Chapter 37

Chapter 37 of 100 chapters

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“Don’t worry. I’ve only struck their acupuncture points. They’ll be able to move in an hour. Oh yeah, guard the door for me. Don’t let anyone come in.”

Ye Chen walked straight into the ward and locked the door after he said that. He saw a middle-aged woman with disheveled hair sitting on the bed. She was giggling while playing with a doll in her embrace. Drool was dripping down her mouth, drenching her collar.

She was clearly Ou Lan’s mother, Shen Shuhua.

Ye Chen walked over and removed the doll in her hands. Before she managed to scream, he froze her by tapping between her brows. Subsequently, he fed her the Vitality Pill. He placed his palm on top of her head to refine the pill rapidly.

Over ten minutes later, the Vitality Pill was completely refined. Ye Chen waved and released her acupuncture point.

Shen Shuhua stopped struggling and screaming as a gleam of light flashed through her eyes. She asked instantly when she saw Ye Chen, “Who are you, Sir? Also, where am I?”

“What’s your daughter’s name?” Ye Chen asked.

“Ou Lan.”

“What’s your husband’s name?”

“Ou Guoliang.”

“What does he do?”

“He runs a shopping mall.”

Ye Chen proceeded to ask some questions while Shen Shuhua managed to answer them clearly and accurately. Finally, he said in satisfaction, “Congratulations, Aunt Shen. You’ve recovered. Come meet your daughter with me.”

He told Shen Shuhua about treating her and led her out of the ward.

Ou Lan, who was on guard outside, went to them immediately, “Mr. Ye? M-my mom…”

She noticed Shen Shuhua behind Ye Chen as she was halfway speaking. Completely stunned, she called out to her by instinct, “Mom?”

“Lanlan.” Shen Shuhua walked over to hug her emotionally. She wept, “My dear daughter!”

“Mom, y-you’ve been cured? Are you alright?” Ou Lan opened her eyes wide in disbelief. Was her Mom’s mental illness cured? Was she really normal now?

Shen Shuhua took a glance at Ye Chen with gratitude written all over her face. She said after wiping her tears off, “Yes. Thanks to Mr. Ye, I’ve recovered now. Lanlan, sorry for troubling you throughout these years.”

The mother and daughter hugged each other and started crying.

At the same time, Ou Guoliang and Zhou Min were overwhelmed with shock. Although they could not move, it did not mean that they could not see what was happening before them. It was less than 20 minutes since that brat went in and came out. They could not believe that he had really treated her.

It would take time to heal the ordinary flu and sneezing, but this was mental illness, one that even hospitals within and outside the country were helpless about.

Ou Lan lifted her head to look around after managing to calm herself down. The area was empty. She had no idea when Ye Chen left. She was rather disappointed as she thought, ‘Did he leave just like that? I didn’t manage to thank him.’

Shen Shuhua could not help but ask when she saw her looking lost, “Lanlan, what’s going on between you and Mr. Ye?”

“We’re just normal friends, Mom.” Ou Lan did not sense her mother’s hinting at all.

Shen Shuhua stole a glance at her in a flirtatious way. “My Lanlan is an adult now. You’re shy when you talk about your boyfriend. Don’t worry. You have my support. Moreover, although Mr. Ye looks like he’s a few years older than you and his looks are mediocre, he has extraordinary medical skills and is kind. I’m relieved if you are with him in the future.”

Ou Lan’s pretty face blushed. She said while stomping her feet, “What’s that nonsense, Mom? We’re really just normal friends. Furthermore, he already has a kid.”

Shen Shuhua could only release a sigh.

Ou Lan looked at the entrance of the hospital in deep thought. She could not help thinking about Ye Chen in her mind. Even though he just had an ordinary face, he stirred her heart.

‘He didn’t deceive me. He really does have medical skills. I feel sorry to have doubted him from the beginning until the end! What kind of person is he exactly?’ Ou Lan was overwhelmed with confusion and curiosity.

