Chapter 39

Chapter 39 of 100 chapters

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It was brightly lit at the entrance of Lin City’s Jazz Palace KTV.

Ye Wen could not stop vomiting while holding onto a willow tree on the street. She was crying while vomiting. It was a hideous sight as she was like a drunkard.

“Why? Ye Chen, what did my family owe you in our past life? Why must you cling onto us like a herbal plaster? Why do you have to have such an ignorant face every day? I wouldn’t bother to look at you if not for my dad.

“You’re almost 30. Not only did your wife run away, but you also got yourself a job through a shortcut. My mom was right about you. You’re a piece of crap!

“I hate you, I really do!”

Meanwhile, Liu Feng, Zhao Qian, Zhang Li, Zhou Kai, and the rest kept comforting her.

“There, there Wenwen. Stop crying. Don’t be mad about that piece of crap. You’re the one at a loss if you break your body from being angry.

“Zhao Qian is right. Wenwen, if you’re still mad, I’ll get Zhou Kai and a few of them to beat that brat up. We will use a sack to wrap his head on his way home after work and give him a good beating to avenge you.”

“Don’t fool around, you guys. I think Ye is really something else. He might really be powerful when he fights. I suggest that we get Master Liu to fire him directly.”

Liu Feng patted Ye Wen’s shoulder and took over the conversation. “Don’t worry. It’s not the end with Ye. I’ll find an opportunity to fire him one day so that he will stop disgusting us.”

What the few of them had not noticed was Ye Chen currently standing across the street where they were. He was watching them quietly and heard everything that they said. He revealed a mocking smirk at the corner of his lips.

‘Huh, so this is what you think about your cousin. I know that you and Second Aunt look down on my family. You guys are even cold to us and pick on us intentionally.

‘I don’t mind all that. I even gave you an extremely precious protective magic tool for your birthday gift. The reason being, you’re my Second Uncle’s only daughter while he’s one of the few people who care about me in this world.

‘Forget it. Since you hate me so much, I’ll back away from your eyes directly. That would be mercy for both of us.’

Ye Chen shook his head lightly as he thought to this point. Just when he was going to turn around to leave, he noticed Ye Wen shove Liu Feng’s hand away all of a sudden.

“Go away! Don’t any of you dare follow me!” She covered her mouth as she crossed the street while staggering after saying that. She began running deep into the dark aimlessly.

Liu Feng and the rest had a change of expression. The traffic light turned red when they were going to chase after her. The long trail of traffic stopped them from moving.

Ye Chen frowned. Although he thought he would have ignored that, he eventually chased her as he just could not help it. She was his Second Uncle’s daughter after all.

Nonetheless, it would be the last time.

Although Ye Wen was drunk, she ran fast. She went deep into a dark alley, already feeling mad before this. She had been partying while being annoyed at the gift that Ye Chen got her, causing her to have an avalanche of emotions. She just wanted to release all of the unknown anger that she was feeling.


Perhaps because she ran too fast, she fell flat onto the ground. It was dark around her, and she could not tell where she was. She was half sober by then.

She stood up and shouted, “Liu Feng, Qianqian, Lili, Zhou Kai!”

However, nobody answered her. She began to panic at the moment. She thought of heading back from where she came from when she suddenly heard the roar of a bike and saw a strong beam of light coming at her.

A bike with two young men on it came straight for her. One of them was tall while the other was short. They had piercings in their ears as well as brightly dyed hair. Both of them were stunned to see Ye Wen at first. Then, they took a good look at her.

“Bro, this chick is hot!” The short, young man’s eyes lit up at the moment. He gulped as he spoke.

The tall, young man looked at Ye Wen with a lecherous look on his face. He said while rubbing his palms, “She’s more than hot. I can’t believe we’d find such a bombshell here.”

Ye Wen’s pretty face had a change of expression. She could not help but took a step back. “W-what do you guys want from me?”

“Pfft, what else? Of course, we want to f*ck you.” The tall, young man grinned as the lust in his eyes grew.

Ye Wen fell onto the ground in fear. She said while shaking, “Don’t you guys dare come closer, or I’ll scream.”

“Go ahead and scream. It’s useless even if you break your voice box from screaming in such a secluded place.” The tall, young man snickered.

Just when he was going to pounce at her, the short, young man said while scratching his head, “Bro, what you said is a little familiar. I think it’s a classic line that the bad guys say in TV dramas when they’re going to rape someone.”

“So?” the tall, young man said impatiently.

The short, young man hesitated before speaking again, “Usually when the villain says ‘it’s useless even if you break your voice box from screaming’, the male lead will show up to save the lady.”

The tall, young man turned his head immediately. Realizing that nobody was behind him, he turned his head back and gave the short, young man a slap. “You dumb*ass, I can’t believe you’re convinced by such a stupid storyline. Now hold onto this chick’s legs. Don’t let her move.”

He dove directly at Ye Wen after he was done speaking.


As a light noise came, he tore a big piece of the thin dress she was wearing. A significant part of her body was revealed.

“Stop, stop!” Ye Wen struggled with all of her might. Her beautiful body was shaking as her tears flowed uncontrollably.

At the moment, she deeply regretted what she did. She bemoaned throwing a tantrum and fleeing to such a secluded place.

Never had she thought that her retaliation would turn the two young men on. Another ripping sound came as the dress straps on Ye Wen broke.

“Bro, cover her mouth. Stop her from moving and screaming. It’ll be your turn after I’m done.” The tall, young man stretched his arm to remove his belt.

“No, I’m begging you!” Ye Wen held onto her vital parts tight, filled with despair.

“No? You’ll beg for more later. Women are all bitches who always say the opposite of what they want,” he mocked.

All of a sudden, there were footsteps approaching behind them when he was on top of Ye Wen and just about to perform the deed.

The footsteps were at a moderate pace, but they were loud and clear. It sounded as if the person was taking a stroll.

The tall, young man turned his head quickly. He said weakly while looking into the dark, “W-who’s there?”

The approaching footsteps were the only thing that responded to him.

The short, young man gulped as goosebumps rose on his skin. “Bro…could it be…a ghost?”

“I’m not scared of living humans. Do you think I’d be scared of ghosts? I’d love to see who is trying to play a fool over there.” The tall, young man was smiling instead of being mad. He took out his phone and shone the flashlight. However, he secretly had goosebumps too.

‘Holy sh*t, that line from the TV drama came true!’