Chapter 44

Chapter 44 of 100 chapters

Chapter 44: You’re Fired

At Lin City’s Winner Hotel, Ou Lan looked helplessly at Ou Guoliang and Zhou Min before her. Since her mother, Shen Shuhua, was healed, both of them had been staying at a hotel. They wanted to cut ties with Ou Guoliang.

She never expected him to come to them himself.

Shen Shuhua sat aside quietly. There was no emotion in her eyes as she looked at Ou Guoliang and Zhou Min as if they were strangers.

Ou Guoliang did not mind that the mother and daughter were being cold to him at all. After slapping Zhou Min to the ground, he said to the mother and daughter while looking regretful, “Lanlan, wifey, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for my behavior towards both of you earlier. I’m not a man. I’ve been blinded by lust.”

He slapped himself while wailing, “But I’ve gotten the punishment that I deserve! I’ve contracted HIV and I’ll definitely die.”

Shen Shuhua scoffed. It was such an irony for her husband to have had sex with another woman and end up contracting HIV.

“Dad, do you really have HIV?” Ou Lan could not help but ask. At the same time, she was shocked because she did not expect Ye Chen to be right about that.

Ou Guoliang forced a smile. “The test result came out positive. Lanlan, I know that you’re close to Miracle Doctor Ye. I’m begging you to get him to save me. I made a mistake. I won’t force you to marry Ding Lei any longer. Instead, I support you being with the miracle doctor!”

“What are you talking about, Dad?” Ou Lan’s cheeks were flushing crimson instantly as she ground out between her teeth in annoyance, “It isn’t what you think between Ye Chen and me.” Her reaction confirmed Ou Guoliang’s speculation.

Just when Ou Guoliang clenched his teeth and was about to kneel to Ou Lan, Ye Chen picked up the phone and called him following Liu Feng’s impatient urging.

“The time starts now. You have ten minutes.” Liu Feng turned on the timer on his phone with a smug expression.

Zhao Qian, Zhang Li, and the rest stared at Ye Chen. They were secretly anticipating Ye Chen to receive the cold shoulder later. He would then be fired and had to leave the company.

Ou Guoliang’s phone rang just when he was going to bend down. With the veins on his face bulging, he began lecturing as soon as he picked up the phone, “Aren’t you salespeople just annoying? I’ve told you that I don’t want any of your stuff. I’ll sue you for harassment if you ever call again!”

He had HIV now. Together with what happened with Ding Lei, he was irate and would not be in the mood to buy cosmetics.

Ye Chen said calmly, “I’m Ye Chen!”

Liu Feng snickered out loud upon hearing that. ‘You are Ye Chen? Why don’t you say that you’re Chow Yun Fatt?’

“I don’t care if you’re Ye Chen or Wang Chen! I’ve no mood to…” Ou Guoliang shrieked. However, he froze when he was halfway speaking. He stuttered with his eyes wide open, “Y-You’re Ye Chen, as in the miracle doctor Ye?”

The voice was so familiar. It had been a nightmare to him before. However, now that he heard it again, it was even sweeter than the voice of an angel.

Just when Ye Chen was about to respond calmly, he heard Ou Guoliang sobbing, “Miracle Doctor Ye, help me. Please help me. I didn’t mean to offend you before. Please forgive me…”

Ye Chen said good-naturedly, “I called to promote cosmetic products to you, but I don’t think you want it based on your tone earlier. Since that’s the case, let’s forget it.” He was about to hang up.

“Wait! Wait, Miracle Doctor Ye!” Ou Guoliang panicked. “Miracle Doctor Ye, I want the cosmetic products. I want everything that you have. I want them no matter how much you’re going to charge me!”

Ye Chen turned his head and looked smugly at Liu Feng who was dumbstruck. “Oh, how many ready-to-sell products does our Yaffle Cosmetics Limited Company currently have? How much is it each set?

“We don’t have any here, but there are 50,000 sets of stock at the factory that have yet to be sent out. It’s 499 yuan per set,” Liu Feng informed with a gulp. He thought that the sales script seemed to have gone off track.

Ye Chen gave a brief response and said into the phone receiver, “Are you sure you want everything we have? We have 500,000 sets here, and it’s 499 yuan per set.”

The people in the office were so shocked that they almost collapsed to the ground when they heard what he said.

They wanted to demand out loud, “Dude, it was 50,000 sets. How did you make it 500,000 sets?”

One must know that it cost 500 yuan a set. 500,000 sets meant 250 million yuan which was the company’s total annual sales.

Also, Director Ou was a man. He would have to give the cosmetics out if he bought them. Would he not struggle to give them out even if he only bought ten sets?”

