Chapter 43

Chapter 43 of 100 chapters

Chapter 43: Trouble from Liu Feng

As the situation fell into pin-drop silence for a while, Ye Wen wiped her tears and looked at Ye Chen. She chuckled in a teasing manner, “Ye Chen, is this fun for you?”

Ye Chen could not help but frown. He had no idea what she was trying to say.

“If you have a luxurious house like this, why did you get me to bring you into the company? Why did you leave such a bad impression on me? If you’re so wealthy, why did you have to humiliate me by giving me such a birthday gift? Huh? Is it fun for you to play pretend? Is it fun for you to make a fool out of someone who is weaker than you? If you’re pretending, why didn’t you just pretend all the way until the very end?” Ye Wen was crying louder and louder as she went on.

Ye Chen said calmly, “I have no such intention at all.”

The reason why he went into the company was that he did not want to reject his Second Uncle’s kindness. Secondly, it was considered a relief to his parents.

He had never planned to announce the fact that he owned the villa. This only happened because Yang Hui and Liu Feng fanned the flames.

“Wenwen, how can you speak to your cousin like that?” Ye Ming condemned his daughter seeing that she was expressing herself so rudely.

“Just let me speak my mind! I’m so done with all of you!” Ye Wen shouted and turned around. She ran away while covering her face.

“Wenwen!” Yang Hui had a change of expression. She glared deadly at Ye Chen as if he did something unforgivable. Subsequently, she chased after Wenwen.

Liu Feng seized the opportunity to go after her. He did not want to stay even for a second, let alone do other things such as visiting the villa.

Ye Chen glanced in the direction where they left, then lifted his head to look at Ye Ming next to him. “Second Uncle, I…”

“There’s no need to apologize, Xiaochen. You’ve done nothing wrong. It was I who spoiled Wenwen since she was young. I allowed her to behave arrogantly. Given that your Second Aunt can’t stop giving her the wrong ideas, it caused her to hate you before really knowing you,” Ye Ming said as he patted his shoulder with regret filling his face. He shook his head and left as well.

Ye Chen stayed where he was for a while. He also rushed home after asking Li Fu to return.

At the Ou family’s villa in Lin City, Ou Guoliang was shaking when he saw his test report come out positive when he retrieved it from the hospital. He felt like the world was spinning.

Positive! Ye Chen was right! He really had HIV!


Zhou Min fell weakly onto the ground.

Ou Guoliang reacted immediately as soon as he saw her. He walked over and began kicking and beating her. “It’s all your fault, bitch!”

Apart from Ou Lan’s mother, he only had sex with Zhou Min throughout his life. Even since Shen Shuhua developed mental illness three years ago, he had never touched her. So, the only explanation for him contracting HIV was Zhou Min.

“You bitch, tell me honestly, apart from me, exactly how many people have you slept with?” Ou Guoliang’s face turned deadly ferocious as he demanded. After all, it was HIV, for which there was no cure.

Zhou Min shrieked while shuddering, “Apart from you, I-I had sex with Master Ding!”

“Ding Lei?” Ou Guoliang saw red color his vision.

Ding Lei was the general manager of Shenghua Group, whom Ou Guoliang wanted his daughter to marry. He never thought that his mistress would be in a secret relationship with his future son-in-law!

Zhou Min sobbed, “It’s him. Master Ding never wanted to put on a condom and asked me to take morning-after pills. I didn’t expect this to happen…”

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Ou Guoliang slapped her while clenching his teeth. He almost passed out from the rage. Zhou Min held onto her swollen cheek and cried, “Stop beating me, Guoliang! Stop it. There’s still hope for us. That mantress, I mean, Miracle Doctor Ye must have a solution to save us.”

Miracle Doctor Ye? Ou Guoliang was stunned at first, then he subsequently recalled Ye Chen. Joy spread across his face, and he said emotionally, “That’s right. He can save us, he must save us.”

Back then, not only could Ye Chen tell that both of them had HIV, but he had even treated his wife’s mental illness. His technique was indeed miraculous. However, recalling how he had behaved toward Ye Chen earlier, that sliver of hope was extinguished quickly. He began beating Zhou Min again. “Bitch, it’s all your fault! Why did you have to call Miracle Doctor Ye a manstress?”

“Guoliang, Ou Lan is friends with the miracle doctor. Their relationship isn’t as simple as you think. As long as you beg Ou Lan, Miracle Doctor Ye will definitely save us because of her,” Zhou Min pleaded.

Ou Guoliang looked like he had just woken up from a dream. “That’s right. Miracle Doctor Ye seems to be fond of Lanlan. As long as I accept him as my son-in-law, he’ll definitely save me. That’s right. He definitely will…”

The next morning, Ye Chen got a call from Gu Shaokun that came out of nowhere right after he just dropped Mengmeng off at school and was going to the Nine Dragons Bay. “Mr. Ye, we’ve completed the transfer of the Lamborghini and the company shares for you. Do you have time to drop by?”

