Chapter 42

Chapter 42 of 100 chapters

Chapter 42: Get the Speedboat Over

Seeing Yang Hui and Liu Feng trying their best to provoke Ye Chen, Ye Ming could not help but say, “Forget it. Xiaochen is just joking. Don’t take him seriously. Go home now.”

Yang Hui opened her mouth and eventually scoffed. On the other hand, Liu Feng was disappointed. He was dying to see Ye Chen make a fool out of himself. However, since Ye Ming already issued such a statement, he would look like a bully if he persisted.

As the few of them were planning to leave, Ye Chen said without even thinking, “Sure. Second Uncle, I happen to be free today. If you guys really want to take a look, I can bring you guys over now.”

The few of them were stunned when they heard that as they thought they had gotten it wrong.

Ye Wen took a glance at him with pure irritation. ‘Until when do you want to put up this farce? My dad made an excuse for you, but you’re too dumb to realize it. Now, you still want to go along with it. Your lie will be busted sooner or later.’

“Xiaochen, you…” Ye Ming frowned as he had no idea what he should say at such a time.

Liu Feng was secretly elated. He interrupted immediately, “Uncle Ye, since Ye Chen extended the invite, let’s take a look. Otherwise, he may think that we’re being rude.”

‘Ye Chen, oh, Ye Chen! You’re humiliating yourself this time! I’d love to see how you’re going to take care of the disaster when your lie is busted soon!’ he thought to himself.

Ye Ming glimpsed at Ye Chen helplessly. Just when he was going to speak, Yang Hui grabbed his hand and dragged him along while walking. “Why are you still talking? Your nephew is doing well now. It makes sense that he invited a senior like you to see the luxurious house that he just bought.”

Ye Wen did not want to go initially. However, seeing that Ye Chen was pretending to be calm, she became exasperated. She clenched her teeth and headed to the villas with the rest.

As he walked, Ye Ming shook his head. He was secretly figuring out how to get Ye Chen out of the embarrassing situation later. At the same time, he would teach him a lesson under the premise of not hurting his dignity.

Some ten minutes later, the few of them arrived at the artificial lake across Nine Dragons Bay. From a distance, they soaked in the beautiful scenery around Nine Dragons Bay. All of them were stunned by the so-called palace of the villas across them.

Seeing that the land come to a halt before them, Yang Hui glanced at Ye Chen and scoffed. She gloated, “Oh, Xiaochen, the land stops here. I wonder how will you, as the master, bring us across?”

“It’s an artificial lake around here. The lake should be over ten meters wide, and there isn’t any bridge around. I guess the owner of the villa wants this to prevent any Tom, Dick, or Harry from going over.” Liu Feng smiled while introducing the surroundings. He emphasized the words ‘Tom, Dick or Harry’ on purpose, even darting a quick glance at Ye Chen to hint.

Ye Ming sighed and took over the conversation, “This villa belongs to the tycoon, Lin Tai. You guys may not have heard of Lin Tai, but you guys should know Brother Leopard.”

“Brother Leopard?” Liu Feng inhaled sharply and looked shocked. “The Brother Leopard who controls the entire Lin City’s underground, whereby his power terrorizes the entire three Tiannan Provinces?” He knew a little about Brother Leopard. He still remembered that they had offended Brother Leopard’s underling, Brother Viper, back at the cyber cafe. Chen Wu, who conquered the East Street, had been as timid as a quail in the presence of Viper.

So, how terrifying would Brother Leopard be?

“It’s him,” Ye Ming confirmed as fear filled his face, “You guys have no idea that besides being brutal in the underground world, nobody dares to offend him anywhere. It’s not an exaggeration to say that he conquers both the underground world and above the ground.”

“Xiaochen, didn’t you say that this villa belongs to you? What happened to Brother Leopard?” Yang Hui looked at Ye Chen, pretending to be confused.

Ye Chen smiled calmly. “It belonged to Lin Tai until he then gave it to me.”

“Oh god. Ye Chen, can you stop pretending?”

