Chapter 53

Chapter 53 of 100 chapters

Chapter 53: The Heavenly Emperor Prays to the Deceased

Yang Tian’s home was very crude. It was a house that was less than 50 square meters. The dim lighting aside, it was also rather dank.

Ye Chen smelled something pungent as soon as he walked in. It proved that Yang Tian had been having a hard time all these years.

His son was a cute little boy who had just turned three. He was a year younger than Mengmeng. His features were 50 to 60% similar to Yang Tian’s. Unfortunately, this little boy’s face was rather yellowish and there was a faint cloud of dark energy between his brows while his body seemed rather weak.

The kid was sleeping when they went in. After Yang Tian woke him up, he rubbed his sleepy eyes. He hid behind Yang Tian as he stared at Ye Chen and the dog at his feet shyly.

“Haohao, this is my brother. Call Uncle Ye now.” Yang Tian patted the little boy’s head as love filled his eyes.

Yang Hao hesitated for a moment before calling Ye Chen in his baby voice, “Uncle Ye.”

Ye Chen was over the moon upon hearing that. He stretched his arm out to pinch the little boy’s cheek gently and said while smiling, “How about you be my godson, Yang Hao?”

“That would be amazing. We’ll be even closer now!” Yang Tian beamed. He held his head down and whispered to the boy, “Haohao, call your godfather.”

Yang Hao peered at Ye Chen feebly and then at the Patriarch of Hell at his foot. He said shyly, “Can I touch the little puppy if I call you godfather?”

The Patriarch of Hell looked annoyed. ‘What did I do to deserve this?’

“Sure,” Ye Chen replied in amusement.

“Godfather!” the boy called out and ran over in the attempt to pet the Patriarch of Hell.

Immediately, the Patriarch of Hell wanted to bite him. However, sensing someone’s cold stare, he paused and dared not fight. He could only secretly feel wronged. ‘Watch out, Xiao Yezi! I’ll turn you into a dog after I’ve recovered. Then, I’ll name you Cutie and get kids to carry and play with you like a pet.’

Ye Chen and Yang Tian could not help but chuckle while watching the little boy scratching and messing the patriarch’s hair up.

When he was exhausted from playing, Ye Chen got him to lie down. Then, he placed his palm on his chest to sense his heart quietly.

“How is it, Brother?” Yang Tian stood aside anxiously throughout the whole process. In reality, he did not have high hopes.

“Don’t worry.” Ye Chen shook his head and the spiritual power infiltrated his body to the little boy’s heart. He was modifying his vascular structure which had been developed with deformities.

Less than an hour later, Ye Chen wiped off the sweat on his forehead. He lifted his head and finally told Yang Tian next to him, “Fortunately, he’s healed.”

“H-he’s healed?” Yang Tian was stunned. He thought he heard it wrong.

The whole thing had taken less than half an hour. Firstly, Yang Hao was not sliced, much less any surgery. Secondly, he had not taken any medicine. How was his heart disease treated just like that?

Ye Chen knew that it would be hard for Yang Tian to believe it, so he grinned. “If you’re worried, you can bring my godson for a checkup at the hospital later.”

Treating heart disease was really easy. If his cultivation base was on the Foundation Building stage, treating diseases aside, he could even change a new heart for Little Yang Hao.

However, something caught his attention. Little Yang Hao’s spiritual root was magnificent. It was a rare thunder spiritual root in the cultivation world. With it, he could cultivate thunder methods and master the power of thunder.

Nonetheless, the little boy was still young now. Given that Ye Chen did not want to expose his real identity so soon, he filed that information away for himself.

Yang Tian nodded with partial disbelief as he secretly decided to bring his son to the hospital for a checkup later on. Subsequently, he went into the kitchen and began making dinner after insisting that Ye Chen stay for dinner.

Ye Chen could only agree to that. Meanwhile, he walked around the house and observed his surroundings.

