Chapter 47

Chapter 47 of 100 chapters

Chapter 47: Master, Junior Brother is Dead

Ye Chen’s face was as calm as still water as he watched Ye Wen run out while sobbing. He had no means to get her to stay at all. After all, he thought that he had already done a lot for her.

Subsequently, he began to observe the entire company while the general manager, Gao Hong, and the bunch of upper echelons surrounded him. He had a rough idea about some ongoing situations.

Noticing that it was time to leave, Ye Chen departed the office to pick Mengmeng up.

As soon as he left, Gao Hong and the rest were relieved. The pressure that Ye Chen exuded was just too great. He had the aura of an elite person which gave one the feeling like being in the king’s company was tantamount to living with a tiger.

Deep in the Shiwan Mountains, it was no exaggeration to say that there was hardly anyone here as it was covered in mist all year long.

A muscular, middle-aged man with rough features was standing under a waterfall. Though the rapid waterfall was washing onto him, he remained still in his half-naked state.

If one took a closer look, one would notice that all muscles in the middle-aged man’s body were rippling as if they were breathing. Meanwhile, faint red steam flowed around him.

“Ha!” The middle-aged man opened his eyes all of a sudden and shouted. He looked like a supreme beast that had awoken.

Subsequently, he moved and charged against the current of the waterfall that was coming from above. The moment he arrived at the top of the waterfall, a crisp sound popped from inside his body.

The middle-aged man was over the moon.

A faint yet calm voice was heard. “Not bad. You’ve finally unblocked your governor and conception vessels. You’ve officially stepped into the Illuminating Pulse now, and you’re so much more powerful than that useless junior brother of yours.”

The middle-aged man knelt onto the ground as soon as he heard that short congratulatory speech. He said in surprise and joy, “As your humble disciple, I, Gu Fan, congratulates you for mastering the Majestic Killer Fist, Sir!”

“Hahaha!” Hysterical laughter echoed in the air, causing the animals around to flee in shock.

Subsequently, an extremely ancient figure appeared out of thin air. The old man’s back seemed a little hunched. However, Gu Fan, who was kneeling on the ground, felt an invisible pressure as soon as he appeared. There seemed to be a humming echoing around his ears.

It was the Majestic Killer Fist!

His Master had only cultivated that after going into closed-door cultivation for ten years!

Gu Fan was secretly stunned. He held his head even lower now while having endless respect for him. His Master would definitely astonish the world again if he got out of the mountains this time!

“Did anything major happen in the outside world throughout the time I was in cultivation?” The old man walked out while with a hunched back. Although he walked very slowly, he left a sunken footstep on the stony road beneath his feet each time he took a step.

Gu Fan recovered from his earlier awe and got up to answer, “Master, a genius has appeared in the ancient martial world.”

“A genius?” The old man gave a brief response and proceeded to walk as if he did not care.

Gu Fan nodded and said, “The person’s name is the Unparalleled Sword. I heard he’s not even 18 years old. However, he has comprehended the intent of the sword and he entered the Dao Cultivation by cultivating sword skills!”

“Entering the Dao Cultivation by cultivating sword skills? Are there still people who would do that in this dharma-ending age?” The old man stopped moving as a gleam of light flashed deep in his murky eyes.

Gu Fan continued, “This person is a lunatic. He’s been challenging many aces in less than ten days since he arrived in this world. His confidence has been soaring and he’s already broken through five levels. He’s now been granted the title of the Sword Saint. I heard that he has challenged the Sword God, the Unquestionable Sword!”

The old man finally had a change of expression. “The Unquestionable Sword?”

The Unquestionable Sword naturally fell amidst a pentuplet formed by the Eastern Superior, the Western Overlord, the Southern Killer, and the Northern Devil. The person was a Sword Cultivator with inscrutable ability. He was awarded the title of the Sword God. Even the Southern Killer had no confidence to beat him.

“Yes, the Unquestionable Sword. I heard that the person was upset that the Unquestionable Sword was awarded the title of the Sword God. He even announced that his master is the only person in the world who is worthy of being called the Sword God. Therefore, he challenged the Unquestionable Sword,” Gu Fan said softly.

