Chapter 46

Chapter 46 of 100 chapters

Chapter 46: What? He’s Director Ye?

When Ye Chen stood up out of nowhere, everyone had their eyes on him.

“Why did you stand up, Ye Chen? Sit down!” Zhang Li tugged Ye Chen down immediately. She almost screamed in horror.

‘You dumba*s! Don’t you get it? Everyone is waiting for the boss, Director Ye, to show up. You’re an insignificant staff choosing to stand up now. Are you trying to anger Director Ye and the company’s upper echelons?’

“Ye Chen, are you insane? Stop dragging us down with you!” Liu Feng was almost crying in shock. He should not have brought Ye Chen along to the meeting if he had known that this would happen. ‘Great, now everyone is looking. Because of you, our entire sales department is going down!’ he lamented in his heart.

Zhao Qian, Zhou Kai, and the rest held their heads down in fear, not daring to look at the leaders on stage.

Ye Wen glared coldly at Ye Chen. She could not help but demand, “What exactly are you trying to do? Even though Liu Feng fired you, there’s no need for you to do that to take revenge on him, is there?” She was more and more disgusted by this cousin of hers now. Forget the fact that he loved to pretend. Now, he was being petty!

A leader walked over when the few of them were talking. He looked at Liu Feng snootily. “Look at the people that you brought here!”

“Director Wu, I…” Liu Feng’s face turned pale. He secretly hated Ye Chen to his very core.

Director Wu waved to interrupt him. He then condemned Ye Chen, “Who asked you to stand up? Sit down now!”

“The person on stage asked me to go on stage to speak. How can I get up if I don’t stand?” Ye Chen rubbed his nose, feeling flabbergasted.

Director Wu almost died from rage. While holding back his rage forcefully after taking a deep breath in, he ground out between his teeth, “He’s calling Director Ye. Is there something wrong with your ears?”

“I’m the Director Ye that he’s talking about,” Ye Chen said, not sure whether to laugh or to cry. Why would everyone think that he was messing around?

“You…” Director Wu was enraged. If not for so many people present, he would have slapped him by now.

Director Ye was the boss, the company helmsman. He would be well-dressed and have an imposing manner that was extraordinary compared to the rest. ‘If you’re Director Ye, then I’m the boss of the provincial party committee!’ Director Wu roared in his head.

Ye Chen smiled and stopped explaining. By the time he walked towards the stage directly, it was too late for Director Wu and Liu Feng to stop him.

The crowd gasped. They could not believe that someone would dare to mess around at such a time. On top of that, the troublemaker even took the initiative to walk to the stage.

At that moment, Director Wu was stomping his feet in fury. He looked at Liu Feng ferociously, clenching his teeth.

Liu Feng had despair written all over his face. Oh, no! That brat had messed up a meeting that was going well. He would definitely offend Director Ye now. By then, forget about being promoted. He might even lose his job!

However, they were stunned in the next second.

They saw Gao Hong, who had been holding his head down, sprint to Ye Chen. He said emotionally and respectfully, “My pleasure to meet you, Director Ye!”

At the same time, the few company’s upper echelons who were standing behind him advanced forward as they said in unison, “It’s our pleasure to meet you, Director Ye!”

It was hushed in the living room. Everyone had their eyes wide open as they witnessed that. Their eyeballs almost popped out in shock.

What? He was Director Ye?


Director Wu, who condemned him earlier, sat straight on the ground after seeing many of his bosses greeting Ye Chen. He could not stop quivering. ‘I taught the company’s director a lesson…’

Liu Feng rubbed his eyes immediately, thinking it was an illusion. Subsequently, he gaped blankly. “H-how can it be?!”

Zhao Qian’s vision had gone blur. Zhang Li’s jaw went slack while Zhou Kai seemed as if he had seen a ghost and could not stop gulping. Ye Wen, on the other hand, covered her mouth tightly in shock.

Ye Chen…Director Ye…

Ye Chen ignored the people’s reaction and nodded at Gao Hong with a smile.

Gao Hong led Ye Chen to the stage immediately and introduced him via the microphone, “As everyone can see, this person standing before me is the company’s newly appointed director, Director Ye. Let’s applause to welcome Director Ye who will be saying a word or two!”

As Gao Hong spoke, the people below the stage snapped back to their senses one after another. Thunderous applause immediately filled the air.

They could not stop gawking at Ye Chen. Many of the female staff were looking at Ye Chen like fangirls. A female staff even shouted, “I can’t believe that our Director Ye is so young! He’s so handsome when he’s serious! I actually feel close to him when I look at him.”

Most of the male staff despised that. They thought to themselves that they would look like Edison Chen if they were given the position of a director too. Although that was the case, that did not stop them from being stunned by how young Ye Chen was. He did not look like he was even 30, yet he was the senior director of a company that averaged a billion yuan in annual sales?

Among the people present, Liu Feng, Zhang Li, Zhao Qian, Zhou Kai and the rest were the only ones who failed to smile. They felt a turmoil of emotions roil within them because they had had conflicts with Ye Chen, and even attacked him many times.

