Chapter 41

Chapter 41 of 100 chapters

Chapter 41: Nine Dragons Bay

The next day, Ye Chen did not go to work. Instead, he headed straight to the villa that Lin Tai had given him — Nine Dragons Bay.

Nine Dragons Bay was located in the Lin City villa development zone. It happened to be in the middle with an artificial lake surrounding it. Because it looked like nine soaring dragon heads and tails that were connected, it was called Nine Dragons Bay.

Ye Chen could not help but nod in satisfaction as he looked at the villa across him while standing by the artificial lake. It seemed like Lin Tai had lost a lot of money to please him.

He did not choose to row a boat across. Instead, he performed the Lightness Art and leaped onto the lake directly, running across the lake at a high speed.

His body was like a dragon and a tiger. There were ripples wherever the tip of his toes touched the water, but he showed no signs of falling at all. If someone were to witness this, the person would definitely be shocked that he could not speak.

He arrived at the entrance of the villa within a few breaths. As he was taking the keys out to open the door, an old man in a traditional tunic ran out from the villa.

“Are you Mr. Ye?” the old man asked respectfully after opening the steel door.

Ye Chen asked, “Are you Lin Tai’s man?”

“My name is Li Fu, Mr. Ye. You can call me Ah Fu. Brother Leopard told me to get here much earlier to serve you, including your daily chores and cleaning of the villa.” Ah Fu bowed low.

Ye Chen nodded and subsequently walked into the villa while Ah Fu followed him closely. A garden, swimming pool, and a jacuzzi entered his sight. As they walked around, Ah Fu would tell him more about the house every now and then.

At the Lin City development zone general administration office, Ye Ming, who was the office deputy director, looked at his wife, daughter and Liu Ming before him and said, feeling a little helpless, “Why are you guys here?”

After that, he spoke to Xiaowu who was working, then led the three of them behind him outside of the general administration office. After all, it was not a place to chat. When they arrived at a mountain behind the general administration office, they had a panoramic view of the villas at the foot of the mountain.

Ye Ming then turned his head to say to Ye Wen while looking at her, “I don’t think today is a holiday. Why aren’t you at work?”

Ye Wen said nothing with her head down.

“Why would she go to work? Our dear daughter is mad at that guy!” Ye Wen’s mother, Yang Hui, who was standing aside, said in an angry tone.

Ye Ming was stunned as he asked, “Which guy? What exactly happened?”

“It’s that nephew of yours, Ye Chen!”

Yang Hui glared at him and scoffed as she spoke, “It was Wenwen’s birthday yesterday. That perfect nephew of yours got her something worthless in front of her colleagues.”

Ye Ming was puzzled. “Is that it? You guys know better than me about Xiaochen’s family situation. It’s great that he got you something. Why do you have to be so calculative?”

“What are you saying? Are you saying that our daughter’s dignity means nothing?” Yang Hui screamed at him in a deadly high pitch, “That’s why I asked you not to bring him into Wenwen’s company. You didn’t listen to me. Now, that guy is messing around in the company, causing our Wenwen to lose her dignity.”

Ye Meng frowned and looked at Ye Wen. “Wenwen, is that true?”

Liu Feng, who was standing aside, said immediately, “That’s not all, Uncle Ye. Ever since Ye Chen joined our company, he has never respected our colleagues and leaders. He’s lazy and pessimistic. He comes late to work and leaves early. If he isn’t Wenwen’s cousin, I would’ve fired him since the beginning.”

One could say that Liu Feng made Ye Chen an evil bastard just to defame him. Ye Wen, who had been looking down, lifted her head to look. Her lips moved slightly but she said nothing. Although Liu Feng had made up a lot of things, she did not explain in the end because that guy was a pain in the a*s.

Ye Ming shook his head. Until now, he refused to believe what they were saying because from what he remembered, Ye Chen had always been an obedient and sensible kid.

Sensing Ye Ming’s reaction, Yang Hui could not help but scoff before she spoke, “Did you hear that? Even Liu Feng said that, so how could it be a lie? Ye Ming, I don’t understand you. You’re the Deputy Director of the Development Zone Office after all. Why must you care so much for such trash like him?”

“Because he’s my nephew. His father and I are brothers by blood from the same mother!” Ye Ming looked at her and said in his deep voice expressionlessly.

Noticing that her parents were going to fight, Ye Wen stopped them all of a sudden. “Alright, please stop fighting. I’m so annoyed!”

At the same time, the irritation she had for Ye Chen peaked. That guy was to be blamed. If not for him, she would not have been almost sexually harassed last night. If not for him, her parents would not be fighting now.

“Look, you guys. That person looks like Ye Chen,” Liu Feng exclaimed out of nowhere at that time.

The few of them looked around, following where he was pointing. They saw a skinny, young man walking out of the villa.

