Chapter 48

Chapter 48 of 100 chapters

Chapter 48: His Daughter is Jealous

Looking at the crafty expression on Mengmeng’s face, Ye Chen laughed breathlessly.”Why would I like Ms. Ou? Stop that nonsense.”

“Then, does Ms. Ou like you, Daddy?” Mengmeng said while thinking to herself with her head tilted.

Ye Chen played with the two high braids on her head and answered, feeling a little annoyed, “No. Why is a kid like you asking about people liking each other?”

“Pfft, I’m not a kid.” She pouted, “Piyang from our class likes Wang Tiantian from the next class. He even wrote her a love letter.”

“Are you serious?” Ye Chen was dumbstruck.

Were kids nowadays were so mature? How were they already writing love letters to confess their love at four or five years of age?

Mengmeng nodded. “Another classmate took Piyang’s love letter and read it to the whole class.”

By then, she struggled out of Ye Chen’s embrace. She said solemnly after placing her hands on her hips as though she was going to give a speech, “Piyang wrote this: ‘Wang Tiantian, I like you. I hope that you can be my girlfriend and move in with me. If you do that, my Daddy and Mommy won’t treat me like a kid. They won’t beat me if I wet the bed. I will no longer have to go to school, and all I have to do is sleep all day. But I must tell you this beforehand. If you become my girlfriend, you can’t take the half packet of Small Raccoon instant noodles that I hid under my bed…”

Ye Chen was speechless. He had no idea how else he would describe what he was feeling other than surrendering. That little guy named Piyang should change his name to Show Cheng with the nickname Show’er.

Mengmeng buried her head into his embrace all of a sudden and called out to him weakly, “Daddy!”

“What’s wrong?” Ye Chen tried to hug her as consolation.

She took a step back and lifted her head to look at Ye Chen with her watery eyes. “Daddy, don’t leave me, alright?”

“What are you talking about, my dear daughter? Why would I leave you for nothing?” Ye Chen was puzzled at her sobbing that arose out of nowhere.

Mengmeng’s tears were flowing like beads that had broken from a necklace whereby they fell uncontrollably. “If you get a new girlfriend and have babies with her, I’ll become a poor kid with no Daddy and Mommy then. Moreover, Stepmom won’t like me. Xiaohao’s father from next door got a new girlfriend. Since then, Xiaohao’s stepmom has been beating him every day. She doesn’t even feed Xiaohao food…”

Ye Chen did not know whether to be mad or to laugh when he heard her reasoning. After a series of confusing conversations, he found that this little girl was jealous. She was worried that he would stop loving her if he got a new girlfriend.

Ye Chen stretched his hand out to wipe her tears. He said while smiling, “You silly girl, it’s impossible that I’d leave you. I won’t even look for a new girlfriend. I only love your Mommy in this world.”

“Really?” she stopped crying immediately.

Ye Chen said seriously, “I lied. I’ll get you a stepmom tomorrow and a brother for you the day after that. Your brother will bully you when he grows up.”

“Daddy, you’re naughty!” The little girl chuckled out loud and fell into Ye Chen’s embrace. She could not stop playing with the stubs on his chin.

Ye Chen picked her up and they walked home together.

“Daddy, when will I see Mommy? I can’t wait.”

“Very soon!”

“Will those bad guys bully Mommy?”

“They wouldn’t dare. If your Mommy is wronged for even a tiny bit, I will kill all of them!”

“Yes, kill all of the bad guys. I will help you, Daddy. How dare they bully my Mommy!” Mengmeng could not stop giggling along the way. She seemed to have forgotten why she cried earlier.

Just when both of them arrived home, they saw a black puppy lying in a pool of blood. It was twitching in the throes of pain, but the people passing by did not seem to notice it.

Mengmeng struggled out of Ye Chen’s embrace immediately and ran to the black puppy. She squatted down and looked upset. “Daddy, this puppy is such a poor thing.”

Ye Chen looked at it. The puppy was filthy and extremely skinny that it seemed to be left with only bones. It was probably a stray that was run over by a car.

Mengmeng stretched her arm and kept petting the puppy’s ears. She whined while blowing at it gently, “Daddy, is it dying? Can you save it?” She had tears in her eyes as she spoke. Her face seemed as if she was going to cry.

Ye Chen shook his head, feeling helpless. He placed his hand on the puppy and secretly transferred a portion of spiritual power into its body.

Mengmeng’s jaw dropped as she watched the wound on the puppy’s abdomen recovering at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye and it eventually healed. Her eyes lit up. “You’re so powerful, Daddy. The puppy is all alright now.”

Ye Chen forced a smile.

He would be the only person who would do such a dumb thing such as wasting one’s spiritual power on a dog. There was nothing he could do since it was his daughter who had begged him.

The black puppy was about to run after it stood up on its legs. Mengmeng held onto it and turned her head to beg her father, “Daddy, can we keep this little puppy?”

The puppy was struggling in her embrace even more after hearing that. However, since it was too small and Mengmeng was hugging it too tightly, its eyes rolled back in a desperate attempt to breathe.

Looking at his daughter’s pleading eyes, Ye Chen hesitated and nodded after confirming that it was a stray. “Alright then.”

“Daddy, you’re the best to me!” Mengmeng went over to give him a peck on his cheek instantly. She then said to the puppy in her embrace, “Little puppy, follow me home. I’ll take good care of you. Hmm, I’ll call you Cutie from now on.”


The puppy barked twice immediately. Nobody knew if it was barking from suffocation or if it understood what Mengmeng said.

The father and daughter took the puppy that they found on the street home. As soon as they got home, Mengmeng gave Cutie a shower in excitement.

Wu Lan and Ye Hai could only helplessly accept the extra member at home. They went to a pet store nearby to get some dog food. The family only went to bed after settling the puppy down late at night.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen sat with his legs crossed and his eyes shut in his room.

After some time went by, his ears moved all of a sudden. He looked at the living room as if he sensed something. At the same time, his Divine Consciousness penetrated the door and went into the living room.

Subsequently, fleeting surprise flickered on his face.

He saw a black puppy walking out of the kennel in the bathroom. No, it was walking on its hind legs.

That was right. It was walking only with its hind legs like a human. Both its front legs were in the air while both its hind legs stood firmly on the ground. It shook its butt while swinging its hands in a coquettish manner as it walked to the window. It wagged its tail high like a thief robbing a house in glee.

It would stop every few steps and listen to the sounds around with its perked up ears. Occasionally, its puppy eyes would glance at the room where Ye Chen was.

Soon, it arrived at the window. Its body then shrunk by a full fold, and it slipped out of the anti-theft window that was merely a finger wide.

Ye Chen revealed a strange smirk on his lips after witnessing everything that happened.

“How very interesting!”