Chapter 4

Chapter 4 of 100 chapters

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Bewilderment filled the lobby as the people watched Ye Chen approaching in shock.

‘He must be crazy!’

‘What a crazy young man!’

That was what everyone was thinking!

What was the Hongtai Club?

It was one of the very few rare private clubs in the entire Tiannan City. It was not open to the public and was run by a VIP invitation system. Those that managed to get in were none other than the celebrities from various industries.

There was no reason for the club to be operated like that other than the owner behind the club being Lin Tai!

Lin Tai!

Perhaps many people would not be able to react immediately upon hearing that name. However, when they heard the name Black Leopard, everyone would feel their scalps go numb and chills travel down their backs.

He was a grim, cold-blooded, brutal thug!

However, the young man before them came uninvited. He came in by breaking the door down, and even arrogantly announced to get Black Leopard Lin Tai to come out and accept his death!

Was this young man crazy or was he seeking death?

Expressionlessly, Ye Chen faced everybody’s stare. He sat on the closest couch to him and took out a cigarette slowly, then lit it by himself.

He was waiting!

He had already asked around on the way here, so he found out that Lin Tai would stay here every night without exception. This club could be considered his home.

Ye Chen’s behavior was beyond arrogant!

Many of them had their eyelids twitching. Besides having the guts to stir things up, he even had the mood to smoke!

The sound of footsteps came as three to five big guys came from each corner in the lobby. They wore black uniforms whilst each of them held a baton in their hand.

The leader was a young man in a suit who looked deadly ferocious. The security guards in charge of the scene were here, so it would be a good show for sure! The guests who were watching were elated as they revealed curiosity on their faces.

The young man in the suit brandished his baton. “Kill him and feed him to the dogs!” Those who were deeply involved in this industry would not say anything unnecessary.

As soon as he was done speaking, more than ten men dashed forward while waving their batons immediately. Their formation was neat while their steps were sturdy and strong. They were clearly trained.

Ye Chen stood up slowly and flicked the cigarette ashes away. As the people were approaching him, all he did was flick his finger. The cigarette butt shot into the air quickly, releasing sparks everywhere.

The two security guards who were racing forward at the forefront blocked the sparks with their hands by instinct. However, Ye Chen launched a kick, shooting both of them out and smashing many tables and chairs.

The crowd gasped in utter shock. Never had they thought that Ye Chen would defeat the duo in one hit. No wonder he was so arrogant. It seemed like he really was something!

The young man in the suit had a slight chance of expression, and he desperately peered at the third floor by instinct.

“You guys are too weak!” Ye Chen shook his head softly. He then dashed towards the remaining ten swiftly. He performed the most basic Gravity Tactic in the cultivation world, appearing like he was possessed by the god of battle. There would be devastating groans wherever he passed by.

Within a short few breaths, there were people lying everywhere on the ground. There was no exception!

At the moment, there was dead silence in the lobby. It was terrifyingly quiet. Everyone was so shocked that their jaws practically dropped. They could not be any more shocked!


Nobody knew who gulped, but the sound of everyone taking a sharp inhale echoed after that.

He was powerful! Terrifyingly powerful!

At the same time, in a room on the third floor of the club, two men stood by the window and looked beneath them. They saw everything that happened down there crystal clear.

They were a menacing hunk with a somber face and an old man in a martial outfit. The old man was approximately forty to fifty years old. However, his eyes were bright and he had an extraordinary imposing manner.

The grim hunk stared at Ye Chen beneath with somber eyes. “I’m speaking with a conscience. I’ve never offended him. However, this person is extremely arrogant. Am I really nothing to him?”

“Great. Is it because I announced that I’d never kill any longer or is that person out there so full of himself?” An intense murderous intent flashed through his body. Subsequently, he picked up his walkie-talkie in an attempt to get more people to fight this newcomer.

“Wait!” The old man in the martial outfit stopped him suddenly and said as if he was in deep thought, “Director Lin, this person might be an ancient martial artist. It’ll then be futile no matter how many people you send to fight him.”

The grim hunk’s expression changed immediately. “So, what do we do, Master Wu?”

Although Lin Tai was an overlord who was not afraid of any officials or wealthy men, there were many beings who were more powerful than he was in this world. They were ancient martial artists such as the old man, Wu Changchun, before him!

Wu Changchun smiled calmly. “Don’t worry. Judging by his young age and no aura that I can detect, I think his cultivation base must be low. Stay here and get me a cup of tea. I’ll be right back!”

“Thank you, Master Wu. I’ll repay you handsomely when this is over!” Lin Tai was elated.

Wu Changchun shook his head slightly and left calmly. He looked like he was taking a stroll.

“Master Wu is worthy of being called our superior!” Wu Changchun’s grandeur affected Lin Tai’s emotions. He looked at Ye Chen below them after exclaiming from the bottom of his heart. His eyes were dangerous as he growled, “You brat. I don’t care who you are, but don’t dream of leaving this place since you dare stir things up in my territory!”

On the ground floor, Ye Chen felt a chill coming from behind him all of a sudden as he kicked the young man in the suit who dashed at him. He turned around to look by instinct.

He saw an old man in a black martial outfit walking down the stairs slowly.

The old man’s pace was not that slow, but it gave an immense sense of suspense.

Someone among the crowd exclaimed upon seeing the old man, “It’s Master Wu Changchun from the Qingyang Martial Club!”

Another person seemed to have recalled something after hearing that as he looked shocked. “What? The old man is here?!”

“Who is this Master Wu that you guys are talking about?” Someone was still blur.

“Master Wu is the person in charge of the most popular marital club in Tiannan City. I heard he’s the successor of Wing Chun. He has martial art skills passed down his lineage. I witnessed him using too much strength when demonstrating to the students and he broke the wooden dummy with his fist!”

The people’s jaws dropped when they heard that, and they could not help but narrow their eyes at Ye Chen.

They seemed to say, ‘The real expert has appeared. Let’s see what you can do now!’

Ye Chen squinted as he glanced at Wu Changchun, a smile appearing at the corner of his lips.

This guy was something. He was pretty sturdy!

Wu Changchun was secretly shocked by how calm Ye Chen was. He said while smiling, “Brother, I’m Wu Changchun from the Qingyang Martial Club. I wonder what kind of misunderstanding you have with Director Lin. Can you give me face and sit while we talk about this?”

The people could not help but nod upon hearing that. No matter what, Master Wu’s demeanor alone made him worthy of being called an expert.

Ye Chen lit a cigarette and took a puff on his own as if he did not hear anything.

Wu Changchun frowned when he saw Ye Chen exhaling a smoke ring at him just when he was going to speak. Ye Chen smirked. “Give you face? Who do you think you are?!”

One should stay a distance away if one encountered someone who advised you to be magnanimous or ask you to give him face before learning what happened. This was because such a person would drag you down with him when he got into trouble.

Everyone was dumbstruck as soon as Ye Chen was done speaking. They thought they misheard.

Lin Tai, who was on the third floor, could not help but grin. “It’s so hard to understand young people nowadays. Isn’t it great to be alive?”

Wu Changchun’s face turned pale and green as he was livid!

“This brat has crossed the line!”