Chapter 40

Chapter 40 of 100 chapters

Chapter 40: Come Look at That Flying Man

A person walked slowly in the dark. He wore a gray robe and a clown mask on his face.

The short, young man was frightened immediately. “Brother, it’s a ghost!”

“Your mother’s a ghost. You dumba*s, that’s a human.” The tall, young man slapped him.

The short, young man felt wronged while mumbling as he held onto his cheek, “Your mother is my mother. Scolding my mother would mean scolding your own mother.”

The tall man took a dagger from the cargo box on his bike while holding his anger back. He shouted at the clown that was walking out of the dark, “Stay right there!”

The clown seemed to not have heard what he said whereby he proceeded to walk to Ye Wen who was shaking. He then took off his robe and covered her. He said, “Follow me!”

Ye Wen glanced at him weakly then glanced at the two young men. Eventually, she stood up from the ground while sobbing.

“Brother, he’s going to take the chick that we fancy away,” the short, young man said weakly.

“I’m going to kill you for sticking your nose in our business!” The tall, young man looked ferocious as he charged the dagger at the clown.

Ye Wen could not help but scream in fear. However, her scream came to a halt when she realized that the clown next to her had grabbed the young man’s hand.

“You…” The tall, young man was stunned.

The clown said nothing and tossed him into the air directly. He hurled him high into the sky just like that as though he was tossing a rotten egg out.

As Ye Wen covered her mouth, she almost screamed out loud from the surprise again. Her chest was undulating.

The person had tossed the man into the sky with merely one hand! W-was he human?

The short, young man watched that scene, looking dumbstruck. He said instinctively, “Brother, come look at that flying man.” Then, he subsequently looked around as he spoke, “Eh, where is my brother?”


As a loud thud came, a body fell from the sky. His face smashed hard onto the ground and his head was smashed in. Brain juice and fresh blood flowed out together.

Ye Wen had never seen such a gory scene before. She finally could no longer hold it back and screamed out loud. Subsequently, she felt her stomach twitch, so she then vomited while holding onto the wall.

The short, young man walked to the dead body with his eyes wide open. “My brother is gone. My brother is dead! You killed my brother! I’m going to kill you!”

He charged at the clown, mustering all of his strength in the attempt to kill him.

The clown lifted his hand and slapped him. The slap alone threw the man against the wall directly. His head was shoved deep in the wall, and his legs that were hanging outside stopped moving after a few twitches.

Ye Wen watched him in great fear. “You…you killed them. You killed them!”

“Shut your mouth if you don’t want to die!” the clown orderd coldly. He then dragged her out of the alley.

Ye Wen’s heart could not stop pounding. At the same time, while being grateful for the person for saving her, she was terrified of his powerful ability and cruel doings. She was worried that he might kill her to avoid her from telling anyone about this.

Fortunately, the person said nothing or done anything.

The concern Ye Wen secretly had faded slowly. She could not help but ask while looking at his strange getup, “Hey, who are you?”

The clown was silent.

“You must be the legendary ancient martial artist, aren’t you?” Ye Wen was getting more and more daring. She heard Liu Feng mention ancient martial artists when he was boasting. He said that ancient martial artists would kill people like they were killing chickens. They were evidently superior to ordinary people.

In reality, Liu Feng had never seen one. He had only heard that from someone else. Although that was the case, Ye Wen, Zhao Qian, and the rest were impressed.

The clown remained silent.

Ye Chen did not mind that. Instead, she said while chuckling, “Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone about you killing them, but why did you save me?” That was what puzzled her the most. The person had appeared as if he was looking for her. Could he have known that she was in danger?

Most importantly, he was in a disguise, so nobody could see his face clearly with a helmet on. Due to the poor lighting, nobody could see his body and what he was wearing clearly.

“We’re here!”

The clown stopped all of sudden as they were getting out of the alley.

Knowing that it was time for them to part ways, Ye Wen had a sense of longing that came out of nowhere. She said while her pretty face blushed a little, “Since you saved my life, can you take off your mask to show me what you look like? I’ll repay the favor in the future.”

“There’s no need!” the clown said coldly and proceeded to walk into the shadows again.

Ye Wen shouted immediately, “Hey, at least tell me your name?”

The clown did not even turn his head. He disappeared within the blink of an eye.

“Pfft, do you think you’re cool? You’re just like that Ye guy.” Ye Wen stomped her foot, looking disappointed. She proceeded to speak, “But you’re so much more powerful than that guy. He’s pretending to be solemn because he’s introverted, but you? Perhaps you’re the lonely hero that people always talk about.”

As she was talking, Liu Feng and the rest’s shouts came from far away. Ye Wen threw a quick glance into the alley and walked to the street to wave at Liu Feng and the rest who were far away.

Liu Feng rushed over with the rest immediately. He took a good look at her and asked in concern, “Where did you go, Wenwen? We were worried sick.”

“I didn’t go anywhere!” Ye Wen replied coldly. She might have been a little touched to see Liu Feng showing his feelings in the past.

However, after experiencing that earlier, Liu Feng’s position in her heart deteriorated instantly. It was replaced by the clown in the mask with a cold imposing manner but was brutal when he attacked. Liu Feng might be wealthy and was quite handsome, but money did not define a man’s charisma. A man’s strength was the most important factor.

What women lacked was a sense of security. Moreover, the person had just saved her life earlier, so she could determine their differences immediately.

Liu Feng was slightly taken aback. He seemed to have noticed the distance in her words. “What’s wrong, Wenwen?”

“I said I’m fine. Aren’t you just being annoying?” Ye Wen said impatiently.

Zhao Qian, who was standing aside, took out the bracelet and said, “Oh yeah, you accidentally dropped it at the karaoke. The staff passed it to us after they found it.”

“Isn’t this the trash that Ye Chen gave Wenwen? Why keep it? Throw it away,” Liu Feng snickered and he was going to take the bracelet.

Ye Wen seemed to have thought of something. She snatched it back and scoffed, “Why throw it away? I’ll return it to him tomorrow. I don’t want his gift.”

“Oh yeah, I’ll find an excuse to fire him after you return this to him tomorrow,” Liu Feng said while grinning.

“It’s kind of late. Let’s go home.” Zhang Li yawned sleepily.

Subsequently, the few of them left after getting into the car.

Ye Chen looked calm as he watched the car driving away while standing far away. Eventually, he turned around and rushed home. This was the last time! After all, he did this to repay his Second Uncle’s kindness.