“Miracle Doctor Ye, give me 500,000 sets. I’ll send transfer the full amount now,” Ou Guoliang said without even thinking about it.

“Sure!” Ye Chen nodded and asked, “Oh yeah, I’m guessing Sister Shen should be by your side? Please pass her the phone.”

Ou Guoliang passed his phone to Shen Shuhua who was next to him. He said weakly, “Miracle Doctor Ye is looking for you.”

Shen Shuhua was elated and she took the phone immediately. She said in utter gratitude, “Miracle Doctor Ye, say no more. I’ll get 100,000 sets of your company’s cosmetics and I’ll pay you the full amount.” Although she had been suffering from a mental illness for three years, she used to own a company before and had some savings.

Ye Chen hung up before Ou Guoliang took over the conversation. He told Liu Feng while smiling, “Alright, one of them is buying 500,000 sets while the other is buying 100,000 sets. And they’re paying the full amount.”

Liu Feng’s jaw went slack, and so did Zhao Qian, Zhang Li, Zhou Kai and Ye Wen’s who were next to him. They could not say a single word.

Was the deal done just like that? Not only that, it was for 600,000 sets, an order that was more than hundreds of millions? Was the closing of the deal not too easy for him?

As everyone was feeling woozy, Zhao Qian mocked him all of a sudden, “I can’t believe that you’re so shameless, Ye Chen. To avoid being fired, you hired two actors to fool us!”

Everyone else snapped back to their senses after hearing what she said. They considered the possibility.

“Zhao Qian is right. You’re too much, Ye Chen. Do we look like fools to you?” Liu Feng looked at Ye Chen grimly right away.

“I suggest Master Liu call Director Ou and ask him again. Fire Ye Chen immediately if we can prove that he lied!” Zhang Li’s tone was cold.

Liu Feng could not stop nodding. He took out his phone and called the number on the document again.

Zhou Kai rode on the wave of accusations. “Turn on the loudspeaker. Let everyone hear it loud and clear so we can witness his expression when he’s busted.”

Liu Feng turned on the loudspeaker. Soon, the phone was picked up. Ou Guoliang’s voice asked, “Who is this?”

Liu Feng took a deep breath in and said carefully with a smile, “Hi, Director Ou. I’m the superior of the person who called you to promote our products earlier. Our company found out that this staff of ours lied about his sales, so we thought of calling you for confirmation. If we find out that our staff is lying, we’ll definitely handle it seriously.”

“Are you talking about Ye Chen, the miracle doctor?” Ou Guoliang asked in an unsure manner.

Liu Feng said while smiling, “You got it wrong, Director Ou. His name is Ye Chen, and he’s not a miracle doctor. He’s just an insignificant staff member that our company has just hired.”

“An insignificant staff?” Ou Guoliang said in his deep voice.

Liu Feng nodded. “Yes, an insignificant staff. He’s dishonest and cunning…”

“Insignificant my a*s!” Before Liu Feng was done speaking, Ou Guoliang cursed into the phone directly, “Miracle Doctor Ye is my wife’s savior and your company calls him an insignificant staff? Did you say he’s cunning? I think you’re the cunning one. Am I wrong to say that? You must be jealous of his talents, so you’re trying to defame him before me! That’s right. It was me and my wife who agreed to purchase 600,000 sets of cosmetics from your company. You better make sure that Miracle Doctor Ye gets all of the commission!”

At the moment, the office was pin-drop silent!

All of them were so shocked that their jaws almost dropped to the ground. They thought they were hallucinating. W-was that really Ou Guoliang, the senior director of the listed company, the Tianchen Group, which was one of the top 500 companies in China?

He cursed as soon as he spoke. He was buttering Ye Chen up throughout the whole conversation, and it sounded ridiculous.

Liu Feng was so mad. Just when he was going to say something, Ou Guoliang hung up.

At the moment, the office was so quiet that they could only hear heavy panting. Zhao Qian, Zhang Li, Zhou Kai, and the rest were staring at Ye Chen with shock, fear, and inferiority in their eyes.

Ye Wen felt like she had been fooled once again. She had been fooled hard.

Liu Feng was panting with big breaths while his eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Ye Chen. ‘Why? Why would such trash like you have a luxurious house with an insane price out of nowhere? How would you know a senior director from a listed company? Who f*cking sent you to punish me? That’s it. I must fire this brat. I must. I don’t want to see him for even a second.’

As the people went silent, Ye Chen lifted his head to look at Liu Feng. There was mockery at the corner of his lips. “It’s not ten minutes yet, but I suppose I’ve passed the company’s sales target?”

Liu Feng had countless changes in expressions as if he was performing the opera. All of a sudden, he smiled in a deadly, eerie manner.

“Congratulations, Ye Chen. You’re fired!”