She met Ye Chen because of the little girl, Mengmeng. Ye Chen dressed simply with a mediocre appearance. Although Ou Lan did not look down on him, she did not care much. She spoke to him because of Mengmeng, and for Mengmeng only.

However, he had saved her from jumping into the lake yesterday and now he had treated her mother’s mental illness. Everything sounded like a dream.

For the first time, Ou Lan realized she had no idea about who this man was. He seemed to hide many things under his inconspicuous appearance.

After the mother and daughter caught up with each other, Shen Shuhua noticed Ou Guoliang and Zhou Min who were frozen next to her. She could not help but ask, “What’s wrong with your dad?”

Ou Lan scoffed and told her everything that happened. She proceeded to say, “Mr. Ye said that they will be able to move after being frozen for an hour.” By now, she had zero doubts about what Ye Chen said.

Shen Shuhua took a closer look at Ou Guoliang and Zhou Min with a complicated expression on her face. She said after a sigh, “Forget it. Get the doctors here and see if they can undo his acupuncture points. We’ll talk about the matter between him and me later.”

Though unwilling, Ou Lan went to get the doctors obediently.

Soon, the entire hospital was stirred because the hospital had sent all their Chinese medicine experts to the rescue. These experts knew the human acupuncture points like the back of their hands. However, they were shocked to find out that none of the experts could release Ou Guoliang and Zhou Min’s acupuncture points.

An old Chinese doctor with gray hair and the walking stick was among the crowd. He could not stop exclaiming as he looked at Ou Guoliang and Zhou Min who remained still. “What an extraordinary skill! This sure is some remarkable skill. I’ve been studying human acupuncture points for over 60 years and was trained by a remarkable Chinese doctor who is now deceased, yet I can’t see how that person managed to strike Mr. Ou and this lady’s acupuncture points.”

“This man must be a Chinese medicine master hidden among the people or some martial art master. Besides that, he knows human acupuncture points better than all of us. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call him the No. 1 in acupuncture points,” another old expert said while shuddering.

The entrance was chaos from all the blabbering. Ou Guoliang and Zhou Min were like monkeys that were being watched at the zoo whereby people were discussing them.

A young doctor said, feeling annoyed, “What’s the point of all this talking? What do we do now? We can’t just let them stand here, can we? I think we might as well just carry them to the beds.”

Someone was going to carry Ou Guoliang after the doctor said that.

“No!” The old Chinese doctor who spoke earlier stopped him immediately. “Don’t move them. Before we find out the solution, we shouldn’t touch people whose acupuncture points have been struck.”

“What will happen if we do?” The young doctor was slightly doubtful.

The old Chinese doctor took a deep breath in and said in all seriousness, “It’ll be harder to release the points as soon as you touch them and accidentally touch other acupuncture points. You might even threaten their lives. I’ve once seen a person whose acupuncture points were struck in Vietnam. His partner touched him and all of his bones were crushed on the spot.”

Ou Guoliang and Zhou Min were almost scared to death as soon as he said that. They were eager to condemn out loud upon seeing the people around them who were in disbelief and were tempted to touch them. ‘You f*ckers, don’t you dare!’

The head of the hospital showed up and said, “If that’s the case, we’ll just let them stand for an hour. We’ll decide what to do if that doesn’t work by then.”

The people nodded. They then stared at Ou Guoliang and Zhou Min. Over ten minutes later, the people covered their noses and mouths as two gusts of farts were heard. Ou Guoliang and Zhou Min fell onto the ground, rejoicing.

The old Chinese doctor stepped forward immediately and said emotionally, “Mr. Ou, tell me. Tell me who was the expert who struck your acupuncture points. I want to make him my master!”

“F*ck off!” Ou Guoliang almost cried from the scare. He said to the head of the hospital after pushing the old Chinese doctor away, “President Chen, please do a blood test for me right now. Do a full body check-up for me. I suspect that I have HIV!”