Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of 100 chapters

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As Master Wu spoke, the temperature in the lobby seemed to have dropped by tens of Celsius. Everyone was so anxious that it felt as if their hearts lurched in their throats.

Master Wu, who was an expert in Wing Chun, was furious!

“Young man, don’t be fearless just because you know a little something. Consider the good karma that you gathered from your past life to be translated as dying in my Wing Chun skills!”

Wu Changchun was so mad that he was grinning. He then dashed in a flash and disappeared from where he was, arriving before Ye Chen in the blink of an eye like a specter.

Subsequently, he threw a Wing Chun fist right at Ye Chen’s chest. The shadow of the fist was as quick as lightning, so one could not catch it with their eyes. There were faint explosive noises in the air around.

“Go to hell!”

That was swift. What a quick fist!

The people were in utter shock.

Master Wu had smashed a hole in the wooden dummy with a single punch alone before. If that punch were to land on a person, the person’s organs might be crushed!

Lin Tai, who was on the third floor, grinned cruelly. “Death is inevitable!”

Facing Wu Changchun’s fist, Ye Chen shook his head lightly and subsequently stretched his arm out.

“You must be seeking death to not be backing off!”

A gleam of disdain flashed on Wu Changchun’s face. The strength of his fist did not decrease at all. However, he had a dramatic change of expression in the next second because he was shocked to find that his fist was wrapped by another hand. The hand seemed to have taken all of his strength away like the waves of the ocean. He could not move forward at all or even recall his fist.

“Whoaa!” A series of screams exploded at the scene at that moment. All of them rubbed their eyes as they watched what was happening before them with great shock.

The grin on Lin Tai’s face froze, and he stood up from the chair he was sitting immediately. He watched the scene with shock written all over his face. “H-How is that possible?!”

Ye Chen looked at Wu Changchun who was reddening and enunciated word for word, “Wing Chun? I think it’s more like a girly punch. That was nothing!”


Wu Changchun could not bear to be humiliated, so he attempted to throw another punch.


A slap landed hard on his face. All he could see were stars before his eyes. He flew out directly, smashing the doors and windows on the first floor as his life ebbed away.

A gravely cold voice was then heard. “You dare to embarrass yourself with these lousy skills of yours? F*ck off and come back after you’ve trained for a few years!”

Dead silence filled the entire space as nobody dared to make a sound. Everyone had their eyes fixed blankly on that skinny young man who looked mediocre. The person had shocked them over and over again ever since he walked into the doorway!

Even the famed Master Wu was like a baby in his hand. He was defeated in one blow and was unable to fight back at all!

Lin Tai’s face twitched hard while he stayed quiet. Never had he thought that Master Wu whom he highly respected would be defeated! In addition to that, he was defeated in one strike.

A bone-piercing chill rushed into his body.

Thousands of thoughts flashed in his mind. However, a cold voice came into his ears. “Lin Tai, I’m giving you one more chance to get over with this. Otherwise, this place will be crushed into a flatland today!”

Gulping nervously, Lin Tai walked downstairs with a heavy heart after crushing the thought he initially had. He was thinking of shooting Ye Chen. However, he dared not risk it.

Ye Chen sat down while lighting a cigarette for himself. His eyes sparkled as he watched Lin Tai who was advancing with his underlings surrounding him. He said, “Do you admit that you’re wrong?”

Lin Tai was much calmer now that the event had unfolded to this point. He waved to signal his underlings to leave. Later on, he then clasps his fists and bowed at Ye Chen, “I’ve no idea how I offended you, sir. If I really did, I hope that you’ll tell me directly. If I am to die, I’d want to die knowing what happened.”

Ye Chen gave him a careful, hard look and spoke while frowning, “You gave my parents a high-interest loan, and you threatened to cut my father’s finger off for no reason. Tell me if you offended me?”

“Did that really happen?” Lin Tai lifted his head immediately and looked at Ye Chen in a blur. “I swear I’ve no idea about this at all and I’ve never done that. I swear to you!”

“Oh, so are you saying that I’ve wronged you?” Ye Chen puffed a smoke ring and smirked, “Your underling, Bao Kun, brought his people to demand money this afternoon. He even used your name to threaten me.”

“It’s him!” Lin Tai was stunned at first and proceeded to react. “Sir, it’s true that Bao Kun is my man, but I’ve no idea about the high-interest loan. I think he did that behind my back.”

As soon as he was done speaking, he turned around and signaled his underling next to him with threatening intent. The person nodded to show that he understood. He then caught Bao Kun, tied him up and brought him over.

“Brother Leopard, what did I do for you to do this to me?” Bao Kun knelt on the ground looking aggrieved and mad. He struggled in an attempt to stand.

Lin Tai walked over and kicked him directly so he rolled on the ground. He growled while clenching his teeth, “You bastard, you almost killed me!” Now, he finally understood that everything that happened tonight was caused by this bastard. He was the culprit who made him the scapegoat for no reason.

