Chapter 36

Chapter 36 of 100 chapters

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When night fell, Ye Chen received a message from Ou Lan. Then, he walked out of the house after changing his clothes.

He saw a white Porsche Cayenne parked at the community entrance from far away. Dressed in a plain dress, Ou Lan was waiting while pacing around the car.

“Mr. Ye, we’re running late. Let’s talk in the car.” Ou Lan waved at him to get him into the passenger seat. They then drove straight to the Lin City Hospital.

Noticing that she was in a rather bad mood, Ye Chen asked, “What happened?”

“My dad is planning to send my mom to the psychiatric hospital earlier, which is tonight,” Ou Lan said without even turning her head. She seemed to be choking back on her tears.

Ye Chen came to a realization and comforted her, “Don’t worry, I’m here. Your mother will definitely recover.”

Ou Lan said nothing while forcing a smile. In reality, she had accepted her destiny. The reason why she came to Ye Chen was that she had agreed to bring him to the hospital during the day.

After chatting, Ye Chen found out that Ou Lan’s father was Ou Guoliang while her mother was Shen Shuhua.

At the breakneck speed she was driving, they arrived at the hospital just over 20 minutes later. Ou Lan led Ye Chen to rush to a ward on the third floor of the hospital.

They saw a man and a lady standing outside the ward. The man was some 40 years old with a square face that looked stern. Meanwhile, the lady was over 20 years old. She had heavy makeup on while the way she dressed was extraordinarily revealing. They were hugging intimately by the chairs at the entrance at the moment.

Upon witnessing that, Ou Lan had a change of expression and walked over immediately. She said while pointing at the trashy lady in Ou Guoliang’s embrace, “Dad, who is she?”

Ou Guoliang put the lady in his embrace down immediately, appearing panicked. “Her name is Zhou Min and she’s my secretary. You can call her Aunt Min.”

In contrast to Ou Guoliang’s panic, Zhou Min, on the other hand, was calm. She smiled in a flirtatious way and looked at Ou Lan as if she was challenging her.

“Aunt Min? Why don’t I just call her ‘mom’?” Ou Lan scoffed as rage filled her pretty face.

Ou Guoliang frowned and said, “What’s that attitude? Your mom is already mentally ill. It would be ridiculous if I’m not allowed to remarry!”

Ou Lan shuddered to hear that. She could not help but take a step back. She said while looking pale, “Remarry? Oh wow, Mom is still alive and you’re already looking for a mistress. Please give up on that ridiculous hope. That won’t happen as long as I’m still alive.”

“Nonsense!” In a fit of anger, Ou Guoliang extended his arm to slap her.

Ou Lan remained still in determination as she watched the slap coming while biting her lip. Tears were flowing from the corner of her eyes. She thought bitterly, ‘Go ahead. It’s not the first time I’m being beaten anyway. It’s best that you beat me to death. In that case, you can be with that mistress officially.’

A gleam of joy flashed through Zhou Min’s eyes.

Just before Ou Guoliang’s hand landed on Ou Lan’s face, a big hand grabbed it all of a sudden. Ou Guoliang was shocked. He stared at Ye Chen who was behind Ou Lan and demanded with a deadly expression on his face, “Who are you?”

“You are not worthy of knowing who I am. All you need to know is that atrocity isn’t allowed under my watch!” Ye Chen smiled calmly.

Ou Lan took a glance at Ye Chen in gratitude and introduced him to Ou Guoliang coldly, “He’s my friend and he’s here to treat Mom.”

“Friend? I think he’s more like your manstress!”

Zhou Min, who was standing aside, snickered out loud at the moment. “He’s here to treat her? Ou Lan, it’s not that I want to tease you. Your mom is already sick, but I can’t believe you got yourself a manstress to fool us.”

She took a good look at Ye Chen with disdain on her face as she spoke, “However, your standard might be too low. I can’t believe you got yourself a bumpkin to be your manstress…”


A slap landed hard on her cheek before she was even done speaking. She slumped to the ground from the impact.

Ou Guoliang was dumbstruck at the moment while Ou Lan covered her red lips with her hand. Her beautiful eyes were filled with disbelief.

Mengmeng’s father had slapped someone in disagreement. Was he really…such a violent person? Still, that felt pretty satisfying!

Zhou Min looked at Ye Chen begrudgingly while covering her painful cheek. “H-how dare you slap me?”

Ye Chen smirked and revealed his white teeth. “You bitch. If you say that word again, do you believe that I’ll kill you too?” Although he was smiling, there was an intense chill in his words.

“You…you…” Zhou Min opened her mouth but she dared not proceed with her condemnation because she had a faint feeling that the young man before her might really kill her if she behaved as she did before.

Ou Guoliang, who had snapped back to his senses, said while glaring madly at Ye Chen, “H-how dare you slap her? Do you know who I am?”

“I don’t f*cking care who you are, but you’ll end up like her if you don’t watch your mouth too.” Ye Chen glared at him.

Enraged, Ou Guoliang said while staring at Ou Lan, “Look at this man that you’re dating. Did you bring him here to agitate me?”

“I’m not dating him, and no, he’s not my man,” Ou Lan explained. She said with her teary eyes upon realizing that she was making things between her and Ye Chen worse, “I really got Mr. Ye here to treat Mom.”

“You know about your mom’s condition better than I do. We’ve gone through famous doctors inside and outside of the country. Do you really think this brat can treat her?” Ou Guoliang chuckled out loud instead of being mad.

Zhou Min criticized her coldly, “Could this brat be doing this because of your beauty, in hopes of getting closer to you?”

“No, that’s not it.” Ou Lan began sobbing in panic. However, she found out that her explanation was weak and unconvincing. After all, even she did not believe what she was saying.

Ye Chen peered at Ou Guoliang and said, “Not only can I treat Ms. Ou’s mother’s illness, but I can also even treat your HIV.”

“W-what did you say?” Ou Guoliang was stunned at first and began laughing out loud as if he heard something funny. “Are you saying that I have HIV?”

He was the senior director of a listed company with hundreds of millions of assets. He had always been clean and did not mess around. How could he have HIV?

Ou Lan had a change of expression on her pretty face. She pulled at the corner of Ye Chen’s shirt immediately, “Mr. Ye, please don’t speak nonsense.” She began to regret bringing Ye Chen here now. How could he throw the topic of HIV around?

“See, he’s a liar. He talks about HIV as soon as he speaks. Why don’t you say that he has fourth-stage cancer?” Zhou Min scoffed.

Ye Chen took a glance at her and said while smiling, “You have HIV too, but don’t worry, I won’t help both of you.”

“Mr. Ye, please stop talking.” Ou Lan was about to weep in alarm. Never had she thought that Ye Chen would be so ridiculous.

Seeing her like that, Ye Chen said after a sigh, “Forget it. Let’s treat your mother first.” He entered the ward as he spoke.

Ou Guoliang stopped him immediately. “Who allowed you to go in? Get out now, or I’ll get people to chase you out.”

A ferocious gleam flashed in Ye Chen’s eyes. Ou Guoliang was frozen completely. He stood still as if he had turned into a rock.

“W-what did you do to him?” Zhou Min had a change of expression. Before she was done speaking, her body froze too.

Ou Lan had fear all over her face. “M-mr. Ye…”