Chapter 55

Chapter 55 of 100 chapters

Chapter 55: What Exactly Did I Do Wrong?

At Yaffle Cosmetics Limited Company, Ye Chen went straight to the office after leaving the kindergarten. Since the company was his now, he would have to run it no matter what for the sake of profit.

After all, one would need wealth, partners, methods, and a venue to cultivate. Naturally, wealth meant money which ranked first priority. With money, one could buy many precious herbs to refine medicinal pills and tools.

He was surprised to see someone as soon as he arrived at the entrance of the office. It was Ye Wen. Unfortunately, the security guard had denied her from accessing the building at all costs.

Ye Chen walked over while frowning. The security guard bowed and greeted him as soon as he saw him, “Director Ye.”

“What happened?” Ye Chen glanced at Ye Wen who was standing aside. It had been a few days since they last saw each other. She looked rather tired as if she had not slept well.

The security guard had no idea about their relationship, but he explained patiently anyway, “Director Ye, this lady says that she used to be one of our staff. She said she forgot something at the office and would like to go in to retrieve it. I asked for her staff ID according to the company rules but she failed to produce it.”

“I left in a rush the last time and left my staff ID in the office drawer.” Ye Wen glanced at Ye Chen with a complicated expression on her face. She bit her lip, feeling aggrieved.

If she had a choice, neither did she want to come back, nor was she willing to see Ye Chen. She felt terrible following the days she was fired. She was angry, humiliated and embarrassed.

That was her cousin whom she had looked down on over and over again, the cousin whom she treated as a piece of trash. The man shocked her again and again with feats such as the Nine Dragons Bay villa, the successful deal of 500,000 sets of cosmetic products and becoming the director of the company that she worked for.

Ye Wen clenched her fists hard as she thought to this point. Rage built up inside her. ‘Why were you late when I brought you to the company for the interview the other day? Why did you wear a suit that didn’t fit? If you hadn’t done that, perhaps I wouldn’t have hated you in the first place. How else would the series of incidents have happened after that?

However, Ye Chen had no idea what she was thinking about. He turned his head to say to the security guard, “Indeed, she is our ex-staff. Let her in.” After he was done speaking, he walked into the office.

“Have a nice day, Director Ye. Please watch your step.” The security guard showered Ye Chen with all sorts of well wishes as he walked away. He did not care if Ye Chen heard him.

The bitterness within Ye Wen was growing when she saw that. After a moment of hesitation, she decided to walk to the sales department.

In her rush to leave the day when she was fired, she had left her ID in the office. She had just been employed by a new company through someone yesterday, so she needed her ID for employment. Otherwise, she would not bother humiliating herself by returning to this devastating place.

Since Ye Chen’s firing spree on the day he was appointed, the entire sales department was completely acquiescent now.

Everyone locked their eyes on Ye Wen the moment she walked into the office. They were stunned at first, then they began having various expressions of their own. Some looked sympathetic while some were gloating and a few even had hatred on their faces.

A female staff member, who was pretty close to Ye Wen previously, stood up and smiled at her, “You’re finally back, Wenwen. I told you, Director Ye is your cousin no matter how cold he is. He wouldn’t be so cruel.”

“I-I’m here to pick something up,” Ye Wen explained with her head down. She dared not see how everyone was watching her.

The office went silent for a few seconds. Finally, a male staff in glasses waved and said, “Get it quickly. Don’t interrupt our work.”

“Why did you say that, Chen Bo? I can’t believe you said that to Wenwen when she’s always been helping you.” The female staff earlier could not help but glare at him.

Chen Bo could not help but scoff, “Helped me? I’ve despised her since the very beginning. She always bosses me around just because she’s Liu Feng’s girlfriend. Those bitches, Zhao Qian and Zhang Li, also rode on her wave.”

“You…” The female staff earlier was enraged.

“Chen Bo is right,” another plump man contributed to the conversation sarcastically, “Someone is really something. Her cousin was working in the office. Not only did she not help him, but she was even cold to him and pretended not to know him. She deserves whatever happened to her!”

“That’s right. Director Ye disguised himself as a staff and inspected our sales department with a low profile. Now that he’s seen everyone’s nature, the truth proves that those that were fired are scumbags while the remaining ones are the elites.”

A barrage of mockery and criticism came attacking Ye Wen. She felt a lump in her throat. In the end, she covered her ears and shrieked, “Okay, can you guys stop? I’m just here to pick something up.”

She ran to her previous table immediately and took her ID out from the drawer. Then, she ran out of the office while choking on her sobs.

She finally cried out loud when she ran out of the building as she felt wronged.

‘Why does everyone thinks that it’s my fault? What exactly did I do wrong? Ye Chen, why did you have to leave such a bad impression on me in the beginning? It’s your fault!’

At that second, a white Porsche pulled over by the side of the street. An exquisite, pretty face stuck out as the window rolled down. “Wenwen, are you alright?”

“Sister Ou Lan, I’m fine.” Ye Wen wiped off her tears with a piece of tissue. Her eyes were red.

The lady in the car was Ou Lan.

Ou Lan held onto Ye Wen after getting out of the car. She comforted her, “There, there, stop crying. You look like you haven’t eaten. Let’s go. I happen to know a farmhouse nearby that’s pretty good. My treat.”

She guided Ye Wen to the car as she spoke and they left. However, they did not notice a black Mercedes Benz following behind them at a steady pace.

At the Blue Wave Bay Farmhouse, Ou Lan called the owner over and ordered many dishes after getting Ye Wen to sit. Then, she said to Ye Wen, “Tell me, did anyone bully you? I’ll demand justice for you.”

“I’m really fine, Sister Ou Lan.” Ye Wen did not tell her about Ye Chen after all, or what she had been through lately.

Ou Lan could only give up upon seeing her refuse to share. “I guess you’ve found your ID, haven’t you? I’ve just taken over the company, so I know nothing yet. I hired you as our marketing director. After all, you have working experience in this sector before.”

“Thank you, Sister Ou Lan,” Ye Wen said in gratitude. She felt so much better now.

Ou Lan rolled her eyes at her and said annoyedly, “It’s not like we’ve just known each other. We’ve been family since my mom was your lecturer back at university. You don’t have to thank me.”

Ye Wen nodded. She could not help but recall Ye Chen in her head as she felt a faint grievance. ‘So what if you’re the director? Nobody knows how long you can be in that position. Although you fired me, I found another company that hired me within the blink of an eye. In fact, I started as the marketing director, so I must thank you.’

Soon, the owner of the farmhouse served the dishes.

“Let’s eat. Follow me to the office after this,” Ou Lan invited her passionately.

Ye Wen thanked her and removed the bracelet on her wrist. She then placed it on the table, picked up the chopsticks and began to eat.

Ou Lan’s eyes went to the bracelet with six beads. Her pretty eyes lit up as she commented, “Wow, this bracelet is so pretty.”

“Pretty?” Ye Wen was stunned.

“It’s really pretty. Where did you get it? I’ll buy myself one day,” Ou Lan said sincerely with a smile. She sincerely thought that the bracelet was pretty. Although it was bound together with a rubber band, one could tell that the six beads on it were handmade. The material was pretty sturdy and she thought it was pleasing to the eyes.

Since she had been living an extravagant life since a young age with her mother being a university lecturer and her father having his own company, she did not care much about jewellery.

“Someone I hate gave it to me,” Ye Wen said, feeling a little irritated. She then pushed the bracelet to Ou Lan. “Sister, take it if you like. It’s not expensive.”

She did not want anything that came from Ye Chen. The reason why she still had the bracelet with her was because she had yet to find the opportunity to return it to Ye Chen.

“I won’t hold back then.” Noticing that Ye Wen seemed to really despise the bracelet, Ou Lan hesitated and took it. She put in on her wrist and observed it for a while. Then, she asked curiously, “Oh yeah, you said that someone you hate gave it to you. Who was that? Was he a suitor?”