jade as the core, Ye Chen inscribed formations on the bracelets, which gave them a bit of power to defend the wearer from some worldly attacks.

The only flaw was that one of the beads in the bracelet would explode each time the person was attacked. Ultimately, it would be the end of the bracelet when all six beads exploded. Then again, it would mean that the wearer would have six chances to save their lives, which was not too shabby.