“Company shares?”

“Yes, company shares. You should know Yaffle Cosmetics Limited Company, don’t you? My wife, Fang Yuan, is the director of the company and she has a 60% share. We’ve transferred it under your name.”

Ye Chen was slightly stunned when he heard that. He asked uncertainly, “Are you sure it’s Yaffle Cosmetics Limited Company?”

“That’s right. I got their board of directors to organize a meeting, and they’ve appointed you as director!” Gu Shaokun repeated.

“Alright, I got it now. I’ll drop by the office.” Ye Chen hung up the call after the brief response. He was shocked.

Was that not the company that he worked for? How could it be such a coincidence?

He shook his head and flagged down a cab to rush to Yaffle Cosmetics Limited Company. He had to drop by no matter what.

As soon as he arrived at the office, Ye Chen saw Liu Feng just as he was going to the director’s office.

Liu Feng’s expression was awkward After all, what happened yesterday was still fresh in his head. When he recalled that, he felt the heat rush to his face.

‘I can’t stand this. I must think of a way to fire this brat. Otherwise, with his ability, he’ll be a threat to me sooner or later. Go ahead and be arrogant, Ye Chen. As long as you’re still in the company, my position is higher than yours. There’s nothing that you can do if I put you in trouble.’

Liu Feng smirked happily as he thought about this. He called out to Ye Chen directly, “Ye Chen, come here. There’s something that I need to talk to you about.”

Ye Chen stood still and looked at him.

“What’s wrong with you, Ye Chen? Do you think we’re nothing to you just because you have a luxurious house?” Liu Feng’s face turned grim and he threatened, “Don’t you forget that you’re still an employee of the company while I’m your superior. I have the power to order you to work for the company.”

Work for the company?

Ye Chen smiled and followed him to the sales office with his interest piqued. At the moment, everyone was in the office. They seemed to gloat at him. However, Ye Wen was the only one who pretended to not see him.

All of a sudden, Liu Feng said with a grin after Ye Chen took his seat, “Ye Chen, it’s been days since you joined the company. You should be familiar with our company’s sales. Now, I’m assigning you a sales target. If you fail to achieve that, not only will your salary be deducted, but you’ll be fired too.”

“What’s the target?” Ye Chen smiled calmly. Was he finally showing his cards?

Liu Feng turned around and grabbed a document from his table. He placed it before Ye Chen and said in all seriousness, “Our company sells cosmetics, so naturally, our target is to promote cosmetics to our key accounts. There are two key accounts in this document and your objective is to promote our products to them.”

As soon as Liu Feng was done speaking, Zhao Qian, who was listening by the side, could not help but say while chuckling, “Ye Chen, every one of us in the sales department has a fixed sales target. You were new, so you didn’t get any.”

Although she said that in a composed manner, she was almost laughing out loud from the absurdity of the target Ye Chen was assigned because the two key accounts that Liu Feng had arranged for Ye Chen were the most difficult and bad-tempered clients.

The people in the office had taken turns to pitch to the clients, but they were all abused by Ou Guoling. Meanwhile, Shen Shuhua had a mental illness. How was it possible to promote products to a mentally-ill person?

Some of the seniors in the office shook their heads secretly. A smart person would know that Liu Feng was going to seize this opportunity to make things difficult for Ye Chen and then fire him.

Ye Chen picked up the document at ease. He saw two names on it. They were Ou Guoliang and Shen Shuhua. At the moment, he had an odd expression on his face.

Liu Feng thought he was going to bail, so he added immediately, “I’m not bullying you. These two clients are the best when it comes to talking. If you fail, don’t blame me for pulling the plug.”

Ye Wen pretended she heard nothing while she continued drawing with a pen, holding her head low. She was focused on sketching a person walking in the dark. The person wore a clown mask.

Ye Chen glanced at Liu Feng with a mysterious expression. “Are you sure you want me to promote cosmetic products to these two people?”

“Of course. Call them now. You must persuade one of them by the end of the day,” Liu Feng instructed.

Just when he thought Ye Chen would concede to the ridiculous task, he said while smiling, “I don’t need the whole day. I can persuade them within ten minutes.”

Everyone in the office gasped when he said that. They thought they heard it wrong.

“Ten minutes?” Zhang Li snickered out loud and said while looking in disdain, “Ye Chen, don’t you think that’s too much bravado?”

Zhou Kai and Zhao Qian howled with laughter until they could not stand straight as if they had heard something funny.

Ye Wen jeered at him secretly, ‘Do you think you can do anything just because you have a villa? Ou Guoliang is the senior director of the Tianchen Group. He’s worth ten times more than you. Your insignificant asset means nothing to him.’

“Sure, we’ll take your word. Get out of the office if you fail to persuade them within ten minutes!” Liu Feng made that an official statement directly since he was afraid that Ye Chen would back out all of a sudden.