Chapter 54

Chapter 54 of 100 chapters

Chapter 54: Old Habits Die Hard

Ye Chen returned home with the Patriarch of Hell after secretly leaving some money for Yang Tian and his son.

He carried Mengmeng as soon as he walked into the room. He then integrated the soul blood that the Patriarch of Hell had given him into her body.

Lying on the floor, the Patriarch of Hell witnessed that. He wrapped his hands around his head, crying inside. As soon as the soul blood was integrated with her body, Mengmeng would be his master from now on.

The Patriarch of Hell would have to obey any of the orders that came from her head. If Mengmeng was in danger, the patriarch would have to protect her with all of his might. Otherwise, if his master died, he would be dead too.

Sensing his reluctance, Ye Chen offered, “As long as you protect Mengmeng, not only will I get you a good body, but I’ll release you in ten years.”

“Are you serious about releasing me in ten years?” The Patriarch of Hell’s eyes lit up and he seemed to be in disbelief.

A decade was still acceptable to the patriarch. After all, to a cultivator, ten years aside, even a century would go by with the flick of a finger.

Ye Chen nodded and said, “Of course.”

“Alright, I’ll believe you this time.” The Patriarch of Hell clenched his teeth. After all, he would have to accept this as his destiny.

When the little girl woke up, the Patriarch of Hell began wagging his tail next to her and showing off cute tricks. In reality, he felt bitter inside. He even shed an unmanly tear.

Mengmeng looked at the patriarch while nibbling on her finger. “Why are you crying, Cutie? Are you hungry?”

The little girl grabbed a handful of dog biscuits and placed them before the patriarch as she spoke. She said with a giggle, “I’ll feed you.” Her mind was considered to be in sync with the patriarch now whereby she could sense all of his emotions.

The Patriarch of Hell cried even harder now. ‘I don’t want dog biscuits!”

“You don’t want dog biscuits?” Sensing his thoughts, Mengmeng looked shocked while covering her mouth. “You want red wine? King crabs? And Australian lobsters?”

The Patriarch of Hell nodded over and over again.

The little girl felt troubled, so she said weakly, “But those stuff are very expensive, and even I’ve never tried them.”

Outside, Wu Lan witnessed that scene and said while feeling annoyed, “You silly girl, what are you mumbling about? The dog doesn’t want dog food but wants king crabs?”

“Be good, Cutie. Eat the dog biscuits. They’re very expensive too,” she petted his head and consoled him.

The Patriarch of Hell could only take a bite of the dog food in her hand as if he had accepted his destiny. He was stunned as soon as he swallowed it while grieving. He then realized that something did not seem normal.

So, it turned out that dog biscuits were so delicious!

The patriarch could not help but take another bite. The more he ate, the more delicious it was.

At the same time, he was in a pickle.

On one hand, dog food was for dogs. After all, he was a Tribulation Almighty before. How could he stoop so low to eat dog food?

On the other hand, his soul was attached to a dog, so he had the stomach of a dog too. Since he was now a dog, he could not handle the temptation of dog biscuits. Rationale told him not to eat the dog food. Meanwhile, his body told him that dog food was delicious.

As he was struggling, the dog food in Mengmeng’s hand was soon gobbled up and licked clean. Fortunately, he was fed dog biscuits this time.

As the patriarch was licking his lips and wanting more, a terrifying thought flashed in his head. ‘If I see a pile of shit by the street next time, will I have to eat it?’

After all, old habits died hard.

Ye Chen stood aside while watching the interaction between the human and the dog quietly. Eventually, his mother, Wu Lan, then began urging the little girl to wash up and eat her breakfast.

After everything was settled, Ye Chen placed the patriarch in the little girl’s bag and walked to school with her.

At the entrance of the Little Swan Kindergarten, Ou Lan had been waiting at the door since much earlier. Her beautiful eyes could not help but peep across the street as she checked the time on her phone occasionally. Her beautiful brows were knotted slightly, and she seemed to be waiting for someone.

She wore a beige dress and a thin merlot ¾-sleeve cardigan that exposed half of her skinny, fair arms. Her long, waterfall-like hair brushed her waist.

The parents that passed by could not help but check her out with the side of their eyes because of the way she dressed. Even the uncle in the security room could not help but tease, “Ms. Ou, are you waiting for your boyfriend?”

At his suggestive leer, Ou Lan’s pretty face blushed. She shook her head and said immediately, “Uncle Zhao, n-no.”

“I can’t believe that the big swan of our Little Swan Kindergarten is now taken. What a pity!” the uncle guarding the door exclaimed while shaking his head.

