Chapter 50

Chapter 50 of 100 chapters

Chapter 50: The Patriarch’s Fetish

He was cultivating to become an immortal so that he could pick up girls?

Ye Chen’s eyes went blank as he felt completely defeated by the Patriarch of Hell’s reasoning. He asked calmly, “Are you really a Tribulation Stage cultivator?”

Whoever managed to cultivate to this level should be determined in cultivation and asceticism. It would be difficult to walk the path with a tiny bit of distraction. One might even become deranged because of that.

“You have no idea, Master. Because I stepped into cultivation, the pimp at the…brothel…” The Patriarch of Hell wagged its tail, feeling rather embarrassed. “I’ve seen everything at the brothel, so I figured out some methods and created the Three-thousand Imperial Women Dao. As soon as I cultivate together with women, my cultivation base will experience a boost.”

The Patriarch of Hell was actually secretly pissed as he spoke. He said in his heart, ‘You know the most embarrassing thing about me now. Just wait. Wait for me to recover my cultivation base. By then, I’ll make you my servant.’

Balancing through sex? Ye Chen frowned slightly.

Balancing through sex was also called strengthening one’s yang with yin, or strengthening one’s yin with yang. It was an Evil Dao technique whereby one would take another person’s cultivation base and blood to boost their own.

The Patriarch of Hell seemed to have figured what Ye Chen was thinking about, so he explained immediately, “Master, balancing through sex isn’t what I’m doing. My method doesn’t harm the ladies. Instead, it strengthens their bodies. That was also the reason why I took my Harem of Three Thousand Beauties along with me when I was elevating.”

His harem of Three Thousand Beauties?

Ye Chen’s face turned grim. He stopped asking, then he extended his arm and put it between the patriarch’s brows.

The Patriarch of Hell panicked as he thought that Ye Chen was going to kill him and make him into stew. Just when he was about to struggle, Ye Chen’s voice came into his head, “Stop fighting. Here are the memories of Earth.”

The patriarch was secretly stunned. ‘This brat hasn’t even reached the Foundation Building stage, but he can already perform the Consciousness Transfer Method and the Divine Consciousness Voice Transmission. Damn. Why am I so unfortunate? I can’t believe I met such a genius. When can I turn my life around and live my life to the fullest?’

Soon, many memories appeared in the patriarch’s head. They were related to Earth, such as cars, TVs, airplanes, tanks, canons, the republic, dark-skinned people, fair people, and so on.

“Damn, there’s a GPS function for the missile in your world. It’s like a cultivator’s magic flying sword treasure. And that atomic bomb, I suppose it’s as powerful as a God Transformation Stage cultivator’s single punch, isn’t it?” the Patriarch of Hell exclaimed immediately.

“I’ve never tried them.” Ye Chen shook his head.

The Patriarch of Hell said while chuckling, “Oh, Master, I learned from my memories that this country is at rivalry with this other country called Japan. How about I go to Japan when I’ve recovered my cultivation base to kill the men? Naturally, the ladies will then become part of my harem.

“Also, the brothels in your world are called nightclubs and saunas. There are so many grades to them…

“That’s it. I must experience how is it like to do it with a young model. Using the internet jargon in this world, ‘Lust and wealth will go to you if you win; suffer and work until you die if you lose.’”

The Patriarch of Hell blabbered all sorts of nonsense as he cackled in a lecherous manner as if he had found a new land.

“Enough!” Ye Chen frowned when he heard what he said. He interrupted, “The reason why I didn’t kill you is because I’m going to put you to good use. From now on, you must protect my daughter 24 hours a day without leaving her side! If she loses a strand of hair, I’ll remove your bones, eat your meat, retrieve your soul, and refine it!” At the same time, a terrifying killing intent exploded from his body.

“Yes, yes, yes. I’ll definitely protect the little madam.” The Patriarch of Hell shuddered and could not stop nodding vigorously.

‘Damn. This brat has a low cultivation base, but how does he have a more powerful killing intent than I do? He’s like a fiend. Could he be like me, whereby he’s also from another cultivation dimension? Could he have undergone a spiritual transfer with this body, thus he has a wife and daughter that comes with it?’

Although he was thinking about that, the Patriarch of Hell dared not reveal any of that curiosity at all. He wagged his tail and said in devastation, “Master, I’m only on beginner stage Spirit Assembly right now, so I can only perform some small techniques like illusions. You must get me a babe to recover my cultivation base. Otherwise, people could kill me just by shooting at me once.”

“Follow me!” Ye Chen rolled his eyes and brought it away from the mountain. He flagged a cab by the street and headed to the biggest nightclub in Lin City. They were stopped by the security guard as soon as they arrived at the entrance because Ye Chen had a dog with him.

Ye Chen gave Lin Tai a call, and he showed up quickly. As he led man and dog in, the patriarch surveyed the nightclub while wagging its tail.

“My Lord,” Lin Tai greeted respectfully after leading them into a private room.

“Get me a lady,” Ye Chen said unnaturally.

Lin Tai was taken aback. “Get you a lady?” He remembered that Ye Chen had a daughter…

Ye Chen realized that what he said was misleading, so he tilted his chin at the Patriarch of Hell that was squatting at his leg immediately and said, “Get him a lady.”

Stunned again, Lin Tai peered at the black puppy next to Ye Chen’s leg. He asked in an unsure manner, “Do you mean a lady or a bitch?”

The puppy began barking at him as soon as he spoke. ‘You motherf*cker, how dare you get me a bitch? You better believe that I’d bite you to death if I could.’

“Alright, go now. Also, don’t let anyone in without my order,” Ye Chen waved and said. He did not bother to explain, so Lin Tai could only stop asking. He went out while suppressing his curiosity.

The Patriarch of Hell spoke as soon as Lin Tai left, “Master, I forgot to tell you to get that servant of yours to get me a beautiful one…”

“Shut up. What I’m curious about is how are you going to do it when the lady is here?” Ye Chen resisted his urge to slap him to death.

He would be the only person who would bring a dog to a club. Oh well, he was unfortunate enough to meet this weirdo, the Patriarch of Hell.

The Patriarch of Hell smirked in a mysterious manner. “Don’t worry. I have my ways.”

Ye Chen shook his head and walked out of the room. He glanced at the room quietly while standing at the corridor across. Soon, an extraordinarily trashy lady knocked on the door and walked in.

The door was then closed.

Ye Chen wanted to use his Divine Consciousness to look inside instinctively, but he realized that a barrier surrounded the room now, preventing his Divine Consciousness from penetrating the walls.

Clearly, it was the Patriarch of Hell who had set it.

Still, the barrier was weak, so it could be easily broken. Nonetheless, Ye Chen decided not to do that after some hesitation, mainly because he was worried that he would witness something obscene. He began observing the nightclub after retrieving his Divine Consciousness.

The nightclub was huge with many people. Under the dim lights, each and every face seemed a little distorted, crazy and dissipated.

Ye Chen shook his head. Just when he was planning to head out to wait for the patriarch to be done, a silhouette caught his attention.