Zhao Qian’s face turned pallid because she just pointed out that the difference between Ye Chen and Director Ye was like heaven and earth. She even said that she would not like a person like him even if she was being gang-raped.

However, she had mocked Ye Chen who was Director Ye.

Liu Feng slid from his seat to the floor. He was pale, sweat that was the size of beans could not stop dripping from his forehead. He could not believe that he said he wanted to fire his director! He felt like the world was spinning as he thought about it!

On stage, Ye Chen gestured with his hands, hushing the meeting room instantly.

After taking over the microphone that Gao Hong passed him, he said with a smile after scanning the area below the stage, “I’m sure you guys were disappointed when you saw me. I’m guessing that the director you’re expecting is either a handsome, cool, bossy president or a bald man over 50 years old with a beer belly. I’m sorry because I’m neither.”

Laughter bubbled from below the stage immediately. They did not expect the newly appointed Director Ye to be so humorous.

Ye Chen proceeded to speak, “As I was only appointed this morning, there are still many things that I don’t know about the company. Therefore, I won’t be long-winded with you guys. I have a few announcements to make about personnel changes.”

As soon as he was done speaking, everyone perked their ears anxiously. The saying ‘a new official applies strict measures’ was happening.

Ye Chen looked up, then glanced below the stage. He said in his deep voice, “Who is the director of Human Resources?”

After a few seconds of silence, a man, who was sitting in the front row below the stage, stood up slowly. He was Liu Kun.

“Director Ye…” Liu Kun said weakly, just about to kneel. In reality, he knew that it was the end of his heydays when Ye Chen walked up the stage. After all, he had bullied Ye Chen the day when he was accepted into the company.

“As the director of Human Resources, you’re the person who controls the company’s talents from going in and out. However, you neglected your duty and abused your authority. Therefore, you’re fired.” Ye Chen nodded, not giving him the opportunity to speak at all.

Liu Kun passed out on the spot.

Ye Chen did not even look at him and continued, “Where is the director of the Sales department?”

Director Wu reeled instantly.

“As the boss of the Sales department, you failed to control your staff. You basically have the mentality of goofing around for as long as you can. Subordinates follow the example of their superiors, so what’s the difference with feeding a bunch of trash? Therefore, you’re fired too.”

The people below the stage dared not breathe too loudly.

Director Ye had just fired the most important people from two departments as soon as he was appointed. He sure was on a roll.

Meanwhile, Liu Feng was trembling more and more now. Even his only support, which was his Third Uncle, had just been fired now. He definitely could not escape from this.

Zhao Qian and the rest held hands tightly and kept their heads as low as they could. They hoped that Ye Chen would not notice them.

Ye Chen paused and lifted his head to look where Liu Feng and the rest were. He grinned. “Supervisor Liu Feng, staff Zhao Qian, Zhang Li, and Zhou Kai from the Sales department, all of you are fired too.”

They fell weakly onto the ground as if all of the strength in their bodies were sucked out.

“What makes you think that you can do that?” Liu Feng protested out loud.

Gao Hong stood up immediately and condemned, “How dare you? How can you speak to the director like that?”

“What makes me think that I can do that?” Ye Chen waved a hand at Gao Hong and said while looking at Liu Feng with a smile, “That’s a great question. Just like how you wanted to fire me earlier, you said you’re the boss of the Sales department and whatever you said would be the rule. Nobody has a say in anything that you decide.

“I’d like to tell you this. Since I’m the company director now, what I, Ye Chen, say will be the rule. I’ll fire you if I want to. Who dares to go against me? Who?!”

Ye Chen scanned through the few company’s upper echelons before him while he spoke forcefully. All of them held their heads down immediately, and none of them dared to look into his eyes. At the moment, he was like a king. The spotlight on him was so strong that all of them could not look at him directly.

Liu Feng forced a smile in devastation and glared madly at Ye Chen as if he had gone insane. “Ye Chen, I’m unwilling to yield. I’m going to fight you. Come down to fight me one-on-one if you dare!” One could say that he had lost all of his pride now.

“Fight one-on-one? Only kids do that!” Ye Chen chuckled and looked at him in a condescending way. He enunciated one word after another, “Moreover, do you think you’re worthy?”

“Come here. Get all of them out of the office!” Gao Hong instructed into the walkie-talkie.

Subsequently, a few security guards entered and took Liu Feng, Zhao Qian, and the rest out by force.

Among the crowd, Ye Wen bit her lip while clenching her fists hard. She looked at Ye Chen in rage. ‘Why?! Why do you always transform and turn the tables around every time I thought I’ve seen you through? Were we rivals in our past lives?’

She moved her lips and said while looking at Ye Chen madly, “Fire me too. I no longer want to stay.”

“Sure!” Ye Chen nodded and turned her head to say to Gao Hong next to him, “Fire her too. Compensate her with two months’ salary.”

Ye Wen was pissed then. ‘I was just saying that for the sake of it. I can’t believe you’re really firing me!’