Chapter 52

Chapter 52 of 100 chapters

Chapter 52: Powerful Hidden Weapon, Rising Killing Intent

Ye Chen turned around and walked to Yang Tian. He asked him, “Was it the Ding family that killed your wife?”

“To be exact, it was Ding Lei from the Ding family.” Yang Tian forced a smile as he lit a cigarette. He then began telling Ye Chen what happened over the years.

Yang Tian turned out to work at a small business after he finished university. He was promoted to the executive level within two years. Given his unrestrained behavior, after earning some money, he frequented places like nightclubs.

Once, he saw a female resident singer at a bar being bullied by a drunk customer. At that time, nobody dared to stop the man, but Yang Tian despised women being bullied. Given that he had a little too much to drink, he rushed to the stage and beat the man up. Everyone watched him run out with the singer.

As a result of his heroic act, both of them fell in love and got married within three months.

Alas, like all romance dramas, it was only natural for a nightmare to befall the couple. After that, Yang Tian learned that the man that he had beaten up at the bar was the second young master of the Ding family, Ding Lei. To avoid being avenged, Yang Tian thought of hiding somewhere with his wife.

The couple thought they were safe after three years of running and hiding. They had a child by then, so they could only live by faking their names. One day, when Yang Tian was on the way home from work, he saw his wife being run over by a truck before his own eyes. In fact, the truck cruelly ran over his wife’s dead body a few times.

Ding Lei even boasted about what he did to him later on. At that moment, Yang Tian wanted to kill him in rage and despair. However, for the sake of his son, he could only live like a prideless thief.

Life was always unfair. Yang Tian’s son was diagnosed with congenital heart disease when he turned three. The only solution was to spend 800,000 yuan for a heart transplant. Naturally, to Yang Tian, the situation was like paddling up the creek without a paddle.

At that time, Ding Lei came to him and asked him to be a boxer for his underground fight club. He promised to pay him 10,000 yuan a fight. Naturally, his goal of coercing him to do that was to torture Yang Tian as much as he could.

Although Yang Tian knew that it was a setup to torture him, he agreed to do it for the sake of his son’s surgery fees. In the end, he became Ding Lei’s underground fight club boxer.

Ding Lei’s so-called boxer was actually meant to be a sparring partner. Throughout the fights, Yang Tian was not allowed to fight back and had to take all sorts of attacks from his opponents. Many times, he teetered on the brink of death. His will was the only thing that enabled him to last until now.

Fortunately, up till now, he had made 200,000 yuan. Together with his savings, he would only need to make some 300,000 yuan for his son’s surgery.

Yang Tian was shuddering by the time he was done speaking. He taunted himself after sucking hard on the cigarette, “Xiao Yezi, do you think a person like me, who’s given up his pride and acknowledged the bandit as my father, deserves to be your brother?”

“Is this the reason why you’re lame and your brow bone is fractured?” Ye Chen inhaled deeply as his urge to kill was rising.

Great, the Ding family was truly something!

Yang Tian nodded in pain. “Don’t you think I know that Ding Lei is torturing me? What else can I do? I can’t give up on my son’s life for that pride of mine that’s worth nothing.”

“It’s 800,000 yuan. Have you thought of borrowing it from somebody?” Ye Chen frowned.

Yang Tian laughed bitterly. “Borrow? From who? Don’t you know that borrowing money from your friends always ends up with a fallout? My relatives, who always pretended to be close, stay far away from me whenever they see me now as if they’ve seen a ghost.”

“You can stop being a boxer now. I can treat your son. There’s no need for the heart transplant.” Ye Chen patted his shoulder and announced word for word while looking at him intently, “That underground fight club…you said it’s the Ding family’s business, and that it’ll happen in three days, right?”

“Alright, as your brother, I’ll fight the very last fight for you in three days! Let me win your pride back for you and pray to your wife in heaven with fresh blood!”

Yang Tian stared blankly at Ye Chen as soon as he was done speaking.

Only now, he just noticed that this person who was once his brother had changed. He was like a stranger now. He now bore an imposing manner that somehow could not be described.

“I know it’s hard for you to believe me now. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve had some experience these years, whereby I learned some martial arts and medical skills from an expert who was out of this world.” Ye Chen smiled at Yang Tian who looked bewildered. Subsequently, he lifted his foot and stomped softly, leaving a five-inch deep footprint on the ground.

Yang Tian inhaled sharply and seemed shocked. “Brother, c-can you really treat my son?”

His friend had just imprinted on the ground with a single stomp. Was that something humanly possible?

Seeing that he was still in disbelief, Ye Chen pressed his hand to Yang Tian’s lame left leg. He then poured his spiritual power into the leg. Yang Tian could only feel a gush of warmth and numbness in his left leg. Subsequently, the pain faded until it was nothing but a faint sensation.

Over ten minutes later, Ye Chen withdrew his hand and said with a smile, “Alright, why don’t you try walking now?”

Yang Tian glanced at him and took a step forward. He proceeded to take another step and another…Gleefully, he laughed out loud eventually. “My leg has healed! You’re amazing, Xiao Yezi!”

“Do you believe me now?” Ye Chen said while smiling.

Yang Tian held onto him emotionally. “I believe you. How can I not? I’ll believe you even if you tell me that you’re an incarnation of a god. Let’s go to my home!”

“Wait, I need to pick someone up. I mean, I need to pick a dog up.” Ye Chen shook his head. He then took Yang Tian back to the nightclub.

Coincidentally, just as they entered, the door to the private room where the Patriarch of Hell was opened. A trashy lady walked out of it, looking contented. She was even staggering as her knees seemed to be weak.

When she saw Ye Chen, the lady went into his embrace immediately and said lasciviously, “Boss, that twin brother of yours is amazing. Remember to pay me extra!”

Twin brother?

Ye Chen frowned and walked into the room after getting rid of her.

He saw the Patriarch of Hell lying on the couch in the form of a black puppy. Both his furry legs were on the coffee table and he had a cigarette in its mouth. He looked utterly relaxed while lazily flicking its ears.

Behind Ye Chen, Yang Tian saw the dog and exclaimed, “Xiao Yezi, is this dog yours? Damn, look at its behavior and expression! It looks like a human. Has it turned into a spiritual being now?”

The Patriarch of Hell glanced at him in disdain. ‘Hmph, you dumb mortal. Since I’m satisfied now, I won’t fight with you over that!’

“Indeed, you’ve trained it well.” Ye Chen could only explain it that way. At the same time, he said to the patriarch via voice transmission with his Divine Consciousness, “Are you done?”

The Patriarch of Hell did not mind Yang Tian’s stunned expression as he said while flapping its ears flirtatiously, “Master, it’s okay even if you’re an hour late. I can do it again!”

“How much of your cultivation base has been restored?” Ye Chen asked curiously. Since the Patriarch of Hell was in the form of a dog, it was hard for him to determine his cultivation base.

The Patriarch of Hell rolled its eyes and licked its face while beaming. “If you give me another 300 babes, I should be able to break through to the intermediate stage of the Spirit Assembly.”

In reality, the patriarch felt a little guilty because his primordial spirit had actually escaped when he cultivated with the lady earlier. The patriarch thought he was ugly, so he disguised as Ye Chen.

What happened next was a secret that he would take with him to his grave.