“It’s really him. He’s like a lost soul.” Yang Hui’s face became solemn at the moment. “But why is he at the villa?”

“Only billionaires stay there. Could he be stealing?” Liu Feng said in a sarcastic manner. He had always been yearning for the treasure land in the development zone. The cheapest house cost 20,000 yuan per square feet. Especially with Nine Dragons Bay in the middle, it was not an exaggeration to call it a palace among the villas.

However, he was merely yearning. He knew that with his capabilities, he could not afford anything even if he worked hard for a few hundred years.

Yang Hui glanced at Ye Ming and ridiculed, “Look at your perfect nephew. I can’t believe he’s stooping so low that he’s stealing.”

“Stop all of your nonsense!” Ye Ming’s expression turned a little grim. He then took out his phone to call Ye Chen.

Ye Chen had just walked out of Nine Dragons Bay. As he was going home, he received Second Uncle’s call that came out of nowhere. He lifted his head and glanced at the mountain. As expected, he saw Second Uncle and the rest.

He walked out immediately. He peered at Liu Ming and Ye Wen in utter surprise. Subsequently, he said to Ye Ming while smiling, “Second Uncle, why are you guys here?”

Ye Wen turned around to avoid looking at him. Meanwhile, Yang Hui had a disdainful look on her face while Liu Feng was secretly gloating.

“Your Second Aunt visited me, so I thought I would chat with them out here,” Ye Ming said casually and deviated the subject while looking at Ye Chen. He asked, “Why are you here, Xiaochen?”

Although he said that, he was secretly anxious. He was worried that Ye Chen was really stealing from the place they called the tycoon zone.

Though Ye Wen had her back to Ye Chen, she was listening with all ears. Meanwhile, Yang Hui and Liu Feng glared deadly at Ye Chen. They were excited to hear what he was going to say.

Ye Chen smiled and said, “Second Uncle, I’m here to look at the villa.”

“Look at the villa? Did you get one here?” Ye Ming was stunned.

Ye Chen nodded. “You can say that.”

Yang Hui snickered out loud as soon as Ye Chen was done speaking. She said, “You bought a villa in the development zone? Are you sure you’re not lying to us?”

“Ye Chen, don’t you think you’re a little too much with your bragging? Do you know how much is the average price of the houses in this development zone?”

Liu Feng could not help but laugh out loud. He then said while showing two fingers, “Let me tell you. It’s 25,000 yuan per square feet. The lowest one would be 17,800 yuan per square feet. Those who can afford to buy houses here are all billionaires.”

He looked at Ye Chen haughtily after saying that. He seemed to be anticipating the panic of being busted on Ye Chen’s face. However, Ye Chen merely gave a perfunctory response.

Ye Wen was secretly shaking her head. ‘It’s hopeless. He’ll never change.’

The smile on Ye Ming’s face turned cold slowly. He was faintly disappointed because even he thought that Ye Chen was lying.

Yang Hui crossed her arms across her chest and said with a mysterious expression, “You said that you bought a villa here. Sure, point it to us now. Let’s see which one is it. Your Second Uncle might know it.”

“That’s right. Uncle Ye is the deputy director after all. He monitored the construction of those villas himself,” Liu Feng said as if he wanted to start a war.

Ye Chen looked at Ye Ming and subsequently turned around and pointed at Nine Dragons Bay at the foot of the mountain. He said, “That one.”

“Hahaha…” Liu Feng was stunned at first, but he was the first to laugh out loud while holding his tummy. “Ye Chen, are you saying that you bought Nine Dragons Bay?”

“Actually, I didn’t buy it. Somebody gave it to me,” Ye Chen said while smiling.

Yang Hui turned her head to look at Ye Ming’s stern face. She said in a gloating manner, “Oh, no. This nephew of yours is completely hopeless.” Although she knew nothing about property, she knew that Nine Dragons Bay was the best villa among all. The rest cost 20,000 to 30,000 yuan per square feet. Would that not mean that Nine Dragons Bay would cost 50,000 to 60,000 per square feet?

If that was the case, the villa with amenities including a swimming pool, a garden, and a garage, the selling price would be at least 70 million yuan. Who would be so dumb to give someone 70 million yuan?

Ye Ming took a deep breath. He looked at Ye Chen and said with a complicated expression, “Oh, Xiaochen, why do you do this? Sigh…” He was deeply disappointed at Ye Chen at the moment.

Ye Wen chuckled. She thought to herself, ‘Dad, now you finally know what kind of person this guy is.’

“Uncle Ye, since Ye Chen keeps insisting that Nine Dragons Bay belongs to him, why don’t we get him to show us what the luxurious villa looks like?” Liu Feng said out of nowhere with his bright eyes.

Yang Hui reacted immediately and could not stop nodding. “That’s right. Perhaps Xiaochen has become a wealthy man secretly within the five years he disappeared. We must see it for ourselves.”