Ye Chen watched everything coldly and subsequently spoke with an odd expression so nobody knew whether he was smiling or not, “Brother Kun, do you know me? Do you remember what you said to me?”

Bao Kun just noticed him then. He had a change of expression and said to Lin Tai, “Brother Tai, kill this guy. He beat up my brothers. He even mentioned your name, saying he would…”


Lin Tai slapped him, dying to tear him into pieces. He then turned around and looked at Ye Chen as he spoke, “Sir, don’t worry. I’ll definitely handle this!”


Bao Kun shuddered intensely, staring at Ye Chen in disbelief. He felt weak and fell onto the ground all of a sudden as he connected Lin Tai’s behavior to what was happening. He looked gravely despaired.

“Bring him away!” Lin Tai waved firmly. A few of them stood out immediately and dragged Bao Kun away like a dead dog. They hauled him away, ignoring his devastating shrieks.

Lin Tai wiped his sweat off after he was done with all that drama. “Sir, may I know if you’re satisfied with the way I handled this?”

“What if I say I’m dissatisfied?” Ye Chen shook his head expressionlessly.

Lin Tai’s heart sank at that moment. Just when he was going to speak, he felt a drilling pain coming from his left thumb all of a sudden. He held his head low and saw half a bloody finger on the ground.

A few people who were watching screamed out loud in fear.

However, Lin Tai bit his lip hard, not daring to make a sound at all.

Ye Chen spoke slowly with no emotion in his voice at all, “I broke a finger of yours as punishment. Do you yield?” He did not think that he was being a bully. Had he not been there when the incident happened earlier, would his father’s finger not have been chopped off?

They borrowed 10,000 yuan but asked to return 50,000 yuan. How could Ye Hai return them the money when his daughter, Mengmeng, needed it urgently for her medication? They said to chop off his finger for the first time, but what would they chop off the second time?

Although Bao Kun had gotten what he deserved, everything happened because Lin Tai failed to discipline his man. Ye Chen was being extra kind by cutting a finger off instead of killing him.

“Yield! I yield!”

Lin Tai gripped his left hand that could not stop bleeding with a gravely pale expression. “I’m responsible for this, too. Sir, you’re incredibly magnanimous to only be breaking a finger of mine.”

Although he was a meter away from Ye Chen, his finger was chopped off for no reason just when Ye Chen was done speaking. How dare he not yield facing such a technique? He was shocked to his very core and soul. How could the pain on his flesh compare?

Ye Chen nodded and stood up. He walked to the door. “If you’re unsatisfied, you can try to take revenge on me. I, Ye Chen, will be your company at all times.”

“I don’t, I don’t!” Lin Tai shook his head continuously.

Watching Ye Chen leave, everyone in the club had complicated expressions on their faces. None of them dared to stop him as their shock stayed for a long time.

With such a person in Tiannan City, the tables might have turned!

Lin Tai only exhaled hard then, having finally calmed his horrified soul a little.

An underling came to him and said ferociously, “Brother Leopard, should we get someone…”

Lin Tai gave him a slap as soon as he lifted his arm. He said while clenching his teeth, “Dumba*s, don’t drag me along with you if death is what you’re seeking. From today onwards, nobody offends that person. If you can’t be his friend, don’t ever be his enemy!”

It was past 2 a.m. when Ye Chen returned home. After sensing his parents’ consistent breathing, he took a shower and sat on his bed with his legs crossed to begin cultivating.

Ye Chen only stopped his cultivation when the rooster crowed and his parents woke up. He walked out of his room to Wu Lan’s shock. She said, “Why did you wake up so early? Sleep in a little longer. I’ll wake you up when I’m done making breakfast.”

“I’m not sleepy, Mother.” Ye Chen smiled and peered into his parents’ room. “How’s Mengmeng doing?” His daughter would forever be the person that he cared about the most.

Ye Hai yawned and said, “She’s sleeping soundly. That silly girl loves kicking her blanket off. Your mother has to tuck her in a few times every night.”

Ye Chen decided to walk into his parents’ room after some hesitation. He picked up the little girl softly as he watched her sleep quietly.

Since she would ignore her own father when she was awake, he could only carry her and watch her secretly when she was sleeping.

Ye Chen had love written all over his face. The feeling of blood being thicker than water made him emotional. “You have my nose and your mother’s eyes. Especially those lashes, they’re exactly like your mother’s.”

Mengmeng, how great would it be if you could just call me your father!

The little girl turned over, mumbling vaguely in her sleep.

Ye Chen held his head down and kissed her little face. He placed his hand on her small one, using his spiritual energy to treat her body.

A couple of seconds later, the smile on Ye Chen’s face froze all of a sudden. It was replaced by a deadly killing intent. “Great, Su family, you’ve outdone yourself!”

He could not believe that he had caught the toxins in his daughter’s body!