Liu Feng could no longer hold it back and began to taunt him, “Brother Leopard isn’t someone that you should offend. You said that his villa is yours and now you’re bringing us over. You’ll just be dragging us with you if he finds out.”

“Nah, he won’t dare to do that.” Ye Chen smiled lightly and made a call on his phone. He told the person on the other side of the phone, “Get the speedboat over.”

The smirk on Liu Feng’s face grew when he heard that. He said inwardly, ‘Ambition never dies until there is no way out, so go on and pretend. If you really offend Brother Leopard, I’ll be the first to say that you really deceived us.’

Ye Wen glanced at Ye Chen in disgust. She told Ye Ming and Yang Hui, “Dad, Mom, let’s go back. This is stupid.” She really did not even want to look at Ye Chen. She could not believe that he was still faking it at such a time. He even pretended to get a speedboat to pick them up as if it was really happening.

Just when she uttered those words, a loud thump came from the lake across them. Subsequently, a white speedboat broke the silence on the lake and flew across at high speed.

“There’s really a speedboat coming?” Yang Hui was shocked as she glanced at Ye Chen without blinking. Could that villa really be his?

Liu Feng shook his head and said in an opinionated manner, “It isn’t here to pick us up. The master must’ve seen us lingering around, so he’s pissed off!”

Yang Hui and Ye Ming could not help but panic a little upon hearing what Liu Feng said. Yang Hui glared coldly at Ye Chen. “It’s your fault for dragging us with you.”

“Forget it. I’ll try to talk to them when they get here.” Ye Ming forced a smile.

Ye Chen smiled without saying anything. Soon, the speedboat arrived by the lakeside where the few of them were standing. An old man in a traditional tunic nimbly leaped off the speedboat immediately. He wore a pair of gold-framed glasses and had an extraordinary imposing manner.

Could he be the master of the villa?

As they were deep in their own thoughts, they saw the old man, Li Fu, come onshore and sprint to Ye Chen.

As everyone was dumbstruck, they saw the old man bow to Ye Chen properly and greet him respectfully, “Mr. Ye, your loyal butler, Ah Fu, is here.” He did not even glance at any one of them throughout the whole interaction.

At the moment, everyone apart from Ye Chen was stunned. Dead silence filled the space.

Ye Chen nodded calmly and stretched his hand to point at Ye Ming standing by the side. He said, “I want to bring my relatives to look at the house. This is my Second Uncle, Ye Ming. He’s currently the deputy director of the general administration office in the development zone.”

“My pleasure to meet you, Director Ye. I’ve always heard about an extraordinarily righteous and strong office director over there, but I’ve never met that man. Now that I’ve finally met you today, you sure live up to your name.” Li Fu smiled at Ye Ming in an extremely friendly manner.

Ye Ming began waving nervously as he panicked. He gulped and said, “X-Xiaochen, i-is Nine Dragons Bay really yours?” He had no idea how to describe what he was feeling at the moment. Although he had seen the old man before, the latter had an intimidating behavior which indicated that a deputy director like him was nothing to him. Furthermore, he had not been as friendly as he was right now.

Ye Chen smiled and attempted to speak, but Li Fu took over the conversation, “Director Ye, Nine Dragons Bay indeed belongs to Mr. Ye. It was Brother Leopard who gave it to him.”

When that was confirmed, Ye Ming felt like his world was spinning.

Ye Wen’s lips opened slightly as disbelief filled her beautiful eyes. Subsequently, she felt scorching warmth on her face. So, he did not lie from the beginning, yet she had thought he was pretending…

Yang Hui’s face was turning pale. She could not speak as if someone was choking her.

Among them, Liu Feng was the most dramatic one. At the moment, he could not stop swallowing his saliva while cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

“Mr. Ye”, “butler”, “it was Brother Leopard who gave it to him”… Those keywords were echoing in his head.

‘I-is he really the same man who has been making a fool out of himself? The same guy who got into the company by going through a shortcut, the apathetic man who dresses poorly?’