Chapter 45

Chapter 45 of 100 chapters

Chapter 45: Who is Director Ye?

In the entire office, only Ye Wen and Liu Feng knew that Ye Chen had the Nine Dragons Bay villa. However, they kept mum about that.

When Liu Feng finally announced that Ye Chen was fired, everyone gloated at him. They seemed to be anticipating the panic and fear on his face.

Ye Chen said expressionlessly, “The reason?”

“I don’t like you, and the other colleagues don’t want to work with you. Is this reason enough?” Liu Feng retorted.

He was having a complete fall-out with Ye Chen now. He decided to get him out of the company so that there would be no chance of him threatening him in the future. Furthermore, it was the only way to take revenge on Ye Chen.

Ye Chen gave a perfunctory response. He asked while looking at him with a twisted expression, “Is there such a clause to fire staff in the company rulebook?”

“Don’t talk about rules with me. You must remember that the sales department is my territory. What I say is the rule. Nobody has a say in anything that I decide.”

Instead of being mad, Liu Feng grinned as he crossed both of his arms in front of his chest, revealing a confident victorious smile. “Moreover, my Third Uncle is the director of the Human Resources department. What do you think he would do if I were to talk to him about you?”

Nodding, Ye Chen replied with an amused expression, “So, you’re saying you can fire anybody you want even if the staff didn’t offend any of the company rules?” He lifted his head and looked at the rest after he said that. He smirked. “Do all of you think the same too?”

Many of them held their heads down immediately and did not dare look at him. Although Liu Feng was crossing the line, he was their superior after all. They would not possibly offend Liu Feng over Ye Chen.

On the other hand, Zhao Qian, Zhang Li, Zhou Kai, and the rest were scoffing. They had been waiting for this day to come for a long time, so they were secretly over the moon to see Ye Chen yield.

Ye Wen opened her mouth but said nothing eventually. She held her head down and proceeded to sketch. To her, nothing could be more important than the person who had saved her that night.

At the moment, an extraordinarily serious voice came from the office PA system, “All staff of each department, go to the main boardroom on the third floor right now. Listen to Director Ye’s speech of assignment. Attendance is compulsory for all and absence won’t be tolerated!”

The announcement was repeated three times.

Zhao Qian could not help but ask, “Master Liu, isn’t the company director’s family name Fang? Why is it Ye now?”

Everyone looked at Liu Feng in unison.

Liu Feng responded proudly, “I suppose you guys haven’t heard. I heard from my Third Uncle that the board of directors had a meeting this morning. We have a new director under the Ye family now.”

“Ah?” Zhang Li exclaimed before continuing in concern, “So, we have a new director now. The saying goes ‘a new official applies strict measures’. Will our sales department be affected?”

She just expressed what everyone was thinking about. All companies had the same drawback whereby there would be major changes whenever there was a new director appointed, such as salary, commission, basic benefits, and even personnel adjustment. No matter what, some people’s benefits might be taken away.

“Don’t worry. My Third Uncle is investigating Director Ye’s background. We’re good as soon as we figure out his character and preferences.” Liu Feng smiled in full confidence and proceeded to say, “In reality, having new blood is a good thing. Director Fang doesn’t really care about anything and we couldn’t get closer to her. Now that Director Ye is here, we might get closer to him and ace our way through.”

“Don’t forget about us when they promote you in the future, Master Liu.” Zhou Kai was the first to butter him up.

Liu Feng grinned proudly. He led them out as he spoke, “Don’t worry. As long as you guys stick with me and are loyal to me, I definitely won’t deprive you guys of anything. Let’s go. It would be terrible to give Director Ye a bad impression if we’re late.”

Zhao Qian glanced at Ye Chen and rolled her eyes. “What about this brat? Should we get the security guard to chase him out of the company?”

“We’ll allow him to attend the meeting first. I’ll get HR to fire him when we get back!” Liu Feng glared at Ye Chen coldly and said haughtily, “You’re lucky, Ye Chen. You’ll have the chance to meet our new director before we get rid of you.”

The reason why he was bringing Ye Chen along was that Human Resources had yet to include him in the statistics of staff being sacked and the announcement made it clear that nobody should be absent.

Ye Chen smiled and said nothing. He followed them out and soon they arrived at the main boardroom on the third floor.

The huge boardroom was approximately 300 square feet. It was densely filled with seats as many people who were dressed neatly took their places at the moment. Meanwhile, there was a stage in front of the room. Many company’s upper echelons were directing the staff about the setup.

Liu Feng led them to the middle seats on the left. Just when they were seated, Ye Chen had the urge to pee all of a sudden. He stood up directly and headed to the bathroom.

When he was washing his hands, there was another man in a suit washing his hands too. The person took a hurried glance at Ye Chen at first. Seeming to have recalled something, he asked emotionally, “A-are you Director Ye?”