“Master, I can’t believe this little kid has a mutated spiritual root which is the thunder spiritual root. Why don’t you give it to me as the body for a spiritual transfer? If that happens, not only will I be your servant, but I’ll also be your godson. That’d make us even closer,” the Patriarch of Hell spoke through Divine Consciousness Voice Transmission.

“Are you seeking death?” Ye Chen glared at him dangerously. “Don’t you dare touch my people, especially my daughter. As for the body for your spiritual transfer, I’ll naturally find a suitable one for you. If you behave, I might even make you a Golden Immortal.”

The Patriarch of Hell gulped and dared not speak again.

Ye Chen did not bother about him. He had his eyes on the memorial tablet at the corner, studying a photo in front of the fruits and incense.

There was a pretty lady in the photo whose eyes stared at Little Yang Hao occasionally. When Ye Chen was looking, the lady in the photo seemed normal again.

The Patriarch of Hell noticed that too, thus he could not help but speak through voice transmission, “Master, that lady’s resentment still feels pretty heavy even after her death.”

“I suppose you would turn into a devil if you died a horrifying death.”

Yang Tian happened to walk out with the dishes at the moment. “That’s your sister-in-law, Xiaoqiong. You guys must’ve met before,” he said with a melancholic smile.

“Have you seen her since she passed away?” Ye Chen asked without replying to Yang Tian’s words.

“I’ve never dreamt of her, but I’ve always felt her right by my side.”

Yang Tian did not notice Ye Chen’s hint. He glanced at Little Yang Hao who was beside them and said while feeling a little guilty, “Haohao, on the other hand, always tells me that he sees his mother.”

“Daddy, I really do always see Mommy,” Yang Hao piped up in his baby voice.

Yang Tian patted his head, assuming that his son was simply missing his mother too much.

Ye Chen secretly nodded. The Patriarch of Hell was right. It was resentment which was also an obsession. To be exact, it was the obsession that she derived from missing her husband and her son.

Ye Chen then picked up the incense in front of the memorial tablet. He bowed to pray to the lady in the photo after lighting the incense.

“Sister-in-law, I know that you’re unwilling to let go of your son and husband, but please return to the earth. Staying by force will only harm them. I, Ye Chen, swear to you that I’ll avenge you with blood!”

Nobody knew that his prayer made the night sky that was initially filled with stars and the moon turn dark immediately. The sky was covered in dark clouds all of a sudden as bolts of thunder and lightning streaked across as if a storm was coming.

The Patriarch of Hell was shocked. ‘Damn, who exactly is this brat? His praying to a mortal has brought such a great phenomenon upon the world. I don’t think I could cause something so terrifying even if I did that when I was at my peak.’

Since the beginning of time, only mortals would pray to the heavens and the earth. It was like a son kneeling to his father, or a minister kneeling to a king.

It was the natural law! If it was reversed, it would cause a phenomenon. The more distinguished the person was, the more dramatic the phenomenon would be.

At the same time, a jet of black energy that was unnoticeable to the naked eye floated out of the photo slowly. The black energy consolidated into a lady’s image. She was kneeling at Ye Chen’s feet with the utmost respect.

As a spirit, she could see things that living humans could not such as the dense emperor aura from Ye Chen, as well as his Heavenly Emperor phenomenon including the Heavenly Emperor crown on his head, the nine-clawed dragon robe on him and the purple cloud that he was stepping on.

Little Yang Hao, who was playing, rubbed his eyes.”Daddy, I see Mommy!” he exclaimed while pointing at the lady in the air

“Stop scaring your godfather.” Yang Tian glared at him in annoyance.

The lady in the air looked at the father and son with unwillingness. She then turned into a wisp of black energy and faded slowly.

“Forget it. I’ll help you one last time!” Ye Chen sighed and flicked the black energy that was disappearing. A spiritual energy seed shot into it before it then faded away.

It was a spiritual energy seed. It could protect Yang Tian’s wife safely so she walked through the netherworld without being disturbed by the soul bringer and wraiths. Apart from that, it was also a locator. When she was reincarnated, she might meet Yang Tian and her son again when the time was right.