‘You’re not waiting for your boyfriend? Who are you trying to deceive? I’ve never seen you dress you up as beautifully as today. Look at you. Your light makeup aside, you even drew your eyebrows, and your skin is so soft and smooth…’

Ou Lan blushed. Just when she was going to explain herself, she saw a mediocre-looking young man walk over while carrying a little girl.

“Mr. Ye!” She went up to him immediately.

Ye Chen glanced at her get-up, feeling a little surprised. “Ms. Ou, have you been waiting for me?”

Ou Lan nodded. Just when she was going to speak, Mengmeng complained from the safety of his embrace, “Ms. Ou, don’t you love me anymore? You only greet my Daddy when you saw both of us.”

“You silly thing, of course, I love you.” Ou Lan chuckled out loud. She could not help but pinch her button nose.

Mengmeng smiled in a crafty manner. “Do you love my Daddy too?”

“I do…” Ou Lan said instinctively. Realizing that she had been tricked, her cheeks turned crimson and she waved her hand quickly. “No, I don’t. Mengmeng, you’re so cheeky to be tricking me!”

Although she said that, she glanced at Ye Chen intentionally. She was relieved to find that there was no expression on his face. At the same time, she felt a faint gush of disappointment.

“Ms. Ou, although I know that you like my Daddy very much because he’s so handsome, you must give him up. My Daddy has a wife, so he won’t like other women,” Mengmeng explained with a pout.

“Pfft, who told you that I like your Daddy?” Ou Lan patted her head, feeling annoyed. “Also, how is your Daddy handsome? He’s far from that, alright?”

“I don’t care. My Daddy is the most handsome man. He’s my idol,” Mengmeng declared solemnly.

Ye Chen laughed out loud after hearing her call him her idol. “Ms. Ou, is there anything that I can help you with since you’re looking for me?” he offered.

“My dad…” Ou Lan furtively looked at an extended version of a Ferrari parked at the side of the street.

Ye Chen nodded to acknowledge what she meant. He got Ou Lan to wait for him and followed her into the Ferrari after sending his daughter to class.

The weary Ou Guoliang knelt on the back seat immediately and begged desperately, “Miracle Doctor Ye, I apologize for whatever that I’ve done to you before. I hope that you can save my life, please!”

Ou Lan had a complicated expression on her pretty face as she spoke, “My dad isn’t forcing me to marry Ding Lei any longer. Also…he has transferred all the company shares to me.”

Ye Chen nodded to show that he understood. He thought about it and took out a black medicinal pill which he tossed at Ou Guoliang directly. “You’ll be fine after eating this.”

“I’ll be fine after eating this?” Ou Guoliang was stunned as he looked at the black thing that was tossed at him. He thought that Ye Chen was joking with him.

Ou Lan was also dumbstruck.

Could a pill like this treat HIV? Why did it sound like a scam?

“It’s up to you whether you want to take it or not,” Ye Chen said impatiently.

“I will, I will!” Ou Guoliang clenched his teeth and swallowed the black pill. He said with a twisted expression, “Why is there such a foul taste? It’s salty…”

“You’ll be fine after a bout of diarrhea. If you’re still worried, you can go to the hospital to do a checkup after the diarrhea has passed,” Ye Chen said unnaturally. Could he really tell him that the black pill was refined with the Patriarch of Hell’s urine?

Earlier, the patriarch had stated proudly, ‘Why would a mortal deserve to eat medicinal pills? They only deserve to drink my urine which can treat various diseases.’

Ye Chen got down from the car after saying that. He did not have the means to stay at all.

Just when Ou Guoliang opened his mouth in the attempt to speak, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach that came out of nowhere. He ordered the driver immediately, “Drive now. I need the toilet badly!”

They had no idea that there was a man in a cap who was putting his camera away quietly less than 200 meters from the Ferrari. He then entered the backseat of a black Bentley.

At the Shenghua Group office, a handsome, young man was examining a photo on his table. It was a photo of Ye Chen and Ou Lan. He seemed extremely emotional.

“That bitch!”

He shoved everything off the table ferociously. “I bought you flowers and diamonds to court you. Forget you not accepting me, but I can’t believe that you’re smiling so gleefully with this broke brat. And you guys are so close!

“I won’t forget that bastard, Ou Guoliang. You said you’d get your daughter to marry me. I can’t believe you’d take your words back for this broke brat now!”

Panting hard, he glared at an underling who was on guard grimly. “Go now. Get some people to kill that brat. Kill everyone related to him!”