“And you are?” Ye Chen was slightly stunned.

The man wanted to shake his hand, but upon noticing that his hands were wet, he wiped it on his suit and said humbly, “Director Ye, I’m the company general manager, Gao Hong. Just call me Xiaogao, Sir.”

Before this, Gao Hong had already learned about Ye Chen, including studying his photos although he had yet to see him in person. Now that they bumped into each other in the bathroom, it made sense for him to be so emotional.

Ye Chen nodded calmly. “Thank you for all of your hard work.”

“No, no, no. That’s our job. Director Ye, you’re the one who has been going through a lot. You’ve been appointed our company director when you’re so young. It’s not an exaggeration to call you a superhuman.”

Gao Hong spoke respectfully, “Director Ye, the boardroom should be set up now. Let me bring you over.”

“It’s alright. I’ll just watch below the stage.” Ye Chen shook his head while smiling. No matter what, this company belonged to him now, so he would have to take care of the company’s atmosphere and image.

Gao Hong was a people pleaser. Figuring that this newly appointed director was going to learn about the company’s situation from the ground up, he could only nod. “Sure, I’ll invite you up on stage to give a speech later.”

Ye Chen chatted with him for a while and returned to the boardroom. He realized that the entire room was occupied now.

Next to him, Zhang Li glared at him. “What are you doing, Ye Chen? Why were you wandering around at such a critical time? You’ll be the one to blame if you drag us down with you.”

“That’s right. I’m warning you, don’t you dare think of taking revenge on me just because you’re being fired,” Liu Feng threatened bitterly.

Ye Chen smiled and observed the people around him quietly.

Zhang Li scoffed when she saw him behaving like that. She asked the people around him softly, “Did you guys see Director Ye yet?”

“No.” Zhao Qian shook her head while looking around the entire boardroom carefully as she mumbled, “Director Ye is so mysterious. What do you guys think he looks like? How old do you guys think he is?”

“I’m guessing Director Ye must be handsome. As for his age, he should be between 40 to 50 years old,” Zhang Li said while thinking to herself.

Zhao Qian said while looking like a fan girl, “No, no, no. I’m guessing Director Ye will be less than 40 years old. He should have the image of a bossy president who is young, handsome, single, and extremely macho.”

“Dream on!” Zhang Li rolled her eyes in irritation. “Do you think we’re in a drama? Bossy president, my a*s. Moreover, even if Director Ye was a bossy president, do you think he would lay eyes on you?”

“Stop looking down on me!” Zhao Qian narrowed her eyes. She jiggled her 36D bust and said, “At least, I have assets. What if I’m the type of woman Director Ye likes?”

“Alright, stop talking nonsense, both of you.” Liu Feng stopped them immediately.

Ye Chen, who was sitting aside, was surprised to hear that. He shook his head quietly. He did not expect Zhao Qian to happen to see him shaking his head. She thought that he was teasing her, so she was annoyed immediately. “Ye Chen, why did you shake your head? Although you also share the family name of Ye, the difference between you and Director Ye is like heaven and earth. I wouldn’t like a person like you even if I was being gang-raped.”

An extremely grave voice came from the stage as soon as Zhao Qian was done speaking. “Silence!”

The people lifted their heads to look. They saw general manager Gao Hong go on stage with a microphone while glaring at them with a solemn look. The boardmeeting room became quiet now, and none of them dared to breathe loudly.

Gao Hong glanced at the people under the stage expressionlessly and said in his deep voice, “I believe every one of you is aware that there’s a change in our Yaffle Cosmetics’ board of directors. Our previous Director Fang has retired since she’s pregnant. We now welcome a new director, Director Ye!”

Nobody below the stage said anything because they had heard the news beforehand. Although that was the case, all of them began breathing heavily in anticipation.

“Since our company hasn’t had a leader for a while, we believe that Director Ye’s arrival will definitely take our company to new heights! We believe that under Director Ye’s excellent leadership, all of our staff will be inspired to fight and take the initiative…”

Gao Hong took two steps forward as he spoke to this point. He bowed facing the crowd and said respectfully, “We welcome Director Ye to step up for his appointment speech!”

At the same time, all of the company’s upper echelons behind him bowed and said in unison, “Welcome, Director Ye!” The neat and powerful combination of voices echoed through every corner of the boardroom. Gao Hong’s motivating words had heated up the atmosphere aptly.

Everyone looked around with their eyes wide open. They were very curious about who exactly the newly appointed Director Ye was.

That included Liu Feng, Zhao Qian, Zhang Li, Zhou Kai, Ye Wen, and the rest. If not for the upper echelons who were staring on stage, they would have stood up since the beginning.

As everyone was watching, Ye Chen got up slowly next to Zhang Li.