“What a rookie who’s so full of himself!” The old man could not stop himself from poohing. He proceeded to ask, “So, what did the Unquestionable Sword say?”

Gu Fan parted his lips slightly and replied, “The Sword God simply replied, ‘Let’s fight on Snow Mountain in three months’!”

“Interesting, a Sword Saint who started a challenge just because he doesn’t want the Sword God to get the title. Meanwhile, to maintain his pride, the Sword God would naturally take up the challenge. This old man is a little excited about this legendary fight.”

The old man chuckled softly. Then, he said while frowning as he seemed to have recalled something, “Oh yeah, where is your Junior Brother, Lin Fan?”

Gu Fan’s face turned pale. He knelt again and sank his head to the ground. He said while sobbing, “Master, Junior Brother is dead. Someone killed him. You were in closed-door cultivation earlier while I had difficulties in my cultivation, so I went through his death alone.”

The old man coughed twice and said expressionlessly, “Who killed him?” He was not upset that his disciple was dead. Instead, he was curious about who dared to kill him. After all, Lin Fan had been Yuan Bupo’s disciple. He guessed that even the few other disciples dared not do that, would they?

“Someone called Mr. Ye killed Junior Brother. This Mr. Ye is very mysterious. All I managed to gather is that he’s from Lin City. When I picked up Junior Brother’s body, I noticed that a powerful foreign strength crushed his neck. However, there was no fluctuation in energy at all.”

Gu Fan dared not hide anything at all, so he spilled everything he knew.

“The person killed your Junior Brother with pure brute strength? Could that person be an ace from a sect?” The old man frowned and subsequently shook his head. “Forget it. Get out of the mountains and retrieve Mr. Ye’s head to pray to your Junior Brother.”

It was just the death of a disciple. A person who was as insignificant as an ant was not worthy for him to go out of the mountains himself.

Gu Fan responded with a grunt immediately.

At the Little Swan Kindergarten, Ye Chen picked up Mengmeng who came out carrying a bag on her back. After Ye Chen gave her a peck on the cheek, someone called out to him from the back, “Mr. Ye, please wait!”

He turned around and saw Ou Lan run to him quickly in a white dress. She said while panting, “Mr. Ye, why are you hiding from me?”

“I’m not,” Ye Chen said brightly.

“Stop lying. Aunt Lan has been bringing Mengmeng to school for the past few days.” Ou Lan rolled her eyes at him, feeling annoyed. She secretly resented him.

‘Aren’t I a beauty at least? I attract countless aggressive eyes from men wherever I go. However, it doesn’t work with this guy!’ she complained in her heart.

Ye Chen smiled and said nothing. All of a sudden, Ou Lan paused and bowed to him. She said softly, “Mr. Ye, thank you. Thank you for saving my mom.”

“There’s no need for this, Ms. Ou. I saved Sister Shen to thank you for taking care of Mengmeng. Moreover, Sister Shen gave me a sum of commission later on,” Ye Chen said, not sure whether to laugh or to cry.

Sister Shen?

Ou Lan had annoyance written all over her face. ‘You bastard, are you messing with me? If you call my mom Sister Shen, wouldn’t I have to call you Uncle Ye? We’re only five years apart in age.’

She clenched her teeth in irritation. “Mr. Ye, can you save my dad…?”

Before this, she had lost count of how many times Ou Guoliang had begged her. He even knelt to his daughter with the goal of getting her to ask Ye Chen to treat him.

“Ms. Ou, I know what you’re trying to say,” Ye Chen interrupted her, “If he’s a man, he’d beg me himself. How is he a man if he’s getting a lady to win my sympathy? Moreover, I look down on trash like him who left his wife and daughter for benefits and lust!”

He picked Mengmeng up and turned around after saying that. They then left.

Mengmeng turned her head to look at Ou Lan. She could not stop blinking her watery eyes as she asked all of a sudden, “Daddy, do you